Sound-Off: Raptors 85, Grizzlies 96

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Raptors 85, Grizzlies 96 – Box Score



    • Rap fans are going to see this kind of games many times this season. As a fan, I am ok with that. What I can not put up with is the bad habits, these Raptors players are cultivating in the rebuild. A sudden increase of turnovers and terrible defense are habits you don’t want players to have in a rebuild. It might be time for Jay Triano to go.

      I am sure BC does not want to watch the embarassment and abomination on the court he has assembled. Even Bargs is feigning knee injuries when he has been durable for how long? to avoid playing with this shitty team.

      Get a coach with good basketball fundamentals(Jeff Van Gundy might just be the right option, Paul Silas is another) to remove the bad habits, these players have now(because if we are not careful, when we should be contending after making some top 5 picks(which we will likely have after some major sucking), we become Clippers North and lose the fanbase(although the fans could be suckers for pains and losses a la Maple Leafs fans)). ‘Nuff said.

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