Yes way, Jose

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Football has the quarterback; in basketball, the floor general is the point guard. Their involvement and importance in the success of a franchise cannot be overstated. Our hometown heroes  have never been particularly blessed at this position, and no doubt our lack of playoff pedigree can be viewed as a consequence.

Who’s the best Raptors PG ever? Most will look at his ROY trophy and Nike campaign and say Damon Stoudamire. Others will remember the stepback crossover, heart of a warrior, and endearing nickname and say Alvin Williams. But there’s a very convincing argument to be made for the man currently running the show, Senor Jose Calderon.

Ocho’s career with the Raptors started like a car stuck in neutral before he became a fan favourite as one of the NBA’s most stable and productive backup. It was Jose’s 2008-2009 season that took him from “the animated Spaniard with the adorable lisp” to “ a legitimate starter on any NBA team”. With TJ “Takin’ Jumpers” Ford finally out of our hair, Jose was given the reigns – and he didn’t disappoint, opening eyes across the L and giving every YMCA baller in TO a gesture to make after knocking down a three.

  • 68 games played (career high)
  • 49.7% FG
  • 40.6% 3PT
  • 98.1% FT (career high, NBA record)
  • 12.8 PTS (career high)
  • 8.9 AST (career high)
  • 2.9 REB (career high)
  • 1.1 SPG (career high)
  • 2.1 TO (career high)

That’s .3 away from the 50-40-90 club, which is harder to get into than the Stonecutters. But one season doesn’t make you the man.  That’s when we crack open the Toronto Raptor record books. A quick glance only strengthens his case.

#3 Games Played – He’ll be #2 by season’s end, passing Alvin Williams

#8 Points Scored – He’ll be #7 by the end of the month, passing Damon Stoudamire

#1 Assists – Calderon’s notched nearly 1000 more assists than #2, Alvin Williams (and counting)

#1 Most Assists in One Game –  #1 (19,tied w/Stoudamire). He’s also #3 (17) and #4 (16)

#1 Consecutive FT’s Made – 87

#1 AST/TO ratio – 5.38 to 1

Who owns the point-guard categories? Ocho does. Who’s he passing on the games played and points scored lists? Williams and Stoudamire. Even on a bad team with only three true horses in the race, that’s a pretty impressive resume.

Sure, dectractors will say he’s slow, injury prone, and a pig farmer (yup). But in my eyes, he’s also the best point guard in Raptors history.


  1. Jose is efficient and makes those around him better. Two of the most important qualities of a PG. It’s nice not to have constantly defend him.

  2. LOL Jose is terrible.. Only homer Raptor fans or the majority of Toronto’s fan base who have no clue about basketball would agree with this article

  3. Jose is worthless, get out of here with these useless statistics, he doesn’t make anyone better, and his defense is unbearable to watch. On offense he gets a lot of easy assists cause the young guys hustle and run the floor. eg. Derozan, Amir, Weems

    • Yes calderon do get easy assist. he is also going to get all the bennifits. Its harder for African American player to recieve credit because they a capabale of performing at a higher level. J.Johnson is averaging Turk numbers plus block shots and rebounds. yet triano plays with his minutes.
      The Raptors awilling to muck up this whole organization for 2 career average 12 pt and 11pt players.
      If calderon have 1 good game in toronto in erases the 6 or 7 straight game where he went 11 for 67 or so.

      As long as we keep padding bargnia and calderon stats, winning will be harder and harder to achieve

  4. Jose is terrible, Jose is worthless and Jose blows. Wow. Jose is a legit starter in the NBA if you can’t see that it’s too bad.

  5. Jose is a legit starter in the NBA? What the hell? Jose is one of the worst starting PG’s in the entire NBA.. THE WORST, In Fact its hard to think of any that are better.. Come up with a list of point guards that are better…. YOU WON’T

  6. I totally disagree with this article, I respect him as a player and he puts in effort night in night out, but he is soooooo inconsistant and a turnstile on D… Alvin Williams and Damon by far blow him out of the water. BOOO Jose blows.

  7. its NO way JOSE. I was at the Miami game and i cant help but get squeemish when he fell on the floor and his ankles broken by mario chalmers in that last heat game! wow havent you figured it out yet? Jose plays for his own individual stats!! The team isnt better at ALL when he plays! 7 straight losses and counting.. Sure he takes care of the ball but even then….turnovers are getting worse…even his free throws arent so great anymore…I remember when he was a near perfect one season, now its like what are you doing Jose!! You keep starting Jose and this will be another straight no show to the playoffs! its all about the Guard…good teams have good guards. Jose is ok….as a back up! he cleans things up but I dont see him as the nucleus of the team…or ANY team Sorry, he looks silly on the floor compared to other nba starting guards…still very slow, no creativity and no defense. Everyone loves to drive into Jose because all they say is …its just Jose.

    • The year where Jose was shining was the year they were not playing this style of basketball. When Jose was forced to change up his style was when Marion came into the picture. Now they play an uptempo offence which will create more turnovers than playing half court. I agree some turnovers are unforced but for the most part, he takes care of the ball He should get more assists if his teammates would execute better.

      Alvin had a better talented team to work with and better coaching IMO. Damon was the offence. You didn’t see him flourish when he went to a different team. And he also admitted he should have stayed in Toronto.

      How is it that Jose can out do his co point guards not once but twice. That is something to be said.

      • “How is it that Jose can out do his co point guards not once but twice”

        A near career-ending injury that permanently affected injured player’s mental makeup (who was playing better than him prior to that point and was having a career game in the game he got injured in) and MJ taking his meds for the very first time.

        And Jose didn’t outperform Jack last year. Otherwise he wouldn’t have…lost his starting job to him…

  8. So if it’s not statistics, which clearly show his superiority, then what evidence do you give to suggest either Alvin OR Stoudamire? Can’t say it’s wrong without proving that you’re right.

