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Raptors Weekly Podcast, July 7 – Dominating Free Agency



Celebrating Kyle Lowry’s re-signing and mourning Nando De Colo’s imminent departure, and all that comes in between.

Reaction: Knicks 95, Raptors 92



The Raptors starters dominate, but the Knicks end up beating the Raptors deep bench. Who cares, PLAYOFFS DOH!!!!

The Aristocrats



I knew it was coming the whole time. I’m not claiming clairvoyance, and it’s not because I think the Raptors are terrible. It’s because I know that the Warriors are nothing close to as terrible as they were for the first 30 minutes.

Practice Recap, Knicks Tonight, Player “Analysis”


2009 NBA Rookie Portraits

Ron Artest said some stuff about Toronto on the eve of Andrea Bargnani’s first return to Toronto.

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