Roll Call

Toronto Raptors Roll Call vs Thunder March 20

Holy crap.

The “holy hell that was exciting” edition:

Ajinca: yeah, well, so much for that.

Alabi: the only person who would probably have preferred to go north for March break.

Barbosa: big done the stretch which allowed him to atone for some ticky tack fouls that allowed the Thunder back in the game. Not a vocal veteran, but tonight he showed he doesn’t have to be in order to help a team win.

Bargnani: not sure there is anything in this world that disappears down the stretch more than Andrea. Well, maybe cheesecake at the end of a Weight Watchers meeting. Great screen down the stretch, but the fact you still aren’t a go-to guy on a team this weak is breathtaking.

Bayless: if he exerted half the positive energy during a game as he did running on the court after LB’s 3, he’d be good enough to be an NBA backup.

Calderon: didn’t take long to figure out his shot was about as likely to drop as Pamela Anderson’s breasts, so he did what he is good at: distributed the ball, ran the game on the floor, controlled the ball when he had it in his hands and still has never committed a foul in his life.

Davis: he isn’t injured, but he is done for the season. He isn’t producing and looks like he has just finished a marathon. No doubt that trip to London did him in.

DeRozan: active around the boards and his energy level remains high on a team that needs a spark. True test will be tomorrow after he has played 36minutes in a pretty fast paced affair.

Dorsey: I miss you.

Evans: still the king of postgame interviews. He came out and stood up for Amir, going toe to toe with Perkins. The rest of the game was torn out of the Book Of Evans in that he was fighting for every ball bouncing off the rim and he was a nuisance to everybody in a Thunder uniform.

A. Johnson: pretty solid game after looking like a 12year old girl that got jobbed for her lunch money. First game since being back that he has shown a semblance of his old self and it was a welcome sight. Nice hair.

J. Johnson: best game since his Chicago debut with us. Even some of his fouls were needed and well placed. He was all over the floor, he kept the D honest by popping shots from the outside early, and his slick haircut allowed him to fly under the radar and be a big reason we won this game.

Kleiza: hammock…west indies…nuff said.

Weems: contributes as much as a snow machine in hell. Looks valuable, chugs along, but in the end produces nothing but tears.

Wright: been a pleasure

Driving The Bus: Leandro Barbosa

Under The Bus: Sonny Weems

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