Rasheed to Drink Bosh’s Milkshake


This TSN2 debacle has been a blessing in disguise; since we were spared eye sores for many a game. I still curse Rogers and TSN2, but it is followed with a shrug. Misery continued in Philly on Wednesday for the Raptors, but you know what, she likes company, and her name is Detroit. The Raptors host the Pistons on Friday, where their current 6 game losing streak is in jeopardy of stretching to 7. By in jeopardy, I mean if I was a gambling man, I would put my condo up that the Raptors lose this one.

We know what the Raptors have been up too (thanks Cuzoogle), but more of that to come. The Pistons have been a much more interesting and compelling story this season. After trading Billups for Iverson a few games into the season, they have been a big disappointment (that’s what happens when you trade your heart and soul away, and have a rookie coach who doesn’t really know what he’s doing). By big disappointment, I mean they are currently 32-21, and holding on to 6th spot (aka a chance at the second round) in the East.

They did something this season that I never thought possible for this team, an 8 game losing streak. Incredibly, it stopped once Hamilton returned to the starting lineup in favour of Iverson, and are now in the midst of winning 5 of their last 7. They are coming off a 116-111OT loss to the Knicks where Nate Robinson and David Lee played like beasts in combining for 46pts 21rebs 8ast (Hughes also chipped in 22pts 4rebs 4ast). Those kind of stats will win you games.

The Raptors on the other hand suck, and have lost 43 of their last 65, and Bosh has been busy moonlighting:

Howdy 🙂

I know it was only for a few seconds, but he is so easily distracted from playing ball, it annoys me, that’s all I’m saying. Also, if you are going to do something, don’t half ass it: put on a suit, put down the basketball and be a man. This isn’t a basketball court. Not surprisingly, he sucks at delivering the news too. Scratch that off the list of things he can do with his life (so far there is franchise player, blogger, weatherman and contrary to what Shaq says – runway model).

Hot cheerleader time, and the Automation (that’s what they call their dancers) have a few hotties to choose from. I’m going with Chelsey, I’m pretty sure she’s the first blonde I’ve picked. She’s a 3rd year dancer, and her fondest memory is dancing for the team during the 2007 Eastern Conference Finals. Wish we had fond memories like that. She looks a bit dirty too, might even give you ATM (Google it, NSFW).

Injury Report

Kris Humphries
Jose Calderon (should be sitting, but will be our walking wounded)

Allen Iverson
Rasheed Wallace (questionable)


Calderon vs Stuckey
The Edge: Stuckey
JC is injured, or he sucks, or both. Either way, he has a lot on his plate as he gets the guy Dumars traded Billups away to get minutes for. Wednesday night against the Knicks, Stuckey put up 23pts 8rebs 8ast, tall tall order for JC.

Parker vs Hamilton
The Edge: Hamilton
Dude is a Raptor killer. He curls off those low picks like a beast, and sticks jumpers right in your heart. Since the Raptors suck at PnR defense, and Hamilton has a history of making people pay for not defending him properly, and the Raptors defense sucks, he gets the nod. Wednesday night against the Knicks, Hamilton put up 27ts 9rebs 5ast.

Marion vs Prince
The Edge: Prince
Another Raptor killer. Dumars wouldn’t have passed on Carmelo Anthony had he not already had Prince (although I’m sure he would want to take that one back). This will be the first game that we have someone covering Prince in a long time who can guard the SF and challenge him on every possession on boths end of the floor. Still like Prince in this match-up, but he wont win it by a wide margin. Wednesday night against the Knicks, Prince put up 25pts 10rebs 4ast.

Rupaul vs Wallace or Maxiel
The Edge: Rupaul*
The * is in the event that Wallace plays (questionable), I like Rasheed for this one. If Rasheed is injured, Rupaul. He’s not a happy camper, but you know what? I don’t care. He has to suck it up and play like a man. Regardless, he has been doing well during this current stretch of doo-doo, putting up 27pts 8rebs 3ast. Wednesday night against the Knicks, Maxiel put up 3pts 2rebs and Wallace was injured.

VL vs Mcdyess
The Edge: Mcdyess
is easily one of my favourite players in the league. He was an athletic beast coming out of college, but suffered massive injuries. Why do I man-love him? He took adversity, and reinvented himself into the current player he is. He developed a perimeter game. Dude is still a physical beast, but he doesn’t try to go through you. Enough with the love-fest. VL will put up big numbers, but so will Mcdyess who has been playing off the chain the last few games, grabbing every rebound that comes his direction (something we don’t get/expect from VL). Wednesday night against the Knicks, McDeyes put up 21pts and 22rebs. Killer!

The Line has the as a pick to Pistons -1.


Pistons, might be close, but a loss is a loss. Not even thinking of calling a Raptor win after what we saw against Philly…must have been high to make that pick…

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