Amir Johnson Signed

The Toronto Raptors and Amir Johnson have come to an agreement on a 5 year, $34million contract that will be consummated on July 8th (when contracts can be officially signed). This move will come to delight of many of us who are big fans of the kid.

You have to love that he was making omelets in the morning, and putting the final touches on a big contract in the afternoon. This will probably mean the end of Rasho Nesterovic and Patrick O’Bryant in Toronto, since we also grabbed Davis and Alabi in the draft.

This deal also provides a bit of insurance in the event that Bosh lands elsewhere (you do have to take the fact that the Miami rumours weren’t such a slam-dunk since nothing happened on the first day of free agency); although Amir will have to show that he can consistently play 30+ minutes a night without being hindered by foul trouble. I like this move a lot since you can never have enough young/long/athletic bigs who are aggressive in and around the basket, congrats kid, make us proud.

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