  9. Jose sucks.. the Toronto media.. always goes crazy over his assist to turnover ratio.. last time i checked that is the most overrated statistic ever.. not only that, but the majority of the best players in the nba.. go LOOK for yourself.. Lebron, Wade, Kobe, Westbrook, Nash, Amare, Rose, D12, Deron Williams, Durant all LEAD the league in turnovers.. so just throw that statistic out the window.. Also his defense is a joke, every and any guard can take him off the dribble without any effort, as he has no lateral quickness.. Our defense as a team is terrible with him and Bargnani on the floor.. go look at the OPP PPG allowed during those games they were out with injuries and then look at the last 10 games.. shouldn’t be surprising anyway. Long story short.. he sucks, we suck with him.. and if there was a team that wanted him we would have shipped it out already… Michael Jordan already said no thank you for his duties during the summer.. LOL worst contract ever.. he’s getting paid just as much as steve nash is.. jeez

    • I’d say protecting the ball is the #2 job of the point guard after distributing the ball. What would you judge a PG on?

  10. “Mr. 4th quarter” Alvin Williams. Jose is a pure passer and rarely turns the ball over, absolutely, but having watched both I’ll take Alvin without hesitation.

  11. Must be a slow day for fly bys. Good grief on the anti Jose venom. For all the erstwhile basketball talent evaluators, there is often a substantive correlation, at the nba level, between a player’s output and the team he is surrounded with (a complimentary player group). Put Jose on the Lakers or the Spurs or Magic or Heat etc and watch out on the assist numbers and defensive downsides. Definitely beyond the top 4-5 group but I suspect his contract has more to do with the slingshots here rather than the overall substance.

    • thats all it is…imagine if jose attcked the basket and played major minutes like other pg’s…he would easily drop 20 and 12 a night..get off his dick…nash never became who he was until he was 30 and had a legit coach

  12. Jose is the best we’ve ever had. I hope he plays out his contract in T.O. because he will get much beter in the next few years. His development is similar to Nash in that he is a late bloomer. Keep up the good work Jose!!!!

  13. People need to calm the hell down. I don’t care what his deficiencies are, he is not ‘worthless’. The worst PG? You’re trying to tell me the likes of Carlos Arroyo, Keyon Dooling, or Beno Udrih are all better than Calderon?

    A STAT PADDER? Jose Calderon? Seriously, people. He’s great on offence, shit on defence, and brings the effort night and and night out. He is what he is. And above that, he’s a class act. Yeah, he has a crapload of issues, but he is nowhere near ‘worthless’, nor does he ‘blow’.

    If his contract wasn’t what it was, we’d all be talking about what a great deal he is. And that’s BC’s fault, not Jose’s. Stop crapping on him for it. If you got offered 8 mil a year, would YOU say, “Oh, thank you Mr. Colangelo, but I know I have defensive problems so could you please only give me a 3-4mil/year contract?”

    I didn’t think so.

  14. lol jose is not better than T.J FORD, T.J would have been a way better PG if ti wasn’t for his injuries but overall talent wise and best PG i have to go with Damon oh yeah we almost got iverson almost had iverson damn it we could have had A.I

  15. I would say Jose is the 5th best point guard in Raptor History!

    Damon Stoudemire in the two seasons he played with the Raptors averaged 20 and 10, had absolute garbage players to play with, and managed to pull off a victory against the legendary chicago bulls dynasty team!
    Alvin Williams – Took us to the second round of the playoffs!
    T.J. Ford – Much better offense and defense and the two years with the Raptors he took us to the playoffs.
    Mike James – Statistically speaking in the one season he played for us.
    Then Jose Calderon by default! Other than his ability to take care of the ball, I think he’s useless! Ever since he took over the starting point guard role, we have been horrible and won’t ever make the playoffs with him at the helm!

    • Uh… where to start…

      Damon was a much better player, no doubt. But beating the Bulls one game doesn’t make you a legend.
      Alvin didn’t take us to the second round, Vince did.
      TJ Ford – Jose had better numbers as his backup than TJ did as a starter.
      Mike James is easily one of the worst PG’s we’ve ever had. Didn’t pass, took too many shots, too many TO’s.

      • uhhh…let’s see

        Alvin Williams 3 pointer took us to the second round of the playoffs and his defense in the knicks series!

        TJ ford was up against the league starters and was able to compete with them, hence we got into the playoffs. Jose had better numbers against other teams back up point guards that’s why his stats are insignificant!

        Damon Stoudamire will always be a much better point guard than jose even in his retirement age.

        mike james was shit, I will give you taht one.

        Jose did one thing good and that was make a lot of free throws. That’s it. He is an exceptional back up point guard, that’s it! taht is the only thing you have proven. As a starter he can’t stay healthy, doesn’t play defense, and with him at the helm the best we can do is clinch 9th place!

        Peace Up! you suck Dinosty!

      • “Damon was a much better player, no doubt. But beating the Bulls one game doesn’t make you a legend.”

        Disagree. That Bulls team is regarded by many as the greatest of all time. Only 9 teams beat the Bulls that season (think about that!); the Raptors had the worst record of all of them. And, if you watched that game, you know that Stoudemire was the only reason the Raps won. Well, that and Jordan’s jumper being slightly off…


  16. Oh.. What a honor it would be to have the Toronto Raptors retire your jersey LOOL.. Jose is BAD, can’t play defense, can’t create anything off the dribble.. can’t penetrate the lane.. only thing he is good at is shooting

  17. the assist mark is the best because he broke that record after becoming the starter for 1 year…thats all you need to know about jose…team first guy and i want him till he retires

  18. just cuzz the guy isn’t as flashy as rose,rondo,or paul doesn’t make him shit…you guys need to understand the position of a pg…being a former highschool pg i love the way jose runs the team…i get upset at times when he doesn’t attack but it doesn’t mean he’s shit

    • lol jose fanboy enough already you have him way to high on a pedastool or however you spell pedastool lol anyways I’m not saying he doesn’t bring the effort, but the inconsistancies throughout his careers are just too much to deal with, the injuries, he’s great off the bench but as a starter idunno… in his time as the “floor leader” how far have we made it in the playoffs? most of those stats are that way only becuase he’s been on this team so long… if Alvin didn’t get injured if Damon didn’t get traded they would have way more stats then him… now good for you we’re stuck with him because no team seems to want him and his horrible contract (not jose’s fault that finger I can point at BC) anyways that is all.

