More workouts, Houston likes Rush and Arsenalist’s Friday Mailbag

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More workouts yesterday as Roy Hibbert and Donte Greene showed of their game. Nicolas Batum called in sick even though he had taken a physical on Wednesday, the Raptors hope to reschedule something with him before next Thursday but its going to be tough. Eric Smith did a blog about the workouts although he’s not saying much. The man with the mic happens to be Jim Kelly and he talks about everyone there including how teams make promises. You can also choose to read Doug Smith’s article which is basically a transcript of Kelly. Interviews with Roy Hibbert and Donte Green here.

Last week I linked to an article which said that Brandon Rush was Phoenix’s top target, today there’s news out of Houston that the Rockets holding pick #25 are trying to move up to snatch Rush. Where there’s so much smoke, there’s fire. Rush has had tremendous workouts and has garnered praise from across the board, even more so than CDR. The only reason to pass him over is because of his previous injuries but he seems to be completely over them. Get ‘er done, BC.

Back to the workouts, Roy Hibbert felt he had a good workout and thinks that the management couldn’t have asked for a better workout in terms of getting good perspectives of players. He says no NBA office or even players check draft boards like Draft Express or NBA Draft because they’re “comical”. He’s also very proud to have graduated college.

Derrick Rose wants to play in Chicago which would mean the Heat have to look for a PG elsewhere. Blah blah….can the draft happen already so we can stop with these stupid articles. Juan Carlos Navarro is returning to Spain instead of becoming a free agent, the Grizz will still make a qualifying offer just so they have first shot at him if he does ever return. He got more money in Spain than he did here, can the same be true for Calderon?

Did you know that I get mail too? Tons and tons of it, most of it are tempting Viagra deals but if you set your filters just right, a Raptors email might sneak through. I’ve collected some of them over the past few weeks and have finally decided to answer your call:

Q: Arse, your blog sucks, you don’t know dick-all about basketball, you have no access to any NBA or Raptors insiders and have absolutely no authority to speak about basketball. And what kind of a stupid name is Arsenalist you dumb turd. Get a life and shut this nonsense down before you make even more of a fool of yourself. – Butcher Manson, Toronto, ON

A: Thanks for the email Butch, I appreciate it. I can’t really argue with you about any of the points you make. All I can do is present a weak rebuttal: I’ve watched every Raptors game over the last decade and have the ulcers to prove it. I highly doubt I understand the game anymore than you, all I hope to provide is a fan’s perspective and a forum for other fan’s to talk some ball. Sure, you’re not going to find breaking news stories here but at least you’ll get an honest perspective of the Raptors without it being defiled by employer obligations, loyalties to players, coaches or management or all the other cursory censorship that goes on when talking about athletes in the spotlight. Also, I hope you get AIDS.

Q: It’s June 17 and the draft is coming up and many teams are holding tryouts. What about the Lakers and Celtics? Are they holding tryouts or must they wait at the end of the final. If they must wait, isn’t it unfair to them since they don’t get as much time to prepare? – Chad J, Mississauga

A: How the f*ck should I know? Have you tried using Google to navigate your way all the way to or to figure this out? Don’t ever email me again and stop coming to my site you dumb c*nt.

Q: I rite from Italy (Forza Bargnani!). I not you like how hate Bargnani hes grait playr in Italy and vill be grait in NBa, beter than KoBe and more good than Lebran. Raptorz shud traid Bosh (he ovary-rated) and give minutes to Bargnani to be good. Antonio Cassalini, Milano, ITALY!

Thanks for your email Tony. Just to let you know you have a better chance of conveying your thoughts if you just write them in Italian and use Google Translate to do the trick. It has to be better than whatever you’re spewing here. I’ll humor you though, Bargnani has more to prove in the NBA than any other player. Yes, let that last sentence sink in your skull. He has to earn his minutes on the team through hard work, dedication and commitment, nothing will be handed to him and if he doesn’t step up this year, he’s a gonner come summertime.

Q: There is a distinct way that I watch the NBA playoffs once the Raptors are eliminated. Essentially, I try to see what each team does differently than the Raptors that has allowed them to advance deep into the playoffs. So my question is this, what is the most distinctive characteristic shared by the Lakers and Celtics that the Raptors currently (and glaringly) lack? My answer? Above-average perimeter defence. – Chris B, Toronto

A: Chris, I’m shocked that after watching four full rounds of the playoffs you came to the conclusion that the difference between the Raptors and Lakers/Celtics is above-average perimeter defence. I’ll point you to their roster and you’ll notice the Lakers have Kobe and the Celtics happen to have Pierce, Garnett and Allen. Don’t waste your time analyzing basketball, I believe there’s a lawn that needs mowing.

See ya!

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