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Ahhh…feels good to be back on even ground. It wasn’t easy or pretty though – we were one Bosh block away from being 2-4 and forcing me to drink a 2-4 to numb the pain.

 Great to see AP decide to shoot the ball again. Think it might have anything to do with the fact that Bargnani wasn’t around as much to hog jack force demand the rock? Just my preference, I like the Ocho.

If I was walking down a hallway and heard a banging coming from a closed door, opened the door, and there was Jose Calderon and TJ Ford, each hanging from the ceiling, shackled to a chain and slowly being lowered into a pit of ravenous pirhanas, I’d save Jose ten out of ten times.

That being said, I gotta admit: TJ Ford does nail some very, very, difficult shots.

And Moon! How can I forget Jamario Moon, Toronto’s new favorite son…and therefore Graham and Garbo’s newly minted arch-enemy. I wonder how long it will take for Garbo to invite Joey for dinner at a dark, private corner table where they plan a slew of coincidental ‘accidents’ that may or may not involve empty elevator shafts, poision darts, and Acme rockets?

These are the types of things I wonder…

But annnyywayyyysss, another game that was much closer than it should have been. Those anonymous Sixers have a few brights spots for the future (not the nearby “no more Republicans” future,  but the ‘hoverboard/human clone/Olsen Twins Sextape’ FUTURE future).

 I like that Jason Smith character – a big man with a nose for the ball and the confidence to pop (and drain) 17 footers. Promising young rook.

And maybe it’s because I was drunk, but who the fuck is Louis Williams? My god, we came THIS close to letting that peice of licorice with eyes steal (what should be) an easy win from us. 19 4th quarter points? I have a feeling the Shirley Temples will be flowin’ tonight in the Williams treefort…

Andre Igoudala is now officially LeBron James Lite. What a similar package of strength, quickness, court vision, and awful shot selection. He’s an absolute beast, and guaranteed to join LBJ on the end-of-year list NBA Players Other NBA Players Hate To Defend. So many weapons, so few teammates.

But enough about the Sixers. Tonight we’ve got to deal with Tyrus Thomas (who will kill a man in the next five years a la the black Jason Williams, mark my words) and the UnderacheivaBulls. Grandpa Joe Smith is their leading scorer…need I say more?

Would be nice to string together a couple dubya’s…

P.S. Charlotte (3-2) is keeping on the right side of .500…

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