  19. the guy didn’t go to a big name school like the majority of players in the nba…he was an undrafted player who worked his ass off to get where he is today…guys like jose i give more respect to that the rest of the pussies in the nba

  20. Some of you guys really need to put the hateorade away for a second. Yes Jose isn’t the flashiest PG, or the one that relentlessly drives the lane, or the one that plays the best defence, but he’s easily a top-10 floor general in the league. The guy knows how to run his team. He knows where to get people the ball, he knows the right play to make and he knows what to take from the defence. Most importantly for a young, rebuilding team, he is a consummate professional who puts in the effort on both ends, plays largely mistake free basketball, and MAKES PLAYERS AROUND HIM BETTER. This is essential to the development of a young team!

    Also, it seems like he responds to criticism really well. First they said he couldn’t shoot, and he became a dead-eye shooter. Then they said he couldn’t play up-tempo or throw alleyoops, and he proved he could. Last season, they said he was a total pylon on defence, and this season he’s consistently proving his defence is not that bad. Statistically, almost every advanced metric has him among the top 5 raptors for productivity.

    At the end of the day, there’s a lot of things wrong with this team, but Jose is not one of them. He’s clearly been one of the more consistent and productive guys on the team this year.

  21. You know, I think it’s incredibly telling that the people who seem to completely disagree with the article do so in such a way that makes believe the article more and more. In my experience, if a person disagrees with someone by saying they, their opinion or the person or thing they are talking about “sucks”, then that’s a good indication that they really have no idea what the hell they are talking about.

    You might have a valid argument if you say you disagree with the article, but if you say that Calderon “sucks” or is “garbage” or some other unintelligible insult, you are pretty much admitting you are a moron.

    • Well said Tim. Calderon is coming into his own and he’s a point guard trying to make do with a young team. Just don’t understand why people say he’s totally garbage or can’t create off the dribble when you see all those high lights with him and Amir, or an alley oop to Demar. He would get way more assists if his teammates could consistently score. I would say Alvin would be no. 1 all time PG. Damon is a tie for no. 2 with Jose. Just cause Damon was the offence back then. Alvin had a better team to work with. Vince took them to the playoffs. You can’t say Alvin is in the same level as a Derrick Rose, but he was clutch in the 4th. You can’t use the argument that Jose sucks on defence either, cause the whole team sucks on D. It’s not just on one guy.

      I agree, some of the morons who post on here have no intellectual thought.

  22. Most games played
    (Correct as of 10 January 2011)
    Morris Peterson – 544[24]
    Chris Bosh – 492[25]
    Alvin Williams – 417
    Vince Carter – 403[26]
    José Calderón – 390[20]
    [edit]Most consecutive games played
    Morris Peterson – 371, between 12 February 2002 and 22 November 2006[27]
    [edit]Most minutes played
    (Correct as of 23 January 2011)
    Chris Bosh – 18,813[25]
    Morris Peterson – 16,059[24]
    Vince Carter – 15,408[26]
    [edit]Most minutes played in a game
    (Correct as of 9 January 2011)
    Vince Carter – 63, vs. Sacramento Kings, 23 February 2001[26]
    [edit]Most minutes played in a season
    (Correct as of 20 December 2010)
    Damon Stoudamire – 3311 (1996–97 season)[28]
    [edit]Highest minutes per game
    (Correct as of 25 December 2010)
    Damon Stoudamire – 41.0[28]
    Vince Carter – 37.5
    Chris Bosh – 37.0[25]
    [edit]Highest minutes per game in a season
    (Correct as of 23 December 2010)
    Damon Stoudamire – 41.5 (1997–98 season)[28]
    [edit]Most points scored

    Vince Carter was the first face of the Raptors franchise.
    (Correct as of 15 January 2011)
    Chris Bosh – 10275[25][29]
    Vince Carter – 9420[26]
    Morris Peterson – 6498[24]
    Andrea Bargnani – 4845[30]
    Doug Christie – 4448
    Antonio Davis – 3994[31]
    Damon Stoudamire – 3917
    José Calderón – 3852[20]
    [edit]Most points scored in a game
    (Correct as of 16 December 2010)
    Vince Carter – 51, vs. Phoenix Suns, 27 February 2000
    [edit]Most points scored in a season
    (Correct as of 29 December 2010)
    Vince Carter – 2107 (1999–2000 season)[26]
    [edit]Highest points per game
    (Correct as of 1 November 2010)
    Vince Carter – 23.4[26][32]
    Chris Bosh – 20.2[25]
    Damon Stoudamire – 19.6[28]
    [edit]Highest points per game in a season
    (Correct as of 21 December 2010)
    Vince Carter – 27.6 (2000–01 season)[26]
    Vince Carter – 25.7 (1999–2000 season)[26]
    Vince Carter – 24.7 (2001–02 season)[26]
    Chris Bosh – 24.0 (2009–10 season)[25]
    Chris Bosh – 22.7 (2008–09 season)[25]
    Chris Bosh – 22.6 (2006–07 season)[25]

