Roll Call

Roll Call Oct 15 vs Rockets

The ‘shouldn’t we be beating teams like these’ edition.

Banks – as badly as we played, he is in midseason form: DNP-CD.

Bargnani – played well, not great. His long range game was off, but he looked like he was trying to concentrate on his spot on the floor a bit too much. But, better now than later. Highlight of the night for him was a trailing three and a buzzer beater at the end of the 1st.

Belinelli – at times you would need a spotlight to find him, but that’s his game. Took some guys off the dribble, flashed to the basket, looked for his teammates. This was an Anthony Parker performance if ever there was one.

Bosh – his first back-to-back, and it showed. Got to the line, but his shots from the field were off. He was getting beat by guys he should have owned and he didn’t talk almost the entire game. Not good.

Calderon – 3ast and 8pt from your starting PG who, six games into the preseason, should be starting to get into rhythm. Jose has about as much rhythm and balance right now as a 600lb unicycle rider.

DeRozan – 21 minutes that may have showed you the type of player he is: a mediocre rookie. No highflying, no defending to make you stand up and take notice, and he has yet to gain any respect from anybody that matters. Still, it’s preseason and as long as he learns from these challenges, he’ll be fine.

Douby – going to bed tonight wondering how he should spend his (not so) well earned money.

Evans – faker.

Jack – aggressive, a talker, great job getting in his players ear…you know, kinda like a point guard. Not a great performance shooting the ball, but creating and finding his teammates gave him 9 asts in 27min. He needs to rely even more on his drive and kicks…oh and watch the turnovers.

Johnson – fantastic hustle against a team he is well suited to play. Try this on for size: 18min, 4of6, 7rebs.  Sure, 5 fouls, but he played with the intensity our starting five could learn from.

Nesterovic – shook the rust off around the basket offensively, but defensively he was about as useless as nipples on a kneecap.

O’Bryant – Dr.Hustle showing his stuff!!! MIP took a red-hot Pops and made him feel the pain. 9 points in 10 minutes and showing the passion that is NBA basketball.

Turkoglu- Wow. Either he has a mancrush on Battier and wanted to get lit up by him so Shane would leave him his hotel room key in the locker room, or his half closed eyes don’t have a great field of vision. You’re tired? From WHAT? If you can’t play 10min of NBA ball without getting lit up on every possession, you need more than rest. A completely pathetic performance and one that should be re-run all day tomorrow to motivate this team. 

Weems – this guy reminds me of a chinese buffet: going in you don’t know what’s in store, but if you are lucky it knocks you on your ass. Weems is a find for this team and is deserving of every minute he gets.

Wright – his XBOX Live onscreen name is:  PLSDNT4GETABOUTMEICANPLYD. We can only hope because, right now, this team can’t.

Driving The Bus:  Andrea Bargnani

Under The Bus:  Hedo Turkoglu

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