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Summer League

Raptors vs Pistons Live Blog, Triano/Colangelo interview, Jarret Jack a Raptor?

Same starting lineup as yesterday and it’s 12-9 Pistons early with Quincy Douby once again trying to make an impact off the dribble. A couple drives leading to a couple fouls, he’s still doing the primary ball-handling for the Raptors. Ukic is the other guard and he’s basically passing it to Douby most of the time and has missed a three of his own. Douby’s shot is looking decent today.

DeRozan is sporting some old school Jordan’s and his handle in the open court looks decent. Smush Parker has come into the game for Ukic, let’s see if he decides to make this his game again. Raptors are trying to give the ball to O’Bryant in the post but he can’t seem to make anything of his touches. The more I see him the more he looks like a waste of a roster spot.

DeRozan just hit a sweet fallaway jumper (excellent form), the man uses his size will in one-on-one matchups, something O’Bryant needs to do more of. For the Pistons, Austin Daye is lighting it up. 17-15 Pistons. Daye just got a rebound over O’Bryant for a offensive rebound score. Raptors rebounding looks brittle, very brittle.

Smush Parker misses his first three. Brent “Air Georgia” Petway is in the game too but hasn’t had the same impact like yesterday, mostly because the guards are dominating the ball. Parker tried to run the pick’ n roll and turned the ball giving the Pistons the last shot of the quarter but their attempt was blocked by Petway at half-court. 26-23 Detroit.

David Doblas, the Spanish forward is trying to show us his post skills, he did this yesterday too, good hard spin move to draw the foul. Jesus Christ, Austin Daye is showing us a mid-range game, a drive game and some rebounding, would not be shocked to see him get minutes for the Pistons this year. The announcer is now giving his ideas on drafting high school players (he’s saying, they can enter but they shouldn’t be allowed to be selected in the lottery).

Roko with a terrible pass into the post, probably needed a bounce, results in a turnover and FTs for Detroit. Roko’s in there handling the ball now with Douby at the off. Patrick O’Bryant blows a jumper than misses defensive assignment. Ekene Ibekwe hits a mid-range jumper, this guy’s release is very slow, no way he gets that shot off in an NBA game. 32-26 Detroit with 6:55 left in the second. Ibekwe with a nice drive and left-handed finish over unknown Euro on the Pistons. Good showing today, he’s even trying to play some defense, nice of the chap.

Haha..Douby just rejected some one-trick pony at the three-point line and then rainbowed one in. We got a little battle going. The unknown Euro just scored on O’Bryant – technical one-on-one move. So far the main player ratings: Douby: A, Ukic: C, O’Bryant: C, Parker: B.

Douby now breaking his man off the dribble, after yesterday’s terrible first half he’s been quite good. Smush Parker turnover, out of control and leaving his feet to pass. A point guard needs to be very careful in how he chooses to showcase himself and Parker needs to calm down and play the team game rather than show his individual offensive talent. Random note: Announcer says Magic will “crash and burn” next year, he’s saying Miami, Cleveland, Dallas and Orlando went too fast to the Finals and that’s not good for them.

Douby now with 11 points after scoring on a drive after catching the pass from Parker. The guards are hogging the ball for the Raptors. 44-36 Pistons. We’re running a freestyle offensive, no real sets.

They say one of the reason DeMar DeRozan left college early is to help out his mother who is sick. He’s had a very low-key game, just a couple points on a fallaway jumper, Douby and Parker are the ones doing all the ball-handling and they’re refusing to pass it unless they really have to. DeRozan finally made a move of intent by driving, missing and putting back his offensive rebound. We’re leaving Michael Bramos wide open on the perimeter who is killing us.

Brent Petway is described as a power forward in a small forward’s body. He hit a nice little power fadeaway after using his body to create space. He’s probably the only non-roster guy that will make Colangelo think about a training camp invite, at least so far.

The half ends with Douby using a Patrick O’Bryant to drain a deep three. It’s 49-44 Pistons at the half. Jay Triano interview coming up. I’ll try to summarize.

  • Says defense is still a key for the team. We need the rebound to run. Says there’s enough talent on the team to play multiple styles.
  • Says its reasonable to think that DeRozan could start at the SG come opening night. His strength is the mid-range game and he’ll be able to find seams in the defense to exploit using his athleticism.
  • They asked him if Bargnani got too much. He’s obviously defending it by saying that Bargnani’s proven himself whenever he’s gotten consistent minutes. He’s praising his shot-blocking ability and his man-defense, and saying he’ll only get better.
  • Says Ukic will be fine, last year we wanted him to be the third guard but he ended up being the second guard. Says he’s got a great feel for the game.

