Toronto Raptors Roll Call vs Wizards Jan 15

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The “that stung a little” edition:

Alabi: he has a better chance of cracking the Caramilk secret than he does of cracking the lineup.

Barbosa: gone for a little while as he nurses more injuries than a Falcons fans ego.

Bargnani: tepid is a word that can be used here. He had the energy of peat moss for most of the game and showed the strain of a back to back. What happens when this happens? You lose to a bad team.

Bayless: looking sharp in that suit. Only things missing were a stogie and Jay Z.

Calderon: a rebound shy of a triple double, he performed the basketball equivalent of a virtuoso performance. He was finding people as easily as hookers find marks outside a strip club.

Davis: if you are a Raptors fan, you are gushing about this guy to everybody you know. He looks 16, plays like a college senior, and will be an allstar in 5 years. Tonight featured Edward everywhere on the floor, but especially under the basket. The ball is finding its way into his hands and he quickly makes haste.

DeRozan: you know those days where you wake up, you feel well rested, you hit work or school and it seems easy with everything thrown your way in that you feel like you don’t have to give effort, yet it still feels successful? Well, DeMar did not have one of those days. To say his game was the equivalent of bad sushi is an insult to sushi.

Dorsey: stapled to the bench. God is good.

Evans: you hear that rumbling? He’s on his way.

Gaines: Dorothy showed tonight that you don’t have to know a teams plays inside out to be effective. Either that or he showed that the Raptors simply have no plays. Either way, he did a passable job in running the show while Jose grabbed some air on the sidelines.

Johnson: he’s like an omelette. One time you have it and it seems bland and unfulfilling. Then you don’t experience it for a while, come back to it and it kicks your ass. Amir has been that way for a few weeks now: he is playing like a professional ball player, not some guy that happened to walk into the gym and ended up playing with elite athletes. Another hard working effort from him tonight.

Kleiza: substandard and not at all as advertised at the beginning of the season. If the NBA were Walmart, we’d be asking for a refund.

Stojakovic: gutless.

Weems: hope he is saving his money because the lockout next season may be the beginning of the end for Mr. No Talent.

Wright: had his stamp on the game with some hard nosed defence, but unfortunately his teammates let him down by not emulating his efforts. Has to be frustrating and make for a long flight.

Driving The Bus: Jose Calderon

Under The Bus: DeMar DeRozan

Game Theme:


  1. you can’t ask for more from a team with a depleted team – evans, bayless and barbosa out.
    your vets – bargnani and calderon perform well after a back-to-back and your rookie davis stepping up. but your two wing guys – derozan and kleiza underachieve (again). that’s unacceptable. if atleast one played well the raps would have won.

    can’t rely on lady luck (or gaines desperation shot à la mo pete).
    you need to work hard, consistent and smart on the road even against bad teams.
    these guys frustrate me.
    looking forward to the deadline.

    good night, raps republic.

    • The wing play has been the biggest issue with the Raps ever since Vince and Tracey left. Demar may very well be able to develop into an elite G, but he has a long way to go. That is why in the upcoming draft I hope the Raps can get either a srtrong wing player or an elite PG of the future.

      • DD for Majo now! than later ! If only there is a chance…I don’t believe in the draft, take to long with Majo e Bargnani and Calderon we are already half way instead …a center and maybe if we could help the Knicks to get Melo and trying to lure Gallinari…we need someone on the 3 (enough already with Kleiza!) ok the international fobia would spread on the forum but we would be ok even with Evans and davis I don’t get it we are not that far away to make some noise , Bargs even in a day like today can score 25 with extra help and some defense we will be ok….I’m too optimistic?

        • Actually I agree with you, we’re not that far away from improving this team significantly. I would love Mayo in a Raps uniform, however I dont think the grizzlies would do a straight up one for one with Demar. I also have to agree with you about Kleiza, he just isnt what I thought he would be.

          • They might if they watch only the highlights! but I don’t really know the contract condition ect.
            for me if you can use …Miami pick, Kleiza,Peja contract , TPE, DD , for Majo and Gallinari and stuff I do it now !
            I don’t believe that BC with all this assets is thinking to wait the end of the season and force us to watch a team without wings play and defense !
            leave Melo goes to New York with D’Antoni they won’t win anyway ..I rather see him going there than to the Nets!

  2. I can’t say this one hurt more then the last 3. This team is lacking in depth, and on a back to back, with the team arriving at 3 am I’m not that surprised. The most disappointing thing about these last few loses is their late game execution. Once again, late in a close game, I have no idea what the team was trying to accomplish and can’t begin to understand the play calling.

  3. i was there, one of the only raps fan and i gotta say, it was pretty heartbreaking.. we need kleiza off the court.. especially when bargs is out there, some of the lineups triano throws out there are so unsynchronized.. calderon looked great… where was stojakovic?

  4. Don’t know what the f#ck you were talking about in DD and AJ roll calls…ever heard of KISS…keep it simple stupid!

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