Raptors Roll Call March 10 vs Kings

The “premature elation” edition.

The “premature elation” edition.

Banks – I was sending waves to Jay late 3rd to try and get Marcus to swap uniforms with somebody just to try and help stop the tidal wave.

Bargnani – those first few moments of the game were beautiful. Even if those could be stretched out to 13-17 minutes per game, like it seemed to be for awhile this season, we’d all be happy. Quite honestly he had me pumping my fists early with his rebounding and that sweet reverse layup. He was a lone, and I mean lone, bright spot tonight, as fleeting as it was.

Belinelli – again, obviously not a fan, but don’t you throw him out there in the second half to at least play catch-up? Sure, he might get burned defensively, but who didn’t tonight?

Bosh – pathetic. He made it look like the rim was like those you see in the fair at the CNE, you know the ones that are 30 feet in the air? Ended the night shooting 6 of 20, made not attempts at drawing contact to at least get to the line, and treated the term “rebound” like it was “your best offer in 2010 is coming from Sacramento”.

Calderon – honestly he needed to step up his defence to the 4-clap variety. It’s been a little while since my jaw dropped watching him play D, but tonight I have blood coming from my chin because it was continually hitting the table tonight. Udrih (!) just abused him and rather than try a little pay back by burning him on the other end by at least getting his teammates going, he ended the night with 1 assist. One.

DeRozan – continues to play slap happy when defending his man, but at least we only have another month or so of watching it and getting frustrated. Second night in a row, though, that saw him push the envelope a little offensively and he was actually rewarded with some play calls. For him!! Actually, that one rolling off the screen was nice and should become a staple.

Evans – a little better than the Lakers game. 11 minutes is probably a good amount of time for him. Use him is small spurts, have him lay a beating down, and bring him back to the bench to chew on some bark. 4 boards and perfect from the floor. Give the man a medal.

Jack – the epitome of the Raptors game tonight. Came out of the gates playing his usual game of picking his spots to do it himself or create for others. Second half it just all seemed to fade away. I’m beginning to think that as Jack goes, the Raptors go.

Johnson – it was like backwards day. Hit his free throws, but came up skunks on the boards and showed as much hustle as a bulldog in a greyhound race. An off night to say the least against a team I fully expected him to have fun playing against. I was well off.

Nesterovic – spared the humiliation. I’m sure he is probably the happiest guy on the bench because of it.

O’Bryant – he didn’t go to the game tonight. Evidently when he told his teammates he wasn’t going to be there, they decided that as POB goes, they go.

Turkoglu- well, consistency is one of the factors in being a memorable player in any sport. Hedo is an MVP when it comes to that trait. We’ve come to know what we will get: a lackadaisical effort played with a goofy grin and arms stretched out in disbelief. Bring back the mask and paint it something different every night just to add some spice to these games. He lead the team in rebounds with 7. Yes, more than any of our bigs. Yes.

Weems – while not his best game of the year, he at least showed some effort out there. He should never ever start again and tonight he showed why, as if we didn’t already know. When the starting unit is moving along like a truck stuck in mud, it’s a noticeable lift when Jay remembers he has a guy named Weems on the bench.

Wright – words can’t describe it. It’s like Kobe beat him so bad last night that rather than take his wallet, Bryant decided to take Antoine’s basketball ability. An O-fer from the field, disinterest defensively at times, and an embarrassment to headband wearing ballplayers everywhere.

Driving The Bus:  Andrea Bargnani

Under The Bus:  Chris Bosh

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