Roll Call

Toronto Raptors Roll Call vs Suns Mar 23

But we were…I mean, I coulda sworn…Didn’t we…ah, fudge it.

The “zoned out” edition:

Ajinca: you think he has POB on his BBM?

Alabi: could really have been a difference maker tonight.  At the Y.

Barbosa: paintings from season seat holders, applause when he entered the game, a scoring touch…all things enjoyed by Leandro in his return to Phoenix. Vince must have been wondering what we did with the portrait of Momma Carter. Solid effort in what must have felt a long time coming this season.

Bargnani: Mr. Personality with 4 boards and enough shot attempts that Patron is going to approach him to be a spokesperson. One thing he has shown he is getting good at: taking the charge.

Bayless: back when he was a young ‘un, he played in these here parts. He came out hard early looking to impress and he did. He kept the Suns honest, he was under control, and he gave Jose a good breather. Then the second half happened where he got a technical and he was as out of control as your son at a Miley Cyrus concert.

Calderon: outperformed a tired Nash and pushed the tempo. Was horrible at coming up with ways to break the Suns zone, though. Attack it, don’t retreat.

Davis: bad first half, but he flipped Bayless’ script and had a gangbuster second half…..except for 2 hustle plays that resulted in turnovers against us. Great intention, bad outcome. They ended up being the nails in our coffins, but rookies play to learn.

DeRozan: 19 points and 8 rebounds ain’t too shabby for the youngster. Only getting to the line once, though, is. Again, attack…don’t shy away from contact. Get to the rim and make it your lover.

Dorsey: blech.

Evans: minimal minutes on a night where he just didn’t have it. No contributions offensively and even where he normally battles hard for every ball coming off the rim, he seemed to be only partly interested.

A. Johnson: keeping his minutes down due to rehabbing his joints (pun intended), he looked better tonight than the last few games. Factor in his 4 fouls in 20 minutes and you know he is getting his second wind.

J. Johnson: just kind of disappeared as the game progressed. Early on it looked like it was going to be his 3rd best game of the season, but he fell off the map faster than Google Buzz

Kleiza: do you think he counts the tiles on his ceiling every night?

Weems: great effort in the middle part of the game. Attacked the rim, looked for the ball, hell almost demanded it, and was looking to turn his late season around. Ended up he didn’t live up to that hope, but his efforts were needed to keep us from falling into a hole earlier than we did.

Wright: rehab? cortisone shot? B12? pictures of Alvin Williams stealing candy from babies?  There has to be a reason…

Driving The Bus: Andrea Bargnani

Under The Bus: Jerryd Bayless

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