Roll Call – December 14 vs Hornets

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The “Sean Marks!?!?” edition.

Adams – MC Stumpy was last seen doing…well…nothing.

Bargnani – DJ Don’t Blame Me, He’s The One Who Took Me #1 Overall showed flashes today of the improvement he displayed earlier in the season. His shooting was off, but he was more active.  Again, if it took him 2 seasons to learn Sam’s system, we can only shudder to think it might take him just as long to learn a new one.

Bosh – Mixmaster 2010 is slowly getting back to form. Certainly did his duty in getting to the line and converting, but still struggling from the floor and a step slow on the D as well. Notice he is back talking on the court as well, which is a welcome return.

Calderon – DJ Tres had the game of the season. Well, for him so far. Of course he did so since he was disrespected by Paul all night and left to his own devices. He had a perfect shooting night, but didn’t garner the assist numbers you’d expect. Of course, nobody would if they had nobody covering him.

Graham – MC OlderBro came crashing down to earth. The invisible Golden Graham we all know and were disappointed in decided to break into the locker room and wear his jersey again. It was like he checked out of the Hotel Talent and went back to the Motel Mediocre.

Humphries – DJ SmoothLikeWasabe took the night off to finish planning his PimpsNHos party at Fluid. Hit up Dinosty to get on the list.

Jawai – Mixmaster Heart Beat continues to march to the beat of his own drummer.

Kapono – MC Lady Killah had as bad an afternoon shooting the ball as a blind man has fun trying to find the glory hole in the washroom at Filmores on the first try.  Gone was the gleeful clicking of his heels and it was replaced with the fish out of water look.

Moon – DJ Fly Bama Jama had a great game. Many will judge him on his shot selection, but he was exerting effort, getting to his spots, not playing outside of his abilities. I’m not sure I have ever said this about him, but he was by leaps and bounds my favourite Raptor on the court today.

O’Neal – MC Gonna Get A Paycut rewarded his faithful followers with a solid game, ending with a bonehead move that was exploited by Chris Paul in the fourth. His good deeds outweighed the bad, though, with a much better shooting night than we have come to expect. And, I swear I actually saw him break a sweat running up the court on one play.

Parker – Mixmaster In The Shadow Of My Sister couldn’t have hit a 400lb man with a grape today….not to mention he was running around the court like a newlywed groom looking for a video camera to tape the honeymoon night. Not a pretty game at all.

Solomon – MC It’s All About Me didn’t see the court. He did see his career flash before his eyes, though.

Ukic – MC Flail had the type of game a bingo player would have had he forgotten his dabber: nothing. His play had me wondering if Triano had showed the guys TOO MUCH video and tried to instill some moves just for this game. Ukic looked lost and unsure, which is something you can’t be against the Hornets.

Driving The Bus:   Jamario Moon

Under The Bus:    Jason Kapono

Game Theme:      Bounce

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