Knicks Host The Raptors on The First Night of a Home-and-Home


Krypto-Nate is in the House. Anyone else lifting their eyebrows after the moves the Knicks made? Donnie Walsh divined Malik Rose, Tim Thomas, Jerome James, Anthony Roberson and some cash into Chris Wilcox and Larry Hughes. That’s what a great GM does, he turns useless pieces into better ones that can contribute now without impacting… Read more »

Separated at Birth…


Andrea Bargnani and Tim Thomas? According to ESPN’s Stat Psychic/Hair Club For Men Client John Hollinger, at this stage in his career, Il Mago most closely resembles Tim Thomas. (you have to be an ESPN Insider to read the article. Join the club, Hoops fans – or piggyback on someone else’s profile, like I do)…. Read more »