Raptors vs. Knicks, 7:30

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It’s a good way of keeping perspective. 

Eddie Curry. Zach Randolph. Stephon Marbury. Nate Robinson. These are four guys I’d pay NOT to be on my team. And while it seems like they might have talent (and fifteen SF/PF’s) on paper, take a look at their roster.  Of course there’s no chemistry! I like exactly one player on this team: David Lee.

What a mess! A locker room full of malcontents. An astounding payroll that’s set to INCREASE next year. (Btw, before you click on that payroll link, make sure you’re not chewing anything. You might choke.) An owner who’s even less in touch with reality than Billy Madison. A tuned-out coach living in a perpetual state of denial. A fan base ready to go all Heaven’s Gate, just to get out of their season’s tickets. And all of this, in the basketball mecca of the free world.

You’d think it’s about time to panic, right? That things couldn’t get any worse? Well, I want whatever Isaiah is smoking:

“I believe one day we will win a championship here, and I believe a couple of these guys will be a part of that, and I believe I will be a part of that,” Thomas said. “And as I sit here today, and people can laugh even more at me, but I’m hell-bent on getting this accomplished and making sure we get it done, and I’m not leaving until we get it done.”

“I want to leave a legacy, I want to leave a tradition; I want to leave an imprint, a blueprint in terms of how people play and how they respond when they put on a Knicks uniform. I want to leave what I left in Detroit — every person that walks through that door, when they put on a Pistons uniform, there’s a certain pride they carry. I want to put that here and I want to leave that here in New York. I want to leave a championship legacy. This is a dark time for us, but I know there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and I’m going to keep pushing and I’m not going to quit. And I’m going to do it here.”

When a Long Island dentist takes the time out of his busy schedule to hit up Kinkos and make an 8-foot pink slip calling for Thomas’ dismissal, you know things are getting dire (not to mention the signs. Those aren’t homemade signs – some designer somewhere had a bulk order.)


It’s gotta make you wonder: As BAD as things are going in NYC, doesn’t a little part of the franchise enjoy the attention? Because they certainly wouldn’t be getting it if they sucked silently. Maybe they don’t mind fans buying tickets just to boo? A dollar’s a dollar’s a dollar, right? So would it be crazy to think that maybe  the Knicks seeded some of those picketers to create a better photo op? I’m gonna say no.

But not to worry, all you real New Yorkah b-ball fans! Ol’ Ikey-boy’s got a plan to turn around the team. Rumor has it he’s been keeping an eye on a little-known African prospect who’s been impressing Thomas with his thundering post moves.

He’s an imposing locker room presence. His memory would pay dividends in video sessions. And he wouldn’t affect the cap, as Dolan would only have to pay him peanuts. How does this not make perfect sense? 

No matter how bad things get here in Toronto, at least we’re not the Knicks, right?  But as we’ve seen a couple times this season, every ten games or so the Knicks throw together an inspired/lucky performance, beating Cleveland, Jersey twice, Utah, and Denver. So we can’t totally take them for granted, as we seem to do against awful squads (remember Seattle?). 

Piling up turnovers is a good way to lose this game. So is not hitting the glass. Also, not closing out on their perimeter shooters, a streaky group who are dangerous when smoldering. But if we take care of the ball, feed Bosh down low (they don’t have a single post defender that can cover him), and get second chance opportunities, we should walk out of MSG with a win…and the deafening chant of “Fire Isaiah!” ringing in our ears.

The Girl Talk for Starbury was so entertaining, I couldn’t post just one. 

Girl Talk: Stephon Marbury

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