Toronto Raptors Roll Call vs Celtics Nov 21

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The “somewhere Arsenalist just died a little” edition:

Barbosa: Tasmanian Devil. A welcomed return, especially given the depleted ranks. Played well, too. Anybody else wonder why his “really bad” injury wasn’t really bandaged up?

Bargnani: Foghorn Leghorn. Big, proud and sometimes difficult to understand. Face it, coming in you thought KG would bend Bargs over, draw a smiley face on his ass, and toss him on a parade float. Instead, for the times they were matched up, Andrea played Garnett better than Bosh ever did. That said, a disappointing game until the 4th. He had the shots, they just weren’t falling early, but they did late. He found his aggressiveness and used it.

Calderon: Porky Pig. Tries hard to get his point across, always feels slighted, rarely wins the battle. I’m torn on his game today. I want to like him (especially now since he’s our last hope) but some bad turnovers, and he didn’t show the initiative to really engage his teammates. Also felt he looked for his own shot way too much. It looked good today since the team seemed to click, but I don’t credit Caldy for that.

Davis: Daffy Duck. Still not ready for primetime and nobody knows what to expect.

DeRozan: Sylvester the Cat. Shows a lot of pride in himself, almost getting cocky. Didn’t play aggressively, didn’t get to the foul line, was mediocre on defence. If Jose is supposed to be a better fit for the Young Gunz, DeMar’s performance today didn’t show it.

Dorsey: Cecil Turtle. Never heard of him? Perfect.

Evans: Elmer Fudd. I live to hear either one of them talk and also live to watch either one of them stick their enemy on their ass. His energy was infectious in the second quarter and rallied this team back from an expected slow start. He took on all comers, hit a jumper or two, and pulled down boards like he was renovating a house.

Johnson: Henery Hawk. A diminutive, naïve troublemaker that is no real threat. Most of the time. Today, however, he took full advantage of knowing he’d be out there and earned a solid 2% of his yearly salary. He took DeMar’s absence at the FT line to heart and got there himself, knocking them down like they were nothing. Especially at the end. 🙂

Kleiza: Yosemite Sam. He has the firepower and isn’t afraid to use it. An off game for him statistically and on the floor. As well as we played, if we had the usual effort from Linas, we would have run away with the game.

Weems: Road Runner. Sometimes teases, sometimes just rips your heart out. Like Linas, an off game (again making me question the Jose-is-better-for-these-guys argument) but he did what some say he should do: try to shoot yourself out of your funk. The legend died a little today though.

Wright: Sam Sheepdog. Rarely is active and tends to be sedentary.

Driving The Bus: Andrea Bargnani

Under The Bus: Linas Kleiza

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