Dude, what the FUCK??? I just wrote a long, scathing post outlining every biased, unfathomable call the “professionals” with the whistles mad tonight.

I click “save”, and it asks me for my password. I enter it, and all my words are GONE! I don’t have to explain how frustrating this is.

This is even more maddening than the way the game was handled (it’s a close one). The Raptors would have lost regardless of how the refs called it, no doubt, but it has to be said. Stu Jackson is the OJ Simpson of the NBA…he got away without a pink slip after Donaghygate. Are we going to let him get away with this too?

My wrists and fingers are throbbing after writing what (what I thought was) a passionate post. No way I have the physical or mental energy to retype and rethink it. Sorry, but I’m as disappointed as you are (unless you don’t care, then I’m much, much more pissed).

Anyway, whatever. Even lounging with a beer and a burrito in the land of the Sun and Silicone can’t make this better.

Need some sleep. A long day of travels, traffic, and now this.

Oh, and P.S? His Mattness is insane.

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