Now they’re talking to Bryan Colangelo:

  • Says they’re evaluating every player in the summer league, not just the players on the Raptors.
  • Says agents are in his ear as we speak talking to him about the Raptors’ MLE.
  • Says the whole 4-team trade got sparked off with Marion rejecting a contract offer. Says the best part about the deal might’ve been retaining the MLE and LLE thanks to Orlando playing ball.
  • Says we are negotiating with Carlos Delfino and that we have withdrawn the qualifying offer so he’s more marketable to other teams too.
  • Says the MLE could be used on a back-up point-guard (as Roko hits a shot) and that we’re evaluating Roko very closely.
  • BTW, Darren Washington just had a massive dunk for the Pistons. He’s been a real physical presence for them. Raps down 10.
  • Says Steve Nash talked a lot about Jay Triano when they were in Phoenix. Ha, Nash was biggin’ up Triano before Colangelo even knew him.
  • Jesus, Darren Washington just got an athletic block on what looked to be a sure layup. Wow, this guy is making an impact. Colangelo says he likes him a lot and reminds him a little of Jamario Moon.
  • The Raptors had settled on DeMar DeRozan three weeks before the draft and Colangelo believes he has “star quality” and is a great kid. Colangleo met his parents and everything and thinks he was raised right. Says coming out of USC will help tremendously. Says his psychological profiles and background-checks were great.
  • Roko just attempted a step-back 25 footer with plenty of time on the clock. What was going through his mind? DeRozan got an AND1 on the break, good composed finish, fairly easy though. It’s 63-54 Pistons with 3:18 left in the third.

Back to the game, Jonas Jerebko (Sweden) is another Piston who is making a name for himself with his slashing. It’s an 8 point game after Douby knocks down two more FTs. Singletary just scored on Smush Parker, Parker just looks like he wants to play offense.

DeMar DeRozan hits a three – great stroke. I thought jump shooting was his weakness? Another Raptors turnover with Smush on the watch leads to a break but soon after it’s DeMar DeRozan again. Very composed FT line move where he leans in for the AND1, can you say high basketball IQ?

This Doblas guy from Spain doesn’t do anything spectacular but give him the ball in the post and he’ll treat it with respect and get to the FT line. Austin Daye with a deep three, this guy’s making the league no problem. It’s 73-66 Pistons at the end of 3.

BTW, announcer is very arrogant. Says USA basketball needs to be #1, nobody else deserves it. Punk ass b*tch.

Brent Petway made a wing three off some Douby work to cut it four but the Raptors can’t get the offensive rebound and energizer bunny Darren Washington gets the offensive rebound and gets to the line. Douby with another step-back three to cut it to a 2 point game. The Swede misses a running hook but Washington once again gets the rebound and gets to the FT line. Our rebounding is terrible. More missed FTs for Detroit, it’s keeping us in the game.

Douby drove the ball and passed it back into the paint to nobody, turnover. The Raptors offense runs much better when Roko’s not touching the ball. For the sake of this game we should just let Douby to the ball-handling and create, having Roko do dumb shit isn’t helping. Speaking of, Roko turnover after leaving his feet to pass. Next possession, Douby finds DeRozan in transition for the jam. It’s a four point game as DeJuan Summers shows his size inside.

Patrick O’Bryant with a soft 21 foot jumper, he’s playing his outside game in summer league. If he can’t throw his muscle here, when can he throw it? The Swede with a turnover, a blemish on an otherwise pretty good game.

DeRozan once again shows his smoother jumper, this time from the top of the key. Roko ties the game with a patented floater.

Jarret Jack is rumoured to be signing for the Raptors. Apparently that’s what Antonio Harvey thinks after talking to Bryan Colangelo.

Clay Tucker with a couple hoops to give the Pistons a five point lead before Douby executes another one-on-one drive. I wonder if that’s what we’re looking for from him, one-on-one is nice but what happened to the team game? The only wing consistently passing is DeMar DeRozan, probably because he’s the most secure about his spot on the roster. 84-81 Pistons, three minutes left.

DeJuan Summers with another three, he’s playing within the system for the Raptors. DeRozan had a chance to cut it to two with a baseline jumper, got the space using the fake but missed the jumper. Showing good patience with the ball, not rushing things and playing composed.

Patrick O’Bryant was one again given the ball in the post but traveled on a post move. Not good man, not good. Douby with another one-on-one score and soon after O’Bryant finally makes a proper post-move – a hook shot over a shorter guy. Raps down 3 are forced to foul.


91-87 is your final. Check boxscore.

Roko: Another poor game. Leaving his feet to pass, not showing an ability to drive, taking some questionable jumpers and not coming close to running a team. C-

Douby: Great one-on-one game, terrible team game. He’s the great NBA 3-on-3 player ever and today he played like it, not sure how much the Raptors will be impressed with his selfish display. Still 21 points get him a B+.

Patrick O’Bryant: Should be dominating in stretches like certain Pistons, but can’t find his footing, confidence and coordination. C.

Parker: Didn’t get his jumper going early, had a couple turnovers. Not good. C

DeRozan: 20 points, 4 rebounds and all in rhythm. No ball hogging, no selfish play. Had a nice jumper going, a couple good leaners in the paint, good ball-handling and most of all, very confident in his approach to the game. He looks like a 7-year veteran out there. A.

Thanks for swinging by.

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