Raptors Republic Draft Party at Sports Centre Cafe

Join the Republic at Sports Centre Cafe on June 24th for the 2010 NBA Draft.

On June 24th the Raptors will make some moves, including drafting a new player. Come join us at Sports Centre Cafe near Yonge St./St. Clair Ave. starting at 6:30PM to watch the action. We’ll give away some RR swag and other prizes as you’ll be on the clock with each pick right up till the end of the first round. If you call the picks right, you’ll be getting stuff, if you call them wrong, you’ll still probably get stuff, just not the good kind. I mean, we can’t be giving you free t-shirts if you pick Eric Bledsoe to go #2, right? There’s also trivia contests and the classic Raptor Fan Friday games of Who Dat B? and Who he play 4?. There’s more information here, also don’t forget that we’ll have a live blog on the front page of RR starting at 6:30PM. There’s also Twitter and Facebook which will be updated very frequently throughout the night.

See you there. Oh yes, there will be beverages!

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