Raptors Roll Call March 22 vs Timberwolves

The “closer than it ever should have been” edition.

The “closer than it ever should have been” edition.

Banks – he has submitted a request to the league to change his number next season. One he has a better chance of remembering. Like 52.

Bargnani – on a day where he came out and said something that is just as bad as what Vince Carter was implied to have said, he actually put forth an effort. Who knew? Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like he took over the game, but he did enough to make himself relevant, which is something he hasn’t done lately.

Belinelli – who’d you rather: Marco or Delfino?

Bosh – a night of anothers….Another double double, another night of getting to the line, another game with 6 turnovers, another night of not being in tune mentally, another night full of jumpers, another game where it seems like only he and Jose speak on defence, and another day closer to a decision that all Raptors fans are waiting for.

Calderon – you have to think he feels like a security guard at the front doors of Best Buy at 5am on Boxing Day. He sees someone rushing at him and he feels his sphincter get tighter than Devlin’s hairdo. It’s a shame that his greatest shortcoming is something that hurts his team so much.

DeRozan – his game is ulcer-inducing. He started the night looking like he got off the bus from Carleton and took the floor with NBA players. Then he heated up a bit, played with some flare and helped his squad pull away a bit. It’s a maddening back and forth dance that he needs to work on in the offseason.

Evans – you don’t think the Philly fans are saying “we told you so”? You don’t think I’m going to say the same thing?  Unworthy of all the adoration shown him while he was injured and what you see now is what you’ll always get from him. Inconsistency and the ability to hurt the flow of the game just as much as he can help it.

Jack – I truly don’t think it matters if he starts or comes off the bench…..I just think he goes through spurts of good games. He had another one tonight, giving us 9 and 8 in 24 minutes. He didn’t force anything, he was talking up a storm and he had a little clapping moment to “Under Pressure” toward the end of the game. Put a party hat on him and he can entertain your kids at the next sleep over.

Johnson – anybody else catch him yawning like he hadn’t slept in a week before the game started? That was Andrea-esque, as was Amir’s game tonight. Lacklustre for most of his 10 minutes, his only redeeming quality was his ability to give us some second chance opportunities. 

Nesterovic – you know you’ve fallen out of the rotation when you couldn’t get a sniff against the type of players you are in the league to face up against: lumbering white guys.

O’Bryant – tuck your shirt in and add some colour to your wardrobe. Maybe even a handkerchief. If you are getting paid to show up in a suit, do it and do it well.

Turkoglu- he gets in more trouble early in the night than a 16 year old boy left alone for the weekend with open access to his dad’s plasma tv, porn collection, alcohol and full access to Chat Roulette. Sure, Hedo picked up his usual 2 quick fouls (6 minutes for those of you keeping track) but his second half was one made of summertime dreams. He became a playmaker, he cut down on his whining to officials and he secured this victory. He defended well, hit some clutch shots and back in Toronto his wife took to their balcony and bellowed “See, I TOLD you he could do it!  Now, bring me some revani to celebrate!”

Weems – I must say that his game tonight was what I expected of DeRozan coming into this year. He made things happen, he created and the Wolves looked like they had no idea what just hit them. Sonny’s energy off the bench tonight turned what was a brutal start by the Raptors into something worth watching.

Wright – and the same can be said for him. In early for a foul happy Hedo, he replaced Hedo’s sluggishness with some heart and hustle. It was a rallying type of performance early and is exactly what we need from his role, especially in games like this that made me feel like I do when I’m told I have to hang with my 93 year old uncle for 8 hours.

Driving The Bus:  Andrea Bargnani

Under The Bus:  Reggie Evans

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