Gameday: Raptors vs Magic – Jan. 6/10

The Raptors have another chance to improve their record to .500 (18-18) tonight in Orlando. With 6 wins in their last 7 games, the last one being a big win over the Spurs, it’s hard not to get a bit excited regardless of who we beat to get here. At the end of the day,… Read more »


Gameday: Raptors vs Magic – Dec. 16/09

So much for unfounded optimism in calling games (my pre-game call), I will be sticking to my gut feeling from now on (my podcast call). Pitiful display by the Raptors last night. We’ve owned the Heat over the last few seasons, so you knew they were due for a win, but not like that. After… Read more »


Turns Out It WAS VC Tribute Night

Magic 104, Raptors 96 – Box In what amounted to another middle-finger being pointed at the Raptors by our ex-franchise player, Vince Carter had the last laugh again. How ridiculously ill conceived is this plan to honour Raptors greats of the past? I mean, Oakley was cool because he is years removed from playing, and he’s interesting…. Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Gameday: Raptors vs Magic – Nov. 1/09

Wow, Friday against the Grizz didn’t work out at all. The Raptors looked like…the Raptors. They were getting burned from the perimeter, interior defense was suspect, team rebounding was non-existent, they weren’t sharing the ball, and weren’t hitting their shots. Perfect storm. Today, the Magic roll into town, and the unspoken rivalry is born again.

Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan - teammates soon?

Best Raptor Ever? Easy…..Vince Carter

Let the debate end. Vince Carter has been the most talented and bestest basketball player to ever don a Raptors jersey. You said so. He decimated his competition in our little experiment, taking down TJ Ford, Tracy Murray, Jose Calderon, Alvin Williams and Chris Bosh in resounding fashion. None of the head to heads were… Read more »


Best Raptor Ever – The Final

One is being told he isn’t worth the max. The other was definitely worth the max early in his career. One gets booed mercilessly every time he plays in Toronto. One could feel that pain starting next year. Both have been AllStars. Both have represented their country. Both have been featured in American media. Both… Read more »


How The Raptors Stack Up Against The Rest Of The Atlantic

After a pitiful 33-49 season, Colangelo replaced two starters, the first five guys off the bench, and 2 of the last 5 at the end of it. Two make things more interesting, we have a “rookie” head-coach who has to integrate all these parts while trying to get this team into the playoffs, and possibly… Read more »


Does Antoine Have the Wright Stuff?

Don’t call me Joey 2.0 Pardon the lame title, but I couldn’t help myself. Reading through Blake’s latest and greatest, he hit the nail on the head: we don’t need DeRozan to be a superstar this coming season. Don’t get me wrong, that would be nice if he came through like VC did in his… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Roll Call – Season Wrap up

The “I told you so” edition Adams – possessed the characteristics you look for as a general manager of an NBA franchise: a fire hydrant with a headband. Hassan brought as much value to our team as would rap lessons from 50 Cent given to Jake Voskuhl. Banks – at least Hassan isn’t costing us… Read more »

Kyrie Irving

Raps Look To Make It 3 In A Row

Grab the Opening-Tip where you will learn the sad-sad thing both the Raptors and Nets have in common. Trailing the season series 2-1, the Raptors head into Garden State hoping to tie things up and regain some pride that VC & Co. stole when they did this: I hate the Nets, dating back to Babcock… Read more »