This Chris Bosh Hate is Out of Control

Two days until the ball drops, and all I hear between each rumor is utter hate and contempt towards Chris Bosh for a decision he hasn’t even made yet. The joke is that if you have been listening closely for the last few years, you knew we were going to chase him out of town regardless of what he decided to do.

Three years ago, Bosh signed a short term deal for a couple reasons:

  1. His people knew that with the CBA coming up, he would be in line for the last of the truly max contracts teams would be doling out until the next CBA comes up for negotiation.
  2. He didn’t want to be locked into a long term contract with a team who might have different goals than he does.
  3. He wanted flexibility.

No different than what any of us do when we negotiate with a company for a job; we want to be in the best situation possible. Sadly, Bosh is being dragged through the mud worse than VC and T-Mac were, and for what? The guy wants to play for a championship calibre team. He doesn’t like the direction this team is heading in? He wants to live in warmer weather?

In his exit interview he said he wants to stay but needs BryCo to give him a reason too. Up until this point though, what compelling reasons were given to him? Sure BC rolled the dice and brought in JO and Hedo, but to what effect? History has shown that this organization hasn’t been able to make the right decisions, and surround Bosh with the right talent. What is going to change all of a sudden to make things right? One of these gambles actually pays off? Seriously?

Let me ask you this: if your boss gave you a hockey stick and a fax machine, and told you to catch an elephant, what would you do?

Run; the answer is to run hard and fast.

Granted he might not have handled the situation very well, but this is a no win situation for him; he has a million mics in his face, being asked a million questions (all the same one though), and we throw him under the bus for saying how attractive it would be to play with Wade and/or LeBron to compete for championships. I know I would rather go elsewhere and play with Wade and LeBron than stay in Toronto and play with Hedo and Bargnani, wouldn’t you?

Beasley and Bargnani is something that makes you excited for the future of this team? Amir Johnson…?

So before you spit fire at Bosh, remember that he plays ball with the people he is told to play with, coached by people he is told to listen too by an ownership group that may not have winning a championship as their first priority. Winning starts from the top, the Lakers and Celtics have shown us that.


Congratulations to Sam Mitchell for landing an assistant-coach gig in Jersey under Avery Johnson. Will be great to have him on the sidelines again.

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