    Chris Bosh is the former face of the Raptors franchise and holds almost all the rebounding records.
    [edit]Most rebounds
    (Correct as of 15 January 2011)
    Chris Bosh – 4776[25][33]
    Antonio Davis – 2839[31]
    Vince Carter – 2091[26]
    Morris Peterson – 2064[24]
    Charles Oakley – 1655
    Andrea Bargnani – 1643[30]
    [edit]Most defensive rebounds
    (Correct as of 16 December 2010)
    Chris Bosh – 3407[25]
    Antonio Davis – 1882[31]
    Andrea Bargnani – 1283[30]
    [edit]Most offensive rebounds
    (Correct as of 11 December 2010)
    Chris Bosh – 1369[25][34]
    Antonio Davis – 957[31]
    Vince Carter – 740
    Morris Peterson – 503
    Jerome Williams – 466
    [edit]Most rebounds in a game
    (Correct as of 17 December 2010)
    Donyell Marshall – 24, vs. Chicago Bulls, 17 February 2004[18]
    Chris Bosh – 22, vs. Philadelphia 76ers, 25 March 2005;[3] Reggie Evans – 22, vs. Philadelphia 76ers, 24 November 2010[35]
    [edit]Most rebounds in a half
    (Correct as of 27 December 2010)
    Reggie Evans – 15, vs. Philadelphia 76ers, 24 November 2010[35]
    [edit]Most rebounds in quarter
    (Correct as of 8 December 2010)
    Reggie Evans – 10, vs. Philadelphia 76ers, 24 November 2010[35]
    [edit]Most rebounds in a season
    (Correct as of 22 December 2010)
    Antonio Davis – 787 (2000–01 season)[31]
    Chris Bosh – 771 (2008–09 season)[25]
    Chris Bosh – 759 (2009–10 season)[25]
    Charles Oakley – 741 (2000–01 season); Chris Bosh – 741 (2006–07 season)[25]
    Chris Bosh – 718 (2004–05 season)[25]
    [edit]Highest rebounds per game
    (Correct as of 16 December 2010)
    Chris Bosh – 9.4[25]
    Antonio Davis – 9.2[31]
    [edit]Highest rebounds per game in a season
    (Correct as of 18 December 2010)
    Chris Bosh – 11.4 (2009–10 season)[25]
    Chris Bosh – 10.7 (2006–07 season)[25]
    Antonio Davis – 10.1 (2000–01 season)
    Chris Bosh – 10.0 (2008–09 season)
    Antonio Davis – 9.6 (2001–02 season)
    Charles Oakley – 9.5 (2000–01 season)
    [edit]Most assists
    (Correct as of 19 January 2011)
    José Calderón – 2667[20][36]
    Alvin Williams – 1791
    Damon Stoudamire – 1767
    Vince Carter – 1553
    Doug Christie – 1314
    [edit]Most assists in a game
    (Correct as of 19 January 2011)
    Damon Stoudamire – 19, vs. Houston Rockets, 27 February 1996;[28] José Calderón – 19, vs. Chicago Bulls, 29 March 2009[37]
    T. J. Ford – 18, vs. Denver Nuggets, 18 November 2006; T. J. Ford, vs. New York Knicks, 14 March 2007[38]
    José Calderón – 17, vs. Cleveland Cavaliers, 5 January 2011
    José Calderón – 16, vs. Houston Rockets, 3 March 2009
    [edit]Most assists in a season
    (Correct as of 19 January 2011)
    Damon Stoudamire – 709 (1996–97 season)[28]
    José Calderón – 678 (2007–08 season)[20]
    Damon Stoudamire – 653 (1995–96 season)[28]
    José Calderón – 607 (2008–09 season)[20]
    T. J. Ford – 595 (2006–07 season)[38]
    [edit]Highest assists per game
    (Correct as of 19 January 2011)
    Damon Stoudamire – 8.7[28]
    T. J. Ford – 7.0[38]
    José Calderón – 6.8[20]
    [edit]Highest assists per game in a season
    (Correct as of 19 January 2011)
    Damon Stoudamire – 9.3 (1995–96 season)[28]
    Mark Jackson – 9.2 (2000–01 season)
    José Calderón – 8.9 (2008–09 season)[20]
    Damon Stoudamire – 8.8 (1996–97 season)[28]
    José Calderón – 8.4 (2010–11 season)[20]
    José Calderón – 8.3 (2007–08 season)[20]

