Raptors Boxing Day Blowout!!!

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This time of year, it’s Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, the last day of school, and New Years Eve that get all the love. But I say screw that. Boxing Day’s my sh*t.

It’s when we abandon the obligatory forced family funbarassment and embrace our true animal instincts… to hunt and gather. Hunt for lowest price on electronic toothbrush. Gather electronic toothbrush, put in basket. Hunt. Gather. Encino Man would fit right in. It’s tradition in my family to head to the big box stores – not to buy anything, but just to watch people behave like all sorts of maniac. It’s like the Running of the Bulls without the bull… the Running of the Fat Housewives. It’s amazing watching people scramble around like the last scene of Unglorious Basterds, because if they don’t save $20 on a new GPS, then they’ll be lost forever. Leaving a Boxing Day sale empty-handed is truly a tragedy of Shakespearian proportion.

My love for Dec. 26th runs deeper than watching people put the “boxing” in Boxing Day on the 6PM News. I enjoy the simple marketing strategy: limited time lower prices aimed to motivate a buyer to pull the trigger on a transaction they’re considering.

I think the Raptors could benefit from this type of flash sale. It’s no secret we have some pieces on the trading block, and a Boxing Day Blowout could really incite other franchises to step forward and make an offer. Peja and Reggie’s expiring contracts will be in high demand come the trade deadline – as will some of our other players that could add depth to a contending team. What if Colangelo put out a press release announcing our Boxing Day Blowout, and let teams that are serious about making a deal do so at a lower price? Maybe cut the cash considerations, that 2nd round pick in 2015, or something like that? There’s nothing like a countdown to kickstart a negotiation. And who wants to be a part of those sleepless nights and backroom brawls at the trade deadline anyway? Not me. I’d rather be sitting in my glass office, sipping a nice scotch as I watch the other 29 teams fight it out for the bargain of the season. Imagine we did this with Chris Bosh last year. Think we’d still end up with nothing? Not likely. Because a slightly discounted superstar is still a superstar, just like a deal on an expiring contract is a deal worth strongly considering if you’re looking for cap space.

And so I turn to the Republic: What would you accept for Peja’s expiring contract today?

Happy Boxing Day! Hope you get away from the madness unscathed… with a PlayStation Move under your arm.


  1. Not sure exactly what I would want for Peja, but I know what I don’t want:
    1) Two players, 24+ in age
    2) One of the deals expire longer than 2011-12
    3) Even with the above two, picks are a must
    Otherwise let it expire (or buy it out) in this crucial off season (CBA)
    This is likely the best scenario.

  2. We haven’t even be able to use the TPE… which means they dump salary on us and take nothing in return. Why would somebody want to trade good players to pay 8 million to buy somebody out? Toronto isn’t the only team wielding a large TPE this season.

  3. Trade Peja for picks or promising and/or cheap young players, if you can’t get picks, let him expire. Trade Calderon for picks.

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