12-10, 11 down

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I had a whole post written about this game; my usual rushed resin-soaked ramblings. Nothing to laugh about tonight. No, not even Chuck slowly degrading Leo with references to his laughable basketball career. Not even seeing Tyronn Lue on the sidelines without his wormwig.

We could have just seen TJ’s last game for a while. A long while. I hope he’s okay, just a little rattled. And now’s not the time to make assumptions, projections, or decisions.But until we know the extent and severity of tonight’s flagrant (though unintentional) faceslap, let’s just say be straight and clear and say that TJ Ford tore a white-hot strip off the Atlanta Hawks.

On a dizzying array of jump shots, crossovers, and hesitation moves, he could have put up 40, 45 points playing starter’s minutes. His penetration was straight up clever, no other way to say it.If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know my position on TJ, Jose, and the Great Debate. Yes, I’ve questioned TJ’s passing decisions before (and continue to do so), BUTTTTTTT…. he dropped that dime to Jamario in the first. AND Humph in the third. Hot sweaty deep dish rock-mail. A slot machine rains less change.

TJ, you were on fuego tonight. I applaud your performance, and would have if the last 2 minutes played out differently.

What I DON’T applaud is Leo Rautins’ persistent and disgraceful need to go on about the ‘glazed look’ on TJ’s face. We got the mental image, Leo. Since when did the Score become the National Enquirer?

Nothing more I want to sayabout this game.


UPDATE: Al Horford visits TJ in Atlanta hospital. Read about it HERE.

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