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Jim Mora, Eat Your Heart Out



My DVR is Greivis Vasquez’ 4th quarter defence. Luckily, William Lou and Zarar Siddiqi come off the bench for defensive substitutions to save the day.

“I, admittedly, tried tanking.”



That was Bryan Colangelo on Friday at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.

Raptors vs. 76ers: Are You Sure One Of Us Has To Win?


despondant demar

The Atlantic division is a bit of paradox, as these two teams whose front offices are actively trying to be as close to last place as possible find themselves vying for the Atlantic division lead.

Tank you very much, Boston


raps season opener 2013

There was jubilation on behalf of the coaching staff, team, fans and everybody covering the team when the preseason finally ended, enabling the real games and the real basketball to start.

The Raptors Aren’t Setup For Tanking



I know there is a large contingent of Raptors fans that desperately want their team to tank, but I got news for you: Tanking ain’t easy.

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