The Saturday Morning Post: Shhhhh

Shhhh….(whispering) if you listen closely you can hear it. Shhhh….there it’s the sound of nothing happening in Raptorland. It’s what the off-season is made of and results in a void around these areas for long stretches at a time. But nay! I wow to keep the train chugging along despite the lack of activity… Read more »


Raps start pre-draft camp + MLSE looking at England

Blogs and new age media are a great thing and provide a candid, sometimes humorous perspective, but you often come across pieces written without any knowledge of the player/team/GM in question. Consider this little brief analysis of our friend Joey Graham from Hoopsworld: “He improved a lot this past year, became a more reliable player”… Read more »


Slow Saturday….Josh Howard anyone?

‘Tis a slow news day when you start off with Vince Carter opening up a restaurant with his Mom. I got a sneak-peek taste of the menu and there doesn’t appear to be much heart or effort put into the steak. When you first look at it you get a sense that it might have… Read more »


Jamario Moon gets to launch 20 footers for another year

There’s a sense of emptiness in the time between when the Raptors get eliminated from the playoffs and the last game of the post-season, you sort of want the whole thing to be over and free agency to begin so that the Raptors return to whatever significance they deserve. The Raptors did pick up the… Read more »


The pain of watching the Raptors offense

Washington Wizards 110, Toronto Raptors 106 That hurt. That one really, really hurt. It hurts me to see us suffer through offensive sets relying on Jose Calderon to do something to bail us out on every possession. Calderon’s exhausted trying to makeup for the pathetic excuse of an offense run by Sam Mitchell which doesn’t… Read more »


T’Wolves hardly challenge as Raptors aim for a 8-4 month

Minnsesota Timberwolves 85, Toronto Raptors 107 A nice evening for the Raptors, not too much effort expended in an easy win over the Timberwolves which takes us to 8 games over .500. February’s almost over, a home win against Indiana will put us at 33-24 and we’ll end up going 8-4 for the month instead… Read more »


TJ Ford’s having a big impact

Toronto Raptors 105, Minnesota Timberwolves 82 About a decade ago when Tim Hardaway and the Miami Heat were one of the best road teams in the NBA, he was asked the question where they’d rather play Game 7 of a series. Hardaway responded that it would be better if it were on the road, that… Read more »



Toronto Raptors 115, Seattle Sonics We lose the one fucking game that everybody thought we could win on this roadtrip. The Sonics who are 12 games under .500 and one of the worst teams in the NBA look like the ’85-86 Boston Celtics and punish the Raptors for a 123-115 win. Yeah, that’s right, they… Read more »


Yeah Sam, single coverage on Lebron is a great idea!

Toronto Raptors 108, Cleveland Cavaliers 111 Another day, another Raptors loss, another game that was just begging to be won through the first three quarters. But when you let a team hang around for that long, they’re bound to come back and bite you in the ass and bite they did. Chris Bosh’s monster 41… Read more »