Roll Call – Feb 18 vs Cavaliers

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The “miracles don’t happen” edition

Banks – showed a little bit of promise in the limited time he played. As I recall, so did Primoz Brezec. If ball doesn’t pan out, he can always fill in for Tracy Morgan.

Bargnani – 2 quick fouls. Not going to be a good thing for our squad if that continues, since the guys backing him up are about as well equipped at filling in at centre as a Smart car is at driving in the Arctic. He did snap out of it in the bridge of the game, but picked up another quick 2 late.

Bosh – rocking the suit jacket with denim pants. Casual Friday comes early to the ACC apparently.

Calderon – had a good number of hockey assists tonight, just a shame they don’t count in the stat sheet.  He may not be 100% and, even after the allstar break, his lack of driving drives me bonkers.

Graham – may have to start calling this guy the silent assassin. Another game where, for many of his 31min, he seemed invisible. End of the night: 15pts and 4 boards. Spectacular? Far from it. In a way, it’s kind of a sad output from a starter, but you play the hand you are dealt and if you compare his output to most of his career, you have to take it.

Humphries – no truth to the rumour he was kicking it with Mo Williams and LBJ at Ultra last night. None.

Jawai – scored his first field goal in the NBA. Congrats. Also got an early look as he was brought in late in the second. I was shocked. Bet he was too. Have we really come to this?

Kapono – brutal passing offset by a good steal and running the floor in the first half. Only hoisted 9 shots in 24 minutes, so wonder if he is tired from hoisting some bevvies in Phoenix.

Marion – blocks and rebounds like HO, better personality, and seemed genuinely lost for the majority of the game. Never been a huge fan, but the upside he could bring with his stay on this roster far outweighs that of what HO brought.  As was said many places today and yesterday, we don’t have much time for him to fit in. He has to show his professionalism and do just that….and quick.

Parker – his performance in the fourth saved him from a game that was uglier than Popeye Jones. 4 turnovers, some bizarre brainfarts, and a night he better forget. Big disappointment coming off some rest.

Solomon – only way his thumb is hurt is if it is directly connected to his ego.

Ukic – mo williams crossed him over so bad that Mo was looking for the crosswalk button. Yoko did have a nice pass to Kapono, but other than that, same old Ukic. Jay would get more production from an udderless cow.

Voskuhl – what have I done to piss off the Gods so much that the backup bigs for my favourite NBA team are Nathan Jawai and Jake “I don’t care if I’m white and look like I’ve just got off a tractor, I’m still gonna wear the headband” Voskuhl? I mean, really? Know what is even more pathetic? I think he should have had more floor time tonight. Heavens to murgatroyd.

Driving The Bus:   Joey Graham

Under The Bus:    Anthony Parker (yet again, though, no one guy deserved it)

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