Roll Call – Feb 3 vs Cavaliers

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The “well, at least it wasn’t a blow out” edition

Bargnani – posted a double double on a night that it didn’t even appear he was on the floor. Magic act indeed.

Bosh – think he had a little gusto in his back pocket tonight? His shots were falling but, again, he needs to up his rebounding numbers. Not attacking the basket to score is one thing, avoiding playing hard to grab a board is something entirely different.

Calderon – I hear he isn’t 100%. With a game like tonight, lets hope he isn’t. As my buddy said “pathetically brutal”.

Graham – sweet game tonight. Hardly on par physically with, say, LeBron, but he has the ability to show some muscle and surprise some people. Plus, he’s a guy that can take some minutes away from Moon. We should support this guy.

Humphries – 


Jawai – getting as much burn as a lit match in a hurricane.

Kapono – he did one thing right: he extended our 3pt record. Racked up 5 fouls in 23min, with his arms flailing like Richard Simmons hanging out in the deep end of a pool.

Moon – played 5 minutes. In some circles, this news is like hearing that Blue Rodeo has broken up and by some mysterious cosmic force all music made by the band has disappeared forever.

O’Neal – Mr Happy had another good game. Even lost his headband at one point and actually found it soon after. Thrust into the starting lineup, he hit some nice jumpers and did his best to be the wall to the Cavaliers train a few times. Like Bosh, needs to be a bit more active on the boards.

Parker – how would you like this guys gig? 36 minutes of playing time, hop on a plane, grab some quick z’s and come back to play Kobe. Anybody else nervous that Jay puts Moon on Kobe? Sweet mother. Anyway, AP had the scoring touch of Oakley trying to hit a full court shot. His assist number is sweet, though, and shows the need to carve him out some more minutes…if we had a suitable backup at SG.

Solomon – Triano has him on so many yo-yo minutes that he must wake up some mornings and look for the string on his body. Gets good run last time and does a decent job, yet tonight sees the floor only when the game is out of reach. Has to be frustrating.

Ukic – wonder how that handball final turned out? The only positive this season is some company didn’t sponsor him and run a program that donated $100 for every point scored by Yoko to a charity that provided meals for children. Had that happened, there would be kids dropping like flies from malnourishment.

Voskuhl – not sure who is luckier in life: Jake or the guy sleeping next to Halle Berry as I type this.

Driving The Bus:   Chris Bosh

Under The Bus:    Jose Calderon

Game Theme:  


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