Raptors Roll Call Dec 15 vs Heat

The “to reply to this meeting request, click here” edition.

Banks – he may be unfairly ridiculed, given that he never complains about his role and comes ready to play. Problem is, his level of play isn’t at the NBA standard. If you are a PG on a team with only one other healthy PG and you STILL have guys the likes of Belinelli playing ahead of you in your spot, you must be a D-Leaguer.

Bargnani –  it’s the story of the disappearing halves again. Plays like a house on fire in the first, somewhat disappears in the second. While his shot was off, he persisted on the boards and didn’t turtle like the rest of his teammates. Best all around player tonight with some commendable defense.

Belinelli – well, thank the heavens for the invention of the free throw because Marco couldn’t hit a thing from the field tonight. I love how he is still confident enough to take his shots, because I have zero confidence they will ever go in.

Bosh – sure, you kept your PPG up, but your rebounding was atrocious and you let HO and Mr. Chuckles abuse you like you were the new nerd at an inner-city school. Is that skit on your DVD too?  We should never see a sub 5 rebound effort from you and yet lately it’s the norm. Pick it up.

Calderon – now that he has hit old age and his hip is acting up, he’s decided to look into buying one of these.

DeRozan – yes, he covered DeRozan. Yes, he’s a Lighthouse. Yes, he had little chance to come out of this looking good, but still, you have to be concerned with his body language and (to be frank) what appears to be an inability to think for himself. Enough with the “well, Triano must be telling him where to stand” bullocks. If your team is sinking, start creating!

Evans – had Jose over for the game tonight. Jose entertained Reggie with tales of Spain. Reggie nodded and smiled, completely lost after the first 4 words. Jose made Turron. Reggie ate it. Jose went to the washroom. Reggie hightailed it out of there. If you see a large man limping down Yonge Street, speaking in tongues, please call 222-TIPS. While waiting for the police to arrive, keep him talking…ask if he really is faking it.

Jack – just like breakfast at McDonald’s, nothing good lasts forever. An off night for our little warrior. He looked about as amused at himself as your brother when your mom dressed him up as Stephen Harper for Hallowe’en. You somewhat expected a night like this to happen for Jarrett, but it still hurt to look at it.

Johnson – continuing in the off-night department, Amir gave away as many points as he helped produce, and then some.  Just a brutal start to the night for him but I guess if Bosh is being abused, you can only assume Amir is going to be eaten alive.

Mensah-Bonsu – well, at least his headband matched his jersey.

Nesterovic – Rasho did more in 4 minutes than RapsFan would be able to do with Sofia Vergara in 20. Yes, garbage minutes, but still nice to see a player go out and bust his butt as opposed to resigning to the fact that the game is over.

O’Bryant – asked the front desk for a wake up call. They printed his career stats as a Raptor and gave them to him.

Turkoglu- he was tonight’s flavour of the day for Jay. Yanked after 4 minutes and re-inserted before the end of the quarter. Not sure you can do that with a guy that seems to need time to warm up. Certainly not a game to write home about, but I’m sure his mind was on tomorrow nights game. When you are trying to figure out how to spend $55million, it’s tough to focus on two things at once.

Weems – and here is the guy Jay threw in early off the bench. Good move considering how well he has played lately. While not up to those standards, he did play “okay”.  A few careless turnovers, but over the past few games with the extended minutes he has been a bit more under control. Earlier in the season I think he was overdoing stuff to try and impress. Now he has the opportunity to slow it down.

Wright – evidently when it comes to Wright, the house Jay keeps referring to is of the dog variety.  Maybe all that time Alvin Williams has spent cutting letters out of magazines to spell “Dear Jay, Number 21 sucks at everything he does. Please sit him. Sincerely, Boogie”, pasting them on a clipboard and leaving it under coach’s pillow has finally paid off.

Driving The Bus:  Andrea Bargnani

Under The Bus:  Marco Belinelli

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