    Tracy McGrady was one of the premier shot-blockers for Toronto.
    [edit]Most blocks
    (Correct as of 10 January 2011)
    Chris Bosh – 600[25]
    Vince Carter – 415[26]
    Antonio Davis – 405[31]
    Marcus Camby – 360[39]
    Andrea Bargnani – 323[30]
    [edit]Most blocks in a game
    (Correct as of 1 Januar 2011)
    Keon Clark – 12, vs. Atlanta Hawks, 23 March 2001
    Jermaine O’Neal – 9, vs. Los Angeles Lakers, 4 February 2009
    [edit]Most blocks in a season
    (Correct as of 5 November 2010)
    Marcus Camby – 230 (1997–98 season)[39]
    Tracy McGrady – 151 (1999–2000 season);[40] Antonio Davis – 151 (2000–01 season)
    [edit]Highest blocks per game
    (Correct as of 4 January 2011)
    Marcus Camby – 2.9[39]
    Keon Clark – 2.0; Jermaine O’Neal – 2.0[41]
    Tracy McGrady – 1.4[40]
    [edit]Highest blocks per game in a season
    (Correct as of 17 January 2011)
    Marcus Camby – 3.7 (1997–98 season)[39]
    Keon Clark – 2.4 (2000–01 season)
    Marcus Camby – 2.1 (1996–97 season)[39]
    Jermaine O’Neal – 2.0 (2008–09 season)[41]
    Tracy McGrady – 1.9 (1999–2000 season);[40] Antonio Davis – 1.9 (2000–01 season)
    [edit]Most steals
    (Correct as of 2 January 2011)
    Doug Christie – 734[42]
    Morris Peterson – 552[24]
    [edit]Most steals in a game
    (Correct as of 2 January 2011)
    Doug Christie – 9, vs. Denver Nuggets, 25 February 1997[43]
    [edit]Most steals in a season
    (Correct as of 30 December 2010)
    Doug Christie – 201 (1996–97 season)[42]
    Doug Christie – 190 (1997–98 season)[42]
    [edit]Highest steals per game
    (Correct as of 3 January 2011)
    Alvin Robertson – 2.2
    Doug Christie – 2.1[42]
    [edit]Highest steals per game in a season
    (Correct as of 10 January 2011)
    Doug Christie – 2.5 (1996–97 season)[42]
    Doug Christie – 2.4 (1997–98 season)[42]
    Doug Christie – 2.3 (1998–99 season)[42]
    Alvin Robertson – 2.2 (1995–96 season)
    [edit]Field goals
    [edit]Most field goals made
    (Correct as of 3 January 2011)
    Vince Carter – 3541
    Chris Bosh – 3477[25]
    [edit]Most field goals made in a game
    (Correct as of 10 December 2010)
    Vince Carter – 20 vs. Milwaukee Bucks, 14 January 2000; Charlie Villanueva – 20 vs. Milwaukee Bucks, 26 March 2006
    [edit]Most field goals made in a season
    (Correct as of 25 December 2010)
    Vince Carter – 788 (1999–2000 season)[26]
    Vince Carter – 762 (2000–01 season)[26]
    [edit]Most field goals attempted
    (Correct as of 22 December 2010)
    Vince Carter – 7944[26]
    Chris Bosh – 7276[25]
    [edit]Most field goals attempted in a game
    (Correct as of 16 November 2010)
    Vince Carter – 36 vs. Philadelphia 76ers, 21 January 2001
    [edit]Most field goals attempted in a season
    (Correct as of 16 January 2011)
    Vince Carter – 1696 (1999–2000 season)[26]
    Vince Carter – 1656 (2000–01 season)[26]
    [edit]Highest field goal percentage
    [edit]Highest field goal percentage in a season
    [edit]Three point field goals

    Morris Peterson remains the most prolific three-point shooter for the Raptors.
    [edit]Most three point field goals
    (Correct as of 10 January 2011)
    Morris Peterson – 801[24]
    Vince Carter – 554
    Andrea Bargnani – 468
    Doug Christie – 431
    Damon Stoudamire – 374
    [edit]Most three point field goals in a game
    (Correct as of 7 March 2010)
    Donyell Marshall – 12, vs. Philadelphia 76ers, 13 March 2005
    [edit]Most three point field goals in a season
    (Correct as of 12 April 2010)
    Morris Peterson – 177 (2005–06 season)[24]
    Mike James – 169 (2005–06 season)
    Vince Carter – 162 (2000–01 season)[26]
    Donyell Marshall – 151 (2004–05 season)
    [edit]Most three point field goals attempted
    (Correct as of 18 December 2010)
    Morris Peterson – 2158[24]
    Vince Carter – 1445
    Andrea Bargnani – 1234[30]
    Doug Christie – 1213
    [edit]Most three point field goals attempted in a game
    [edit]Most three point field goals attempted in a season
    Damon Stoudamire – 496 (1996–97 season)
    Morris Peterson – 448 (2005–06 season)
    Walt Williams – 437 (1996–97 season)
    [edit]Highest three point percentage
    Jason Kapono – 0.447
    Mike James – 0.442
    Anthony Parker – 0.424
    [edit]Highest three point percentage in a season

    Jason Kapono holds the record for best three point percentage in a season.
    Jason Kapono – 0.483 (2007–08 season)
    Anthony Parker – 0.476 (2007–08 season)
    [edit]Free throws
    [edit]Most free throws made
    (Correct as of 12 January 2011)
    Chris Bosh – 2895[25][44]
    Vince Carter – 1784[26]
    Antonio Davis – 1156
    Morris Peterson – 1015[24]
    Doug Christie – 953
    [edit]Most free throws made in a game
    (Correct as of 7 March 2010)
    Vince Carter – 22, vs. Phoenix Suns, 30 December 2000;[1] Chris Bosh – 22, vs. Phoenix Suns, 22 December 2007[25]
    Chris Bosh – 19, vs. Charlotte Bobcats, 20 March 2009[25]
    [edit]Most free throws made in a season
    (Correct as of 22 November 2010)
    Chris Bosh – 504 (2008–09 season)[25]
    Chris Bosh – 474 (2005–06 season)[25]
    Chris Bosh – 472 (2007–08 season)[25]
    Chris Bosh – 470 (2009–10 season)[25]
    Chris Bosh – 463 (2006–07 season)[25]
    [edit]Most free throws attempted
    (Correct as of 13 January 2011)
    Chris Bosh – 3643[25][44]
    Vince Carter – 2277
    Antonio Davis – 1501
    Morris Peterson – 1298
    Doug Christie – 1166
    [edit]Most free throws attempted in a game
    (Correct as of 10 November 2010)
    Vince Carter – 27, vs. Phoenix Suns, 30 December 2000[1]
    Chris Bosh – 24, vs. Phoenix Suns, 22 December 2007
    Chris Bosh – 23, vs. Golden State Warriors, 4 April 2010
    [edit]Most free throws attempted in a season
    (Correct as of 20 December 2010)
    Chris Bosh – 617 (2008–09 season)[25]
    Chris Bosh – 590 (2009–10 season)[25]
    Chris Bosh – 590 (2006–07 season)[25]
    Chris Bosh – 581 (2005–06 season)[25]
    Chris Bosh – 559 (2007–08 season)[25]
    [edit]Highest free throw percentage
    José Calderón – 0.878
    T.J. Ford – 0.837; Mike James – 0.837
    [edit]Highest free throw percentage in a season
    (Correct as of 10 November 2010)
    José Calderón – 0.981 (2008–09 season)[20]
    [edit]Most consecutive free throws made

