Roll Call – March 22 vs Clippers

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The “what happens if you put two turtles in a cage match” edition

Banks – his ego is still cracked, so he didn’t play. Got paid, though. 

Bargnani – his heel has a booboo. I woke up today and had a crick in my neck. Funny thing is, I’m still doing my job. Get out and play, man…we are still in the hunt!

Bosh – some fans that probably spend more time trying to get through to Hoops than actually, you know, going outside and enjoying life tried to rain some boos down onto our best player today. What happened? A double double by the half happened and then the losers decided to keep their boos inside until we played for pizza. Dumb and cheap…a great image of the upper bowl Toronto Raptors fan.

Calderon – two games in a row with a “dunk”. What should we expect next? 2 games in a row that features a play designed by Jay Triano that actually works? I hope both Jose and Roko remember how this day felt, especially in regards to how easy it seemed to score. They then need to replay it in their head with the understanding that this is exactly how it feels for other PGs when they play the Raptors.

Graham – nice game from the professional backup. A little bit of his aggressiveness came back and he seemed to revel a little bit in the giddiness around the team today, which was nice to see.

Humphries – 


Kapono – feed the beast!!! So much for him not shooting…he was taking shots at the same rate I eat sliders.  Mind you, I fill my version of the hole at a better clip than he does. mmmm…sliders.

Marion – hard to tell if he was playing better without Bargnani or his production was up because we were playing the Clips.  I’m siding with the latter.

Mensah-Bonsu – anybody else getting a little nervous with some of the fouls he is committing? Yes, he is young and a newbie, but if we are going to rely on his hustle (even if it is just for this season), we need him on the floor and playing non-Moon type basketball. Also on notice: that grin. Not Jamario like yet, but there is just something about it. Bosh also needs to teach him how to shoot a 20-ft jumper. That would be sweet.

O’Bryant – the Green Monster has game!! Admittedly his 2 fouls in 5 minutes choked me up a little, kinda making me misty, but his FG% shot  through the roof today!! Brilliant pick up by Colangelo. Burn a DVD and send it to the league office before it’s too late. This could push BC over the top for the EOY award.

Parker – he seemed to be happy at the end of the game to know his dinner has been paid for. Typical workmanlike AP performance today where he fills up the stat sheet and the hearts of Raptors fans from far and wide…..who, as I type this, are wondering where the best place online is to sell their AP jerseys next year.

Ukic – man, one poke in the eye and it was like all of Croatia was on fire and Yoko was on his horse waving for help. He was waving at the ref, the bench, the coach, the mascot and, I’m pretty sure, that guy with the red hat in row 13. Man up. In any event, I’m happy to see him get extended minutes and fairly over the moon that he produced. Again, tempered by the opposition (seems strange to say that as a Raptors supporter), but it showed he can quite possibly keep the ship afloat on a night if needed. Maybe.

Voskuhl – he started. he hit a jumper. he hit a free throw. in celebration, I give you this.

Driving The Bus:   Shawn Marion

Under The Bus:    Jason Kapono

Game Theme:

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