Best we’ve looked all season


Roko loves the rim so I love Roko. Finishing this off for a distraught Arsenalist who is down and out after KU’s defeat. The Raptors are like a medieval army that’s returning home after losing a war. On their way back they stop by little towns and villages plundering, pillaging and collecting booty. These same… Read more »

Trying to tap three the third time


Jeff Green’s rebounded from his rookie year. It’s time to match our longest winning stream of the season: 3! It’s already happened twice, one when we opened the gates and mowed down Philly, Golden State and Milwaukee. Then we did it again in late January against Chicago, Sacramento and New Jersey. And now, nearly two… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Rock bottom


Play of the Game Raptors 83, Thunder 91 Nobody should be surprised. The 2-24 Thunder might be the NBA’s worst team but they have more than enough talent, athleticism and heart to beat the Raptors. The only reason I was leaning towards the Raptors eking this out was the pre-game injury report on Chris Wilcox… Read more »