Roll Call

Raptors Roll Call Jan 17 vs Mavericks

The “we LOVE when Jose and Jarrett play together” edition.

Banks – must have felt nice to get back on the floor, garbage time or not. Have to keep him active and game-ready if these trades happen.

Bargnani –  fairly quiet, well except for that hammer home, first half, but found his rhythm in the second. Defended better, used his quick release and put the nail in the Dallas coffin.

Belinelli – icky sicky. Chef Boyardee wrote him a sick note.

Bosh – well, if he wanted to show he’d rather play in Dallas than New York, Guess he let his game do the talking with Cuban in the house. 23/13, 6 trips to the line. Still, his 1st quarter was ugly. Jump shot after jump shot, horrible defending. Any time he saw Marion anywhere near him he seemed to turn into an Ex-Lax commercial and poop his pants.

Calderon – just call him Zippo because he fired his team up today. He produced what was almost a perfect second quarter, something we needed after a slow first. He appeared to have the Mavericks off guard right from the start, did a great job in trying to get Hedo going, made shots, drove to the hoop and didn’t give away the farm on defence. 15pts, 7 assists and only 1 turnover.

DeRozan – hit his jumpers with regularity, something we haven’t seen most of the year. Hope he doesn’t go all Vince-like with them, but also hope this opens the floor for him a bit to attack. For that to happen, though, Jay needs to call some plays for him.

Evans – in a just world, DeMar would use Reggie’s foot cast as a prop in the dunk contest.

Jack – the second half of the J&J connection that worked so well today. Jack shot 5 of 8 (including a sweet circus shot) and dished out 7 assists in the same playing time as his back up.  He played with his happy face today, a tell-tale sign as to the type of game he is going to have.

Johnson – The Amir Army can stand up and be proud today. He had a pretty emphatic block, played very well with 5 fouls, pulled down 8 boards and assisted (!) on Andrea’s dagger.  His effort was indicative of what the Raptors did as a team today.

Nesterovic – the only healthy Raptor to not see the floor. Yes, POB was above him on the depth chart. That’s kind of like being at a strip club for 4 hours and not being asked to go for a dance.

O’Bryant – he got ABSOLUTELY HAMMERED and the ref justifiably made the call. My man made one of two and will gladly surrender his sweat drenched jersey to the cold-water Tide gods for re-use on Tuesday.

Turkoglu- you know when you go to a party and it’s in full swing…everybody seems to be enjoying themselves, getting into it, making their own little mark on the festivities? Then you pan around and always see one or two people off to the side, keeping to themselves, trying to fit in but just not feeling it. Those there people are Hedo’s.

Weems – well, there had to be one bench guy that just didn’t pull their weight today. Sonny just seemed out of sorts and just wasn’t creative enough to get himself going.

Wright – textbook guy playing his former team game for him. You could almost feel that he wanted this win to show his old friends up and he, unlike Sonny, forced himself into the game. He even dished the ball to open guys and didn’t just heave up shots, playing with patience and within the team concept. Good game.

Driving The Bus:  Jose Calderon

Under The Bus:  Sonny Weems

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