Toronto Raptors Roll Call vs Bobcats Nov 10

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The “worst team in the East” Edition.

Alabi: I miss Patrick O’Bryant.

Andersen: Would have won the game if he played, I have to believe.


Barbosa: Could have used his ability to break down defenders off the dribble and on the break, but injuries finally caught up to him.

Bargnani: 23pts 9rebs, Mohammed really had no chance. Good to see him with a solid performance in multiple facets of the game. The team looked away from him when he was hot early, and he got stripped like a working girl with the team down three, and seconds left in the game by Stephen Jackson, but he should have been getting that ball on a pick-n-pop situation. Got no hate for him tonight.

Calderon: Led a solid charge off the bench, and it was the right decision to have him finish the game out. Has great chemistry with Johnson, which is reason enough to have him coming off the bench (while Johnson is on the bench at least). He didn’t shoot the ball well at all, but was key cog in the Raptor bench outscoring the Bobcats bench 49-30.

Davis: Seemed to be spaced out at the end of the bench. Would be nice to see him sitting closer to the coaches and getting some tips and direction, that you know, he could use when he gets back from injury.

DeRozan: Didn’t take a shot and missed both his free throws in the first half. Not much better in the second half, but Triano deemed him fit to finish out the game. I can’t explain it either.

Dorsey: …I got nothing here.

Evans: God bless him; played well before leaving with an injury. Could have done without the field goal attempts, but the man’s entitled to a few every once in a while.

Jack: Last I checked, the point guard is supposed to get the ball to the right guy, at the right time for the best chance at a basket. While he put up a pretty good stat line, his impact on the game was the opposite of his box score; for me anyways. Far too often I was shaking my head in silent disgust. He looked off Bargnani a couple times in the first half when the Italian was hot; and was generally sloppy when he needed to be on the ball. *sigh*

Johnson: Good things happened when he plays with his head. Didn’t pick up any cheap fouls which allowed him to be aggressive in the right spots. For those who are counting, this is his 4th solid game in a row; I’m downplaying because I don’t want to jinx anything.

Kleiza: Really?

Weems: Played a solid first half, and should have played ALL of DeMar’s minutes in the second. Finished big on breaks, but most impressive scored 20 points on 12 shots. 12 GOOD shots. I’m not used to seeing that, and I hope it continues. Easily his performance of the season.

Wright: Last season we had Antoine Wright, this year we have his taller, more athletic and less prone to taking bad shots alter ego Jullian. His hustling produces good results: does the dirty work and actually is a pretty good defender. This kid is quickly earning himself more minutes.

Driving The Bus: Weems

Under The Bus: Kleiza

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