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Summer School


Bruno Caboclo

Examining lessons learned from playoff teams that the Toronto Raptors can utilize in their summer program preparation

It’s Time To Embrace Toronto’s Oddball Drafts



The last three drafts that Toronto has participated in have largely solidified my adoration for Toronto’s bonkers draft nights.

Toronto Raptors and Canadian Prospects Poised To Make History at 2014 NBA Draft


Canadians slated for second round

Could tonight feature the first home grown product to be drafted by the Toronto Raptors? Mark today’s date down in your calendars as the day Canada launched their NBA ascent.

Raptors Weekly Podcast, June 23 – Payne Points and Circular All-Stars



The pod tackles Kyle Lowry’s free-agency, that draft thing that’s happening, Payne’s position, sombre seniors, fat All-stars, summer league, jersey deals and a bucketload more.

Doing Nothing is an Option


Toronto Raptors general manager Masai Ujiri (Fernando Morales/The Globe and Mail)

Masai Ujiri and the Raptors enter the off-season with plenty of decisions to make, and one of them is to do nothing.

Opportunity Ahead – Manner of Raptors Playoff Exit a Sign of Progress



The head is clear, the heart is at peace, thus we can reflect.

A Season of Faith’s (near)Perfection


ross says bye

The Raptors season comes to an end two points shy of eliminating the $190 million dollar payroll of Brooklyn. Time to say goodbye to our favourite team.

Reaction: Nets 104, Raptors 103 – Game 7 – Opportunity Blown



The Raptors just weren’t prepared enough to have a chance in Game 7. They came back late but the Nets took it, and rightfully so. Season over.

This Is It



It’s game seven, and turnovers and offensive rebounding look to be the key for Toronto to survive and advance.

Terrence Ross the basketball adolescent



Putting Ross’ struggles into context.

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