Raptors vs. Bucks – 8:00pm

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Tonight is widely tagged across Raptors Nation as a ‘bounce back’ game.

The Bucks look decent on paper, with improving racist Andrew Bogut, greedy rookie Yi Jianlian, underrated Mo Williams, and now that Paul Pierce has some new friends, the Loneliest Superstar in the NBA, Michael Redd. We’re a much deeper, more balanced, better coached team, but we can’t assume the Bucks are going to lie down. They won their home opener against another ‘better’ team in Chicago, and will be looking to make another ‘We’re not the Sixers, dudes!’ statement on their home hardwood.

That being said, I think we’re going to trounce them. Even forgetting the emotion we’ll carry over from Sunday’s nailbiter, TJ’s definately ready to remind the Bucks what they lost. The Raptors won the season series 3-1 last year, and I fully expect them to sweep the season series this year.

Some pre-game notes:

– To date, the Raptors are the unanimous victors in the Charlie V/TJ trade. The Big Smoothie shat the bed in Cheesetown last year…and we all know what TJ has done (and I’m not talking about the turnovers).

– Jim Todd! As a tall, balding, mustachioed American, there’s no better fit for him than Wisconsin. I can’t wait to see his jowled face again. Maybe Chuck and Leo can coerce him to do the post-halftime interview, just for old time’s sake?

Much to his wife’s delight, Jim still has a use for his purple shirt/tie combination.

– Time to see if Yi’s worth the guaranteed 20 minutes per game. My guess? Not this season.

– And why’d they fight so hard for this guy? To bolster support and enthusiasm from the 8 Asians living in Milwaukee?

– Mark my words: Matchup of the Game is TJ vs. Mo Williams. These two are going to combine for a total blur at the point guard spot. If you can PVR it, you might want to watch the game in slow-motion.

– Let Michael Redd get 20, 25, 35 points. They’ll still only total 85.

– The Bucks’ coach has a very difficult last name to pronounce.

– Milwaukee’s nickname? The Cream City. Look it up.

– Andrew Bogut’s new skinhead look is eerily fitting.

Stud of the Game: TJ Ford. I do think he’ll try to do too much, but I suspect a strong game facing off against his former backup. Coming off a hot game on Sunday, if his shot is falling early, watch out.

Dud of the Game: Yi. Bosh will smother Yi, with Bargnani on Bogut (if he plays, he’s listed as day-to-day with a bad haircut). I like these matchups a lot for our boys. Improved on defence, CB4 (don’t care what y’all say, he’s getting better) will shut down the Big PRC. He can’t take Bosh off the dribble and will be forced to shoot over his outstretched arms.

Final Score: Raptors by 11.

If we pull the chain, does the lightbulb finally come on? Who does Andrew think he is, Goro?

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