    José Calderón holds the records for most consecutive free throws made and highest assist-to-turnover ratio.
    (Correct as of 21 November 2010)
    José Calderón – 87[45]
    Chauncey Billups – 51[45]
    [edit]Lowest turnovers per game
    [edit]Lowest turnovers per game in a season
    [edit]Highest assist-to-turnover ratio
    [edit]Highest assist-to-turnover ratio in a season
    José Calderón – 5.38 to 1 (2007–08 season)[46]
    Muggsy Bogues – 5.07 to 1 (1999–2000 season)[47]
    [edit]Double doubles
    [edit]Most double doubles
    (Correct as of 14 April 2010)
    Chris Bosh – 238[48][49]
    Antonio Davis – 124[48][49]
    [edit]Most double doubles in a season
    (Correct as of 30 December 2010)
    Chris Bosh – 49 (2009–10 season)
    [edit]Franchise records for playoffs

    This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it.
    Unless otherwise stated, statistics/records are correct as at the end of the 2008–09 season.
    [edit]Most points
    Vince Carter – 385
    Antonio Davis – 321[31]
    Alvin Williams – 225; Chris Bosh – 225[25]
    [edit]Most rebounds
    Antonio Davis – 211[31]
    [edit]Most assists
    Chris Childs – 115
    Alvin Williams – 78
    Vince Carter – 75
    [edit]Most steals
    Vince Carter – 23
    Alvin Williams – 21
    [edit]Most blocks
    Antonio Davis – 31[31]

    • Jose career triple doubles = O

      Over. Rated.

      PGs are not rated by their stats or for TO ratio. They are measured by their ability to raise the teams level of play, when they suck. Jose has not, cannot and will not ever be able to do that. This is why no player he has played with has respected him… see Bayless rolling his eyes when Jose was doing his mime routine?

      • What a douchebag. Close your eyes and imagine Amir, DeRozan and Weems without Jose. This season he is doing his best impersonation of Steve Nash and people are silent about him. It must be the guilt syndrome after relentlessly bashing the guy. Had DeRozan, Kleiza, Wright and Weems shooting better he would have had the higher number of assists in NBA.
        The funny thing is that some fans want us to tank to draft Irving. Irving and any other drafted PG would do nothing to improve our defficiencies. Jose’s level of production is elite and he knows how to run a team: how many years would take for a new PG to learn that, if ever? He destroyed Wall and holds his head high with any other PG in the League. One can see the contrast between Jose and Bayless or Jack or TJ and he always comes on top. The Jose hate has been always very mysterious to me seeing how solid a player he is, how good a team player he is and how he loves and praise the city and the country. People pile on his defense: this is a League where Nash is two-time MVP and Parker is one-time finals MVP.
        I think Jose earned the right to play for a play-off team. I can see him with Atlan tamaking them better. Only then some people will realize what we are missing without him.

        • again you have proved why you are my fav person on this site…seems like your one of the only few who make sense on here

        • “Irving and any other drafted PG would do nothing to improve our defficiencies.”

          Ok, now you’re just being ridiculous.

          You are all REALLY ignoring Jose’s defense. His performance on the end alone and that alone is why I can never agree with the article. Since the Bayless trade, Jose’s minutes have gone up, and the D has gone way, way down. We’re last again, in fact. But that’s not important, Jose sets his teammates up. The real reason why we’re last again is because Reggie is gone. So what if Amir and Davis are much better defenders than him, he rebounds a lot plays with heart.

          Y’all bitch about the hating, but if the same article was made with TJ, you would probably be saying the same things. I don’t think Jose sucks or his worthless like those other posters do, I just don’t think he’s the best PG we’ve ever had…That thought is kind of depressing to me, tbh.

          I mean really though, you couldn’t expect what some of the comments would be after making an article like this? The only thing that would be worse is “Yes Way, Bargnani.”

        • Bayless IS a douchebag, I agree.

          Hmmm…yeah, that’s my problem. Elite.

          I have zero guilt syndrome, believe me. And just because I’m not firing off 150 Raps a day about how amazing Jose is, doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate some of what he brings to table, it’s just that it’s fools gold.

          Is he efficient? Sure. Does he do all the things an ELITE PG would? No.

          If a PG is an extension of the coach on the floor, he should know what needs to be done on the floor at all times… but an ELITE pg would also be able to do it.
          Bigs not rebounding? Get some boards and make them think “Damn, the lil guy is making me look bad”. Off guards not shooting well? Buckets. Team playing like crap? Take over, impose the will, inspire your team by PLAYING WELL – not waving you arms up in the air and doing the 3 point salute when you are down 20, just to sell some tickets and justify your contract, not by playing mime games with the coach and everyone else on the team, not by crying to the refs.

          “Steve Nash”?? – look, as little as I think of Nash, associating him with Jose is insulting. Nash would get run over by a truck and play, Jose gets sneezed on and he’s out for 2 years.

          “Had DeRozan, Kleiza, Wright and Weems shooting better he would have had the higher number of assists in NBA.” So, are you saying he doesn’t make “other players better”? I
          I agree, this is a myth I’ve also been hearing about over the years. Does he take advantage of the players on the floor and it reflects in the stats? Sure. Has he made anyone’s game better? I dunno. Have people left here saying: “Boy, I sure miss Ocho!” No. Are people flocking here to play with Ocho? Ummm.. you tell me.

          “He destroyed Wall” – He “destroyed” a ROOK, who’s averaging a near dd, who was coming off a bum ankle, playing on a bad team and who more than likely could care less about going against Jose? I’m completely unimpressed.

