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"In respect to the situation for him, there will be a handful of teams next year – I’m guessing between five and ten – which will have maximum allowable free agent money, which means Chris is subject to walk to one of those deals. But, I have to reiterate the point that keeps being overlooked – we’re the only team that can offer him a full six years versus five years, 10.5% increases versus 8% increases … Basically equates to a $30 million dollar difference. So, even if he wants to leave, he’s still better served, and we’re better served if he works a sign-and-trade with us where we can get some sort of an asset back from the team that he’s going to. And, I think that’s probably the thing that we’ll both push for because he’ll benefit from it and we’ll benefit from it, and that’s why it’s probably not time to panic now and make a bad deal."

Toronto Raptors Draft Preview

Bleacher Report

Another option could be Toronto, who would potentially be interested in a sign and trade for star forward Chris Bosh.  Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo is looking to extend Bosh, but the 2010 free agent to be is expected to decline any offer.

That in mind, the Raptors’ best option would be to trade Bosh and get maximum value in return.  Here is a projected trade that could work out for both sides:

Toronto Receives

  • F Luol Deng
  • C Jerome James
  • 16th overall pick
  • 26th overall pick

Chicago Receives

  • F Chris Bosh
  • 9th overall pick

This is all purely speculation, but it could work out for both sides.  The Raptors would get maximum value in return for their soon to be free agent forward, and the Bulls could add the low post scoring they have lacked for quite some time now.

Chicago Bulls Confidential

That means the right offer should be able to pry Bosh away.   Can the Bulls put together such an offer?   Who knows.   Tyrus Thomas, two draft picks, and expiring deals for Bosh seems like about as much as the Bulls would give up.  
Would Bosh sign an extension as part of a trade?   Would the Bulls do a trade if he wouldn’t?   Do you even really want Chris Bosh on a deal that will average 20 million per year?   While he clearly upgrades the team, it’s highly likely to be similar to paying Jermaine O’Neal all that money.   Maybe you do it because he makes you better than anything else you can do, but he’s still not worth the money.

Bryce’s Blog

OK the Toronto Raptors don’t know what they want and its similar to a celebrity hook-up. One minute the Raptors say they have “no intention” of trading Chris Bosh for roughly a month and a half. Now, they are saying they would like to sign Bosh and then trade him. Make up your mind! It’s really not that hard to figure out because its like this: Toronto, you either WANT him or you DO NOT want him. The answer to the question is a yes or no type of deal.
The Raptors are looking for some sort of compensation for their efforts of trading Bosh to one of many teams up on the list. Looks like Chris Bosh would love to get with a contending team but he isn’t about to kick and scream to let his current organization know he wants out. In my opinion, he should at least be more aggressive and be up front about it. If he does that, hopefully he will land with a solid championship caliber team this next season.

Sports Radio Interviews

You extended an offer to Carlos Delfino who played in Russia last season.  Is he coming back and why did he leave the Raptors in the first place?

“He basically got 2.85 million net Euros, at the time, that was the equivalent of about $8.5 – $9 million US deal, so, you can see where there’s a discrepancy in dollars of about $5 million US gross and it was too much for him to walk away from.  Now, he’s been there a year, he’s played under those circumstances, and he’s said, ‘You know what?  I wanna be back in the NBA.’  He’s gonna leave a lot of money on the table… I’ve been kinda putting him on my roster depth charts with semi-removable ink.  He’s a guy that I think we can get the deal done if we want to get it done.”

Out of Left Field

Again, to be blunt, expertise about how player moves work in the NBA is not our forte. The best that can be offered is that it’s was already time to brace for BWOB (Basketball Without Bosh) and try to figure out what can be gleaned from the situation. Jay Triano, Colangelo and Maurizio Gherardini would like to play an up-tempo style, but they need personnel who can make it work. There should be no fear about Bosh leaving … there is plenty out there.

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