Sound-Off: Raptors 91, Bulls 111

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    • He was also the leading point scorer and leading rebounder. I guess you also missed the fact that the wings (Deng) and PG (Rose) were blowing by our wings. That must be Bargnani’s fault to.

      • I’m so sick of these idiots. First game back and only Raptor who actually looked like he had talent besides Amir and the first thing this guy posts is something negative about Bargnani. Amazing he did not take the time to mention how brutal Kleiza was or how DeRozan drives into walls and turns the ball over 5 times forcing his own offense. These supposed fans are brutal and quite frankly it’s sickening!

        • I agree and its probablly why I won’t bother with this site. No mater what this guy does, even if he’s not playing, he gets trashed. Apparently its his job to lead the team in scoring and defend all 5 players on the other team along with lead the team in rebounding.

          • Of course it’s Bargnani’s responsibility to cover every man on the floor, because the wings and guards torched us tonight and they are his men, because our wings must have been guarding Boozer and Thomas since they scored 14 points combined. This site has gotten ridiculous and there are very few fans left here, or at least they don’t post very often because 80% voted that the offense should go through Bargnani, while somehow 20% think the offense should go through DeRozan even though cannot dribble for his life, has a very poor jump shot and forces most of his offense.
            Not even worth arguing with these idiots, likely would also watch last nights World Junior hockey game and only look for the missed checks etc..
            Eternal pessimists!

            • Yeah I noticed that poll as well, along with the one about whether or not we’re a better team with Bargnani in the lineup, and both times the vote was around 80-20. The comments on this site are often terrorized by the minority who like to refer to themselves as “experts” who hold the secret to building a championship team. It makes you wonder why with all this wealth of basketball knowledge at their disposal that no team in the NBA has employed them by now.

              • For what it’s worth, I voted that the Raptors are a better team with Bargnani.

                But, my vote was assuming we’re talking about a Raptors team as it’s currently constructed. It’s obvious to anyone watching this team, that we’re a much tougher team to defend with Bargnani in the lineup (without any other personnel changes to the roster).

                But when I speak about rebuilding and/or trading Bargnani, it’s with the assumption that Bargnani’s only strength (offense) is replaced through free agency/trades/draft. There are a LOT of players who can put up 20 ppg taking 17 shots a game (and I mean a lot!). But defensive minded players are much harder to come by.

                Whether the centre position is considered the most “defensive responsible” position is debatable. But I definitely believe it is. Thus, having a centre who has shown us a proven inability to learn defensive concepts, is a HUGE problem if our goal is to one day become a top 4 team in the East with consistency. That’s why Bargnani is evaluated/critiqued with a much keener eye than any other player on this team.

    • I thought it would take till at least comment #20 for somebody to bust that stat out.

      I’d like the NBA to publish a stat which is the inverse of the +/-. I want to know how the Raptors fared in the minutes that Bargnani didn’t play in this game. For this one, I did the math and it went like this:

      17-16 out
      22-21 in
      39-48 out
      41-59 in
      53-74 out
      65-77 in
      76-98 out

      By my math, that adds to a +2.

      For DeRozan:

      18-18 out
      27-29 in
      36-46 out
      41-59 in
      83-104 out

      That adds to -9.

      I suppose you can say that the team did worse when DeRozan was out than Bargnani.

      I watched this full game, and other than a few second half defensive plays, I have little complaints about Bargnani’s D in this one. The Bulls just happen to be hot when he was in, I don’t think correlation means causality here.

      • You’re right it’s just numbers because Bargnani played pretty good defense but the Bulls torched us at times from the wings. He cannot cover the whole freakin team

        • And Askic muscling him down low and dunking on him was DeRozan’s man? Or maybe the and-1 with the weak foul attempt shortly thereafter? Outside of Amir quite honestly I didn’t see too many good performances out there but because Andrea scored some points don’t confuse it for good defence. If you were watching close-outs, and rotations things didn’t look so hot. I could live with some of these things if it weren’t for the ‘fake’ attempts at shot blocking helping those same very wings that are driving to the rim. In case you are not sure of what I am referring to the next time Demar or Bayless or whoever gets beat going to the rim watch Andrea angles of pursuit and how he is trying to contest these players shots, it’s comical. Use some fouls big guy!

          It’s not his fault they are getting by their man but as the last line of defence there is no last line on this team.

    • TS% is a much more accurate measure of efficiency and Bargs’ was 56% in this game. Subtract that halfcourt heave at the buzzer and it goes all the way up to 59%.

  1. Great recap, thanks for that! Just gotta say the audio levels going up and down were a bit distracting though – probably looking up and down from notes or something…

    • Thanks for the feedback, those will be fixed next time. Just trying out different ways to use this service.

    • Or are they showcasing Demar for a trade … and hiding Weems???

      Raps are currently the 7th team from the bottom of the entire NBA … only 6 teams with worse records. Is BC aiming for higher draft picks or is he in panic mode now??

    • +1. Rose is a nightmare when youre 100% healthy, nevermind when you’re clearly hobbled. He sacrificed everything for the team tonight. Very gutsy effort and a total steal.

      • Gotta say it’s a very underrated move. Same with the Delfino/Ukic for Amir/Weems deal. Sure we can rip apart Weems’ game, but considering he’s essentially replacing Ukic’s seat on the roster, it’s a steal as well.

    • Actually, if you want to get technical, we’re 10-18 with Bargnani, and 1-5 without.

      Based on this reasoning, Bargnani has as much impact on this team’s win-loss record as Alabi (in other words, none at all)…

    • 10 and 18 is a winning percentage of 36 percent. 1 and 5 is a winning percentage of 17 percent. Thats a 20% improvement dumbass.

      Also, just to clarify, I don’t believe in these stupid stats, however since people on this site like to throw around numbers to trash Bargs, I like to throw it back in their faces.

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