Rogers reaches deal with TSN2

Finally, it happened. Raptor fans missing half the season wasn’t a good enough reason but the Blue Jays vs Red Sox series was. It tells you how far Rogers is willing to go to promote their own product and also serves as a reminder of how MLSE did nothing to speed up the process of… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Chisholm RapCast + Trying to read BC’s mind

Usually I expect to learn nothing from a Colangelo press conference because he’s so great at talking whilst saying nothing. Proportionally speaking, we still didn’t get enough out of the 70+ minute presser but at least he confirmed some fears, admitted other failings and hinted at his plan for the summer. Of course nothing concrete… Read more »


Raps Fan’s 3 Point Shot – March 17/09

The ‘should we burn this mother down’ edition: Even if we got a top 5 pick, are you confident that BryCo will make the right selection? Does anyone really care that 5 of the last 9 games of the season are being shown on TSN2? If I was to organize a raid on the ACC,… Read more »


Rasheed to Drink Bosh’s Milkshake

Y.M.C.A.! This TSN2 debacle has been a blessing in disguise; since we were spared eye sores for many a game. I still curse Rogers and TSN2, but it is followed with a shrug. Misery continued in Philly on Wednesday for the Raptors, but you know what, she likes company, and her name is Detroit. The… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Talking Raptors ball with Tim Chisholm

I spoke with Tim Chisholm of TSN.ca about a variety of topics including Chris Bosh’s franchise player status, Jose Calderon’s strengths and weaknesses, Bryan Colangelo playing the scapegoat card, possible trade scenarios, Andrea Bargnani’s VL status and much more. The upcoming roadtrip, season expectations and playoff positioning is also up for discussion. You can read… Read more »


TSN2, Hollinger, Bosh and other off-day banter

You could say the good news about Jose Calderon’s injury is that we’re playing the Heat next and if need be he could be rested a bit more. But seeing how they’re 4-4 just like us, I don’t see this being an easy matchup, especially with Marion and Wade around. He had an MRI on… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

“If I need more scoring…I’ll play Joey Graham”

The Raptors practiced on Friday and afterwards Jermaine O’Neal spoke with the media who kept pestering him about how he left early in the Denver game and whether they should be worried about it. O’Neal was visibly irked because apparently they’ve been asking those questions to Sam Mitchell, his teammates, the ballboy, doorman, some random… Read more »