Clippers East vs Clippers West

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I was checking out Jonesy’s latest article where he’s making a mild case for giving Triano another chance by saying that coaches like Mike D’Antoni, Jim O’Brien and Greg Popovic also struggled in their interim roles but came back to have strong first full seasons. The argument might’ve carried some weight if we’d had seen any improvement under Triano but such is not the case. We’ve traded terrible paint defense for terrible perimeter defense and lately we’ve been terrible at both. And its not as if he was brought in later on in the season, he’s had more games in his “first” year than any of the coaches mentioned.

As I’ve reiterated a few times already, Triano’s coaching ability isn’t even the main reason to make a change, it’s the change in attitude, direction and seriousness that this group needs and you have to start at the heart of the matter which in this case can’t be the GM, but the coach. Also, no more rookie coaches. Please. I also like how he randomly mentions something negative about T.J Ford.

Eric Smith is saying that nobody should be criticizing Colangelo unless they didn’t think that this was a 44-48 win team at the beginning of the season. Really? Didn’t know that was the rule, I think you should be able to criticize the GM whenever you want, especially after a disastrous season regardless of the fact that you might’ve seen some outside sense in his moves when they were made. See, you can’t hold the fans to the same standards as the GM because, you know, he’s the GM and is supposed to know what’s going on, unlike us. I thought this team would finish around .500 and maybe even a couple games above it in the best case, i.e: if everything goes right – Bargnani not being invisible for half the year, JO integrating properly, Kapono not being useless, Mitchell improving his playbook and sub-patterns, Calderon handling the starting duties and Moon/Graham holding their own on defense. I bet against all that happening which was a no-brainer. Even if anyone thought this team could win 45 games, does that mean they don’t get to throw sh*t at Colangelo? Of course not. He should’ve seen this coming even if many of us didn’t. And BTW, those of you who called the miserable season early on, contact Sportsnet and Fan 590 to apply for analyst jobs, you know your stuff better than most.

Here’s what Nathan Jawai’s been up to with the Idaho Stampede:

MIN  	FGM-A  	3PM-A  	FTM-A  	OFF  	DEF  	TOT  	AST  	PF  	ST  	TO  	BS  	PTS
17:03  	2-4  	0-0  	4-5  	2 	4  	6  	1  	6  	0  	4  	0  	8
31:44  	2-7  	0-0  	8-11  	2 	3  	5  	0  	3  	2  	1  	3  	12
17:43  	1-4  	0-0  	0-2  	1 	4  	5  	1  	2  	0  	1  	0  	2
25:08  	5-6  	0-0  	5-6  	2 	4  	6  	2  	4  	0  	5  	5  	15
27:34  	5-14  	0-0  	5-7  	6 	3  	9  	3  	6  	0  	0  	0  	15
26:13  	5-10  	0-0  	4-4  	5 	5  	10  	2  	4  	0  	2  	0  	14
34:18  	6-11  	0-0  	9-9  	1 	4  	5  	3  	5  	1  	2  	2  	21
19:53  	4-5  	0-0  	4-5  	0 	4  	4  	3  	1  	0  	2  	0  	12
22:33  	3-5  	0-0  	2-2  	1 	4  	5  	3  	0  	0  	2  	2  	8
24.7  	50%  	0%  	80% 	2.2 	3.9 	6.1 	2 	3.44 	0.33 	2.11 	1.33 	11.9

Looking at the entire team’s stats you can surmise that he’s not killing it any category. I read a few game recaps and they weren’t much help in trying to understand how we’ll he’s playing. We’ll try to talk to someone in Idaho soon.

Clippers in town this afternoon and they’re on a bit of a hot-streak by their standards: they’ve won 2 out of 4. They kicked off a stretch of 8 out of 9 on the road by getting blown out in Detroit on Friday night. They play the Celtics, Knicks, Spurs, Rockets, Hornets, Nuggets and Lakers in this span which means that this is their only winnable game and don’t for a second think they don’t know it. They play the Celtics tomorrow which is a write-off so I expect them to give their all to try to steal a game. They’re 17-52 but have a respectable healthy lineup for the game: Baron Davis, Al Thornton, Zach Randolph, Chris Kaman and rookie SG Eric Gordon who’s averaging 15.7 points and 2.8 assists in 33+ minutes.

Marcus Camby is still battling the sore right hamstring that he was born with but did manage to play in Detroit. Mardy Collins is questionable for the game with a foot problem and Ricky Davis has been out indefinitely with Ricky Davis problems. As for the Raptors, Humphries is out and Marcus Banks’ status is listed as “who cares”.

The Raptors are favored by 4 points and I’m split on which way to go. On one end I’m thinking this team isn’t pathetic enough to let the Clippers beat them at home but on the other there’s Baron Davis. I’m going with the Clippers to cover, we’ve got no answer for Baron Davis and Camby’s length will hurt Bargnani. Bosh could go off against Randolph but then again Randolph could go off against Bosh. Since these game’s don’t matter and are hard to watch, putting a small wager on them couldn’t hurt the watchability. Or you could just check out March Madness.

The Clipper dance team happen to be the defending Western Conference Champions and my pick is Teresa who tells us her five favorite things to ride.

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