Roll Call

Roll Call – Mar 13 vs Pistons

The “maybe they should have watched Syracuse” edition

Banks – I wish for two things every morning when I awake: to roll over and see Eva Mendez lying next to me (sober, awake, and willingly (and I mean her)) and to have a full day without having to see Marcus Banks play basketball.

Bargnani – came out, played a few minutes and then this happened.

Bosh – only thing missing from his weather report last night was just how hot and cold he was going to be tonight. Sure, he dropped 27pts, but needed over 30 shots to do it. Sure, he pulled down 10 boards, but the majority seemed to be by accident. Against an undermanned Pistons team, a slightly above average night by our Franchise player should have garnered a win. Bosh just didn’t provide it.

Calderon – took over the lead in assists, all time, for our team. That award will look nice on his mantle, right beside the one he already owns for leading the team in ignoring open men, only looking to pass to one guy in particular, and waving his arms at nothing in particular. Much better job on the defensive end tonight and he was showing more hustle than he has in a long while.

Graham – wonder if he rents his ride here in Toronto. If so, he may want to call the rental company and have them check the glove compartment for his game.

Humphries – rumour has it he is on Twitter under the screen name @mackdaddykris

Kapono – I noticed two things tonight: he actually was trying to defend and didn’t do a bad job at it and he was also making a concerted effort to free himself from his defender and he really never got the ball. Those two things happen on the same night as often as me peeing and me getting all of said pee into the bowl without missing happens in one day.

Marion – his 18 and 6 don’t reflect the hustle he put out on the floor tonight. Far from a stellar game, he did however exert himself more than he has the past few games. Need more, though. Contract year, buddy.

Mensah-Bonsu – any small thing he did well tonight was struck from the record by that bonehead move at the end of the overtime. We now know why he has never stuck in the pros.  Worse still, Marion was pretty wide open just a few feet away. Ah well, young guy, young guy mistake. Just shy of a double double, but we were just shy of going to another overtime.

O’Bryant – he’ll play significant minutes again as soon as Michael Jackson looks normal.

Parker – his night was the exact opposite of what his sister looks like on the cover of ESPN Magazine. It was kind of like going to Duff’s and being told they are out of chicken wings.

Ukic – better than average night for him. Maybe that thing on the side of his nose is a tracking device to the basket. I would still probably prefer to see a dog infested with rabies while being in heat lead our team at the backup point position, but whatever.

Voskuhl – 3 fouls in 9 minutes. He’s about as consistent as the runs after 4 bowls of Tim Horton’s chili.

Driving The Bus:   Jose Calderon

Under The Bus:    Joey Graham

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