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Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee – June 2

Toronto Sun

Yesterday, it was announced that Bosh entered into an agreement with Warner Music Canada to produce a unique DVD and CD to be released this fall.

In addition, Bosh has become the first athlete to launch his own application for iPhone and iPod touch on the Apple App Store.

Basketball-wise, Bosh’s latest foray into the business world and his ground-breaking initiative will have no impact on his decision to stay in Toronto, which will be in a position to offer its all-star a contract extension by as early as next month.

What it does reveal is the side of Bosh no one, especially those residing south of the border who cover all things basketball, seems to fully comprehend, or at least want to acknowledge: In today’s sporting culture, Chris Bosh is a unique athlete, who isn’t afraid to push the envelope.

Bosh won’t be pressured into doing anything he doesn’t feel comfortable doing.

Toronto Star

The material on the as-yet-untitled DVD will be based on the characters Bosh has developed over the past two years in a series of video clips posted on the Internet, according to a news release. The CD will be a compilation of some of his favourite music, along with new recordings from emerging artists. Bosh is giving new, unsigned artists a chance to submit material for consideration through an interactive form at

Toronto Star

Alvin Williams played an integral part in the greatest success the Raptors have known and he wants the chance to help return the franchise to that level.

The iconic point guard – whose clutch deciding-game jumpshot clinched the only playoff series Toronto has ever won, a five-game set against the New York Knicks in 2000 – is in line to join Jay Triano’s staff as an assistant coach for skills development, bridging the Raptors’ past and future.

"It’s just a great opportunity," the 34-year-old Williams said in a telephone interview yesterday. "I just feel like I’ve been away from the game so long and I want to get back involved in NBA basketball."

Globe and Mail

It turns out Kapono was the Raptors first choice. They laid $24-million on him over four years, and there’s not doubt Colangelo regrets it.

In some ways this is the Raptors second major sin, and certainly the primary blunder of Colangelo’s since he joined the club in 2006.

Posey was heading to Boston – or at least a contender – regardless. So really it was choice between Barnes, Kapono and Pietrus. Barnes and Pietrus ended up with qualifying offers in Golden State. Kapono got paid. Barnes eventually found his way to the Suns, Pietrus finally got his mid-level deal this past summer from Orlando.

Layup Drill

There was also word that came out that the Bulls, who are looking to add a scoring threat in the post, has Bosh high on the list. Toronto would not want the first rumored package of Tyrus Thomas and Kirk Hinrich, but prefer having Loul Deng in the deal along with Hinrich and a draft pick. As the draft looms closer, many playoff teams assess whether to use their picks they have this year on a potential contributor, or package them along with a veteran for someone who can step in right now.


I haven’t seen a Raptor this busy with extracurricular activities since Vince Carter attended his useless graduation ceremony the day of game seven of the conference semi-finals. We all know how that worked out…

Miami Herald

Thomas is going about most of this on his own. With no staff in place just yet, and his last real collegiate experience coming in 1981 when he left Indiana, the hoops legend is laying down the foundation with little assistance.

He feels like he has to, given how much he has to learn.

He feels like he wants to, given how much satisfaction he gets from getting a bit closer to the grass-roots level of the sport.

”It reminds me very much of the situation that I took over in Toronto, where you just roll up your sleeves,” Thomas said, referring to his days as head man of the expansion Raptors. “No job’s too big and no job’s too small. You’re just trying to get it done.

“You actually get a chance to get your hands dirty and make a difference in someone’s life.”

National Post

"This is exciting," Bosh said in a statement. "Teaming up with Warner to produce my very own CD and DVD, as well as being the first athlete with their very own iPhone and iPod touch application, are just two more ways for fans to get to know me off the court. Entertaining my fans through the use of technology allows me to continue to try and pioneer the digital space for athletes across the world!" 


The Raptors will continue their pre-draft workouts this week with sessions at the ACC on both Thursday and Friday.

Word is that Jonny Flynn and Jeff Teague will be among the players in Toronto on Friday, while Thursday’s participants still have yet to be confirmed.  Jrue Holiday may be one of those players, but we’ll see.

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