          This lovefest for Jose is out of control. Now, admittedly he’s looked.. ummm.. “crisper” this year, just dialed in a little more, not exponentially better; but I think this is because he actually cut down on the bacon and lost some weight. I haven’t seen him in person this season, but I think he has. BUT! Let’s get real for a second. All of sudden when there is zero expectations he’s playing (slightly) better? Really? He had (allegedly) much better players around him over the years and this was a “contender”- what happened? Btw, all the PG drama was due to the fact none of the other players could ever understand why they should take a step back to a player they believe they can “destroy” – they never respected him.

          And now I am going to be sorry when he’s gone? I don’t hear too many demands for Jose and supposedly BC is trying to unload him. What gives, if he’s an ELITE level PG?

          He’s an efficient tennis ball machine, you need a little more than that to be ELITE, I think.
          ELITE PG are a nightly triple double threat and they have to hold themselves back from doing too much. Jose Calderon, 5 years in the NBA..ZERO triple doubles. Telling, I think.

          Now let’s see how long before BC makes this happen.

          • When Barbosa said recently he compares Jose with Nash in his no-flashy and efficient style I tend to believe him and not some grumpy fan. When DeRozan and Bargnani admire and respect Jose verbally and in their body-language I tend to believe them and not hateful people. To measure a PG’s value by how many triple-doubles he has had in his career is insane.
            You don’t get it: I want Jose to get traded to a play-off team. Then you’ll see how a basketball team looks like a headless chicken: we have no play-makers in this team, zero, nadda. Jose brings structure and teaches the kids how to play efficient. It’s true, he cannot do everything on the court and get a triple-double every game. He has been the least of our problems and we continually diminish him. The reasons: a contract that was given to him and perceived lack of defense in a League where PG’s don’t play defense.
            It is an insult to compare Jose with Nash? Put Jose with Amar’e, Marion, Bell in their prime and see what happens.

            • Gee, I wonder what Kenny Smith and Gilbert Arenas think of Jose.

              I tend to believe people who played in the NBA, not some delusional fan.

              • 75% of the guys in this league travel on every play. So?

                The point is, people are using stats, to claim he exceptional…when to be exceptional you have to excel at the intangibles. Inspire through play, make key buckets/assists, get THE steal, impose your will on your matchup; the game. Strike fear in your opponent before the game even starts, based on your game and your game’s rep around L.

                He does none of that. After 5 years, we still have to wonder what kind of night he’s going to have, and if he’s doing well in a particular stat, there’s a BUT to follow..
                Shoot man, KG can smell the fear on him..he scares no one. He PULLS BACK behind the line after a 2 on 1 break!!!!. .. but, you know.. he’s ELITE because he figured out that the way to the NBA and the 50 mil was to distribute well, while keeping TOs on the low..

                He destroyed Wall, but got destroyed by Steve Blake.. etc. etc. etc.

                • we wonder what type of nights every guy is going to have…not evry guy is going to drop like 30 ponts every night

                • Jose has scored 20 plus points in 25 of 397 career games. 6%.

                  He’s never scored 30 points.

                  That’s elite? That’s worth 50 mil?

                • flux you are going to get into ‘points’ when quantifying a player… thats not you, you are going to a dark place now

                • You are right, stats are not my thing. But those two go to show you how fanboys pick and choose to make their arguments, while leaving out the dark ones, as it

        • One more thing about Irving or any other “lightning-quick” PG: in our team a PG who drives in the paint and kicks it to an open perimeter player is useless – who would make the open 3-point shot? We are not set up like the Spurs, the Suns or the Knicks.
          In any case, I’m not sold on this “New Age PG” mantra. A PG who’s the highest scoring player in a team and has no passing ability or court vision has never been successful in NBA. We’ll see if Rose, Evans and Wall are nothing more than glorified Iverson.

          • these guys act like irving has played a game in the nba yet…college and nba is different..i’ll take my chances with jose and draft other needs like a sf and a true c

          • In your previous post:

            “Had DeRozan, Kleiza, Wright and Weems shooting better [Jose] would have had the higher number of assists in NBA.”

            Part of rebuilding is finding guys that can do things like hit open shots. You’re blaming DD, Wright, JuJu and Weems for not being good shooters and being a detriment for Jose AST totals. But if Irving or any other “lightning-quick” PG were here with the same players, he’d be useless?!? What exactly does Jose do so much better?

            I might as well say a PG that rarely ventures into the paint to put pressure on the defense is useless. If Bargs, Amir, and Davis had better inside games, Bayless would have much better and easier opportunities to score. Or, more accurately, if DeRozan, Kleiza, Wright and Weems were good shooters, Bayless’ tunnel-vision probably would be much less of an issue.

            Wall is averaging 9.2 AST a game, what a selfish player with no court vision. Tyreke Evans is a SG. Derrick Rose is averaging 8 AST a game and scoring and defending far more effectively (offensive rating 110 @ 31.7% USG; 102 defensive rating…(Tibs wouldn’t put up with Jose’s defense for a second if he were on the Bulls either)) than Iverson did at the same age. And Iverson DID make the fucking NBA Finals. And there’s like this guy named Tony Parker…

            Let’s go even further with the shoot-first PG bs: Westbrook? 8.3 AST a game. Nelson? 6.8 AST a game; his team made it to the NBA Finals, and he inappropriately came back injured. Hedo was there to offset his lack of passing. Harris? 7.2 AST a game on a team full of scrubs. Billups? 5.3 this year. Denver’s totally not a mess though. That NBA championship (+ Final MVP) he won with Detroit doesn’t count. He averaged 5.7 AST that year too. Brandon Jennings was an important in the league’s most overachieving team last year, and injuries have really hurt the Bucks, but he’s a scrub that’ll go nowhere. Let’s ignore Bibby’s success with the Kings and the very questionable refereeing that went down….or that the Hawks’ offense consists mostly of Crawford and Johnson chucking in iso situations. His career average is only 5.8 AST per game. Mo Williams? Now you really have something here. And Rondo’s not a complete outlier playing with three HOFers and stuff. (I will gladly admit that his their more important player at this point though.) Fisher’s a scrub only averaging 3.1 AST in his career, he doesn’t move the ball enough.

