Sound-Off: Grizzlies 100, Raptors 98

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Rudy Gay burns Julian Wright to win the game. Raptors can’t get a shot off on their final possession. The three-point streak ends: 986 games, began Feb. 26, 1999 (I was way off in the audio).

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  1. 4th place now, we’re coming for you Terrence Jones. I mean having Gaines take the last shot is such epic commitment to the tank.

  2. Bayless, DeRozan and Wright each equalled or exceeded Bargnani and Amir Davis.

    Why was Bargnani on the floor for the last defensive possession? Why not Ed Davis?

  3. I was at the game. Of all the games to watch is when the stupid 3 pt. streak ended. I spent an inordinate amount of time staring / observing Bargs at the defensive end. Sufficedly to say, it is pretty obvious that this kid is never going to learn how to defend in this league. He does a lot of standing around. Totally clueless where he needs to be and when to apply help defense. He doesn’t create ball pressure on his man and tends to lollygag in areas where he doesn’t need to be. People love him here but man to expect more from is him is utter foolishness.

    • Balls of Steel, you’re really obsessed.
      Can’t you go looking for anything else than Bargs?
      Are you on a mission, or what?
      There’s something else in life.

      • CDG, I agree with you in terms of having other things in life to focus on. I actually have too much at the moment. However, as far as the Raptors are concerned, not the NBA, but just the Raptors, Bargs has taken front and center (no pun intended) for me. I seem to be stating the obvious or as many perceive a personal hatred towards this man. Perhaps I will keep my observations to myself as far as Lord Bargs is concerned.

        BTW, I’m not Mr. Negative. I happen to really like Jerryd Bayless. The one thing you don’t see when one watches games on TV is what happens a little after the buzzer goes for a timeout or game stoppage. Looking at Bayless and his energy and body language tells me that he wants this team to do better. He put his heart on the floor with Memphis and his line pretty much tells it all. Pesterm1’s comment is bang on when it comes to the YOUTH component. However, as young Bargs is, I no longer consider him young in terms of NBA experience. He should know better, lead better and play better. The 22 points per game isn’t making me drink the Koolaid.

  4. Man for the youth and talent we have that preformance is probably the best you can get out of these guys. 8 bench points and no 3’s… you cant play a game perfectly. that was about as good as it can get at this point. no complasints here.

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