SAS: Bosh tells Colangelo he will not re-sign, trade discussions ongoing

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Update: Bosh Denial :: Colangelo Denial

ESPN loudmouth Stephen A. Smith is reporting that Chris Bosh has told Bryan Colangelo that he is not interested in remaining in Toronto. Apparently Miami is very interested and so is Dallas. I’m not too shocked by this rumour, he appears to have checked out of late and is basically going through the motions the last couple games. Bosh probably feels that not enough has been done to surround him with good enough players to compete and that his recent bad play has more to do with NBA defenses zeroing on him rather than his own ineptitude. Keep in mind that the Raptors can offer Bosh approximately $30 million more than any other team so although the trade rumour make sense basketball-wise, it makes little sense financially unless Bosh feels he can make up the money through endorsements.

I never thought Bosh was one to pull a VC but I suppose you live and learn. Just like the Vince Carter trade defined Babcock’s regime in Toronto, the Chris Bosh trade will do the same for Colangelo. This franchise is short on assets and we must get maximum value in return for Chris Bosh otherwise this franchise will enter an even darker period.

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