            What about when a team is far too over-reliant on its PG to create for themselves. (See: Hornets, Suns, Jazz)

            It’s not shoot-first play, it’s truly dynamic play from a PG that’s needed to succeed in this league now. Jose just isn’t dynamic.

  23. Wow…It’s incredible the hate that some people have for Jose. First of all he IS for better or worse part of OUR team or YOUR team and we as fans support them ( good or bad) not dissing on them like garbage. If you dont like it, dont watch..pure and simple. Pick a team where all players dont suck and dont blow. Second, as somebody else mentioned here, the transition from Europe to NBA is much more difficult and if nothing else all these Euro pussies who make a name for them deserve some respect. Now a couple of points in IMO

    1. Tha article was about Jose as a raptor PG so no need to compare with all the elite PG’s in the world.
    2. I DONT THINK he is the best PG this organization eployed but with Roster he is doing a very good job and as I said in other posts, you would face 50 points games ona constant basis
    3. He is who he is ( and he admitted that) but I would like to know how many of “elite” PG’s would come and STAY here, and work thru all the adversity the fans threw at him.
    4. Since lots of coaches in NBA appreciate this guy ( They are bot all stupid), I’m assuming he also brings some off court tangibles that we dont see on a regular basis ( even small things like distributing Gatorade).
    5. I think he’s liked by his team mates and from what I heard in the past, even TJ and Jack spoke highly of him.

    So, in this context he is the best we can afford right now, and if I’m this organization I’ll keep him ( If he wants) at a smaller salary to mentor some young PG’s that eventually will come.

  24. Jose and Bargs fanboys should just team up… lol

    I’m not going to discuss Jose’s lack of defense, I’m going rip on him for his lack of offensive consistancy. Some games he is crisp and dialed in but other games he is non existant. for us especially this year to be somewhat valid we need him to be on point. without a star or big man to draw doubles we need a PG who not only can see the floor and make those passes, but also create for himself. Some games I see this but to be honest most of the time i really don’t… Also in regards to his assists, honestly Its only because his team members create after they get the ball. in my opinion Julian Wright is a better passer then Jose is. I think Jose only just learned how to throw alley oop passes last year? and he still isn’t good at it. look at Rose or Deron or CP3 there game is a thing of beauty. When I watch Jose control the floor, well he doesn’t control the floor it just feels so eratic. And I know thats not just his fault but as the PG he needs to settle down the team and really control the ball better. he has a great transition offense but as soon is it goes to a half court offense he looks lost. On top of that to add to that his defensive defficiencies IMO I really don’t understand why you guys like him so much. I do admit he puts effort on the floor night in night out and is a true pro and blah blah blah but that doesn’t really make up for all the other stuff in my mind. oh yeah and I forgot as soon as he gets injured his game just goes down soo much….or he just sits off either way Alvin Williams and DAmon Stoudamire are way ahead in this race.

  25. Assets One of the planet’s most gifted and efficient passers: has superb instincts, vision, and anticipation. Finds teammates in ideal situations. Excels both in the halfcourt and pushing the ball. A highly accurate shooter (from the field and the charity stripe).
    Flaws Not very physical on the defensive end and can get posted up by big guards. Doesn’t poach for steals like he could.
    Career potential Very good play-making point guard.

  26. don’t mind if jose puts up 13 and 10 on a nighty basis…john stockton and has a career mark of 13 and 10…the things that playing with malone,playing for sloan, and winning does for your career…jose isn’t flashy but he’s getting the job done on the second youngest team right now

    • YOU are really comparing Jose to John Stockton… WOOOOOW LOOOL, enough said.. classic Raptor homer fans… and earlier someone said Jose is better than Beno Udrih and Keyon a starting PG. WTF?! THEY ARENT STARTING POINT GUARDS.. lol whats wrong with some of you people, do you have a brain? Do you just listen to everything that leo rautins, jack armstrong and matt devlin tell you. You don’t think that they are biased in any shape or form..

    • Uh… Stockton is one of the best defensive players ever?! And his stats went down cause he played like 25 years in the NBA.. till he was like 41. Please don’t ever utter Calderon and Stockton’s name in the same sentence in public.. spare you the humiliation

      • i was never trying to compare…just saying that people’s perception of you change when you play for a winner…would stockton be glorified if he played on a sub 500 team for most of his career?

        • the only reason why people talk abouyt jose defense is because we see him on a nightly basis…i’m sure you would complain about other people’s defense if you watched another team on a nightly basis

  27. Jose plays like the typical euro PG.. he passes the ball around the perimeter, afraid to create anything off the dribble.. scared to attack the rim… gets all his assists passing along the perimeter or on fast breaks when his team is running. His defense is god awful and 90% of you idiots just ignore it cause all you kids know is to look stat sheets. Before this year I don’t think ive ever seen him throw an ally. People can say what they want about bayless, but when he plays he goes hard at the rim, and actually plays defense, of course other point guards are going to beat him off the dribble sometimes but for the most part he’s an above average defender and then i don’t have to watch this :

  28. it’s about being on a winning team… been a jamaal crawford fan since michigan…people siad he was a horrible player when he played on losng teams but blow him now that he’s playing for a winner…thats the point i’m trying to make between jose and stockton…who knows where stockton would be if he didn’t have malone and sloan

  29. After seeing all the comments ragging on Jose in the comments, I’ve lost all faith in the Raptors fanbase (at least, the ones on forums and blogs…). You guys expect far too much. Far, far too much. Even when we do get a star player, you guys will nitpick them on something. There’s always something to complain about for you guys.

  30. another reason i don’t associate myself with any other raptor fan…i seem to be the only sane fan in this damn city

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