Cap Flexibility Must Be Why “98% of Raptors Fans LOVE Colangelo”

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Did you catch the ESPN breaking story about how the Raptors have a backup plan if Colangelo’s contract is not extended? Hope you’re sitting down:

Sources close to the situation told this week that the Raptors do have a backup plan if the current management — at the urging of staunch anti-Colangelo board member Glen Silvestri — decides it’s best to make an immediate change. Or a change after June 30.

One possibility management is considering, sources said, is naming Raptors special advisor Wayne Embry as interim GM. In that scenario, Embry and longtime Raptors senior director of player personnel Jim Kelly would then either be asked to oversee Toronto’s draft in Colangelo’s place, or Embry would simply become interim GM as of July 1.

Did you notice a name missing from the potential interim Raptors management team? Yes, Maurizio Gherardini is nowhere to be found which is quite surprising because after all he is the Assistant General Manager. It’s not a surprise that Colangelo and Gherardini appear to be tied at the hip in this possible management shuffle, they came in together, backed Bargnani as their horse and have little to show for after five years on the job. If Colangelo leaves Gherardini certainly can’t carry the show on his own, it would be like Will leaving Fresh Prince and Carlton taking over. Wayne Embry could hold it together for a month or so in the role of Uncle Phil, but it’ll eventually lead to a bust-up because he doesn’t have the patience to handle Andrea Bargnani, only too immersed like Hillary, the rich and spoiled darling.

The degree of uncertainty in the organization is best illustrated by the Raptors not picking up Jay Triano’s presumably cheap contract option for next year. As Stein mentions, the deadline for that is June 15th. In Bryan Colangelo’s season-ending press conference he gave Triano full praise for his work, complimented him for earning the respect of the players, for having the players work hard, and flat-out said that Triano had done what was asked of him as head coach. Yet his option is still not picked up. Does Colangelo as the current GM not have the authority to exercise the option on a coach he clearly likes? What is preventing him from starting the off-season by truly endorsing his coach, and transitively, the season the team had, by signalling the return of the head coach? Right now the phrase “lame duck” is popping into mind.

Financial Flexibility

Bryan Colangelo (and the TV crew) are always reminding us about the Raptors’ “financial flexibility” so I figured I learn what they’re referring to. I’m not a capologist by any stretch, however I do own a calculator watch.

The salary cap for last season was $58M, assuming it only changes (a function of basketball-related income blah blah blah) by a negligible amount, the Raptors will be approximately $10.9M under the cap as their guaranteed salary for next season is ($47.1M – assuming Barbosa picks up his $7.6M option). What does this mean? The Raptors have ~ $10.9 to spend on unrestricted free-agents without the need for a sign-and-trade. Usually that number gets evaporated real fast when signing your own restricted free-agents who have cap-holds. Luckily for the Raptors, their RFA’s are Julian Wright and Joey Dorsey, two guys they would feel very comfortable saying goodbye to.

Ah, we’re forgetting the draft! Assuming the Raptors keep their pick and it’s the third overall pick, the first year rookie-scale salary for him would be $4.2M! So you can subtract that number from $10.9 to get $6.7M. That’s really how much the Raptors can spend on UFAs, assuming the cap stays where it is.

If they do waive their RFAs and Barbosa picks up his option, the Raptors will have 10 players under contract: Calderon, Bargnani, Barbosa, A. Johnson, Kleiza, DeRozan, Bayless, Davis, J. Johnson and Alabi. So they’ll need to fill out at least two roster spots, which can be cheaply done by signing minimum-salary players, after all if it’s a rebuilding year so why not? Assuming they get filled for $1M each, the Raptors now have $4.7M to spend on UFAs. And that number folks, is less than the mid-level exception (which the Raptors will not have on account of being under the cap). Did a screw up somewhere in the last two paragraphs? I’m sure you’ll tell me if I did.

If a splash is to be made in the market it’ll have to be via trade, and maybe even by using the remaining $9M of the Chris Bosh TPE, which Colangelo said he is unlikely to use. You heard the word “asset” being thrown around a lot which is telling because assets are what you need to make trades. I don’t figure that our savior of a defensive center will sign for $4.7M, if he is to come he’ll be shipped here as part of a package. As much as Colangelo says that nobody is untouchable, I’m willing to bet DeRozan, A. Johnson and Davis are off the block and being groomed as the new nucleus. This means the only true valued assets are Calderon, Bargnani and Barbosa (how much injury has affected his value remains to be seen). Don’t kid yourself, none of Kleiza, Bayless, J. Johnson or Alabi have trade value on their own, which means it’s not hard to figure who’s on their way out.


  1. I’m curious about what it would take to get Brendan Haywood. He’s a bit overpaid and sort of a douche; but he protects the rim, rebounds, is only 27 and best of all his value is low from being a backup to Tyson Chandler all year.

    You have to think that Cuban will overpay to keep Chandler, so there may be a chance to sneak in and save Dallas some money.

    • I’d be just fine with Haywood myself.

      I don’t look at his production (or lack thereof) as an issue this year as it’s the lowest minutes he’s played in his career. He’s not a Bogut or Chandler but he’s definitely servicable and would rebound, block shots and defend his position.

      • Haywood maybe a shell of his former-self or just uninspired, but he is a Center that won’t hang around the 3 pt line and at least TRIES to screen ppl by actually TOUCHING THEM with the body.

      • Ha, I read “born Nov 27” on his profile on ESPN and it was somehow translated into him being 27. I guess I should finish my morning coffee before trying to be clever.

    • He’s a super douche. Fights with teammates and coaches. Bad idea. I only like Gasol but he ain’t going anywhere.

  2. Wayne Embry is plan B??? Do they even allow him out of the old age home past 5pm. Will Bob Barker be our interim coach? Doesn’t Embry live in Arizona where he wouldn’t even have watched Raptor games? This would be a severe blow to our already poor reputation – if you’re going to get rid of Colangelo, fine (although I think it’s an unwise move) but have your plan in place sooner so that the organization is prepared for the draft and the offseason. This is turning into a circus – and should it come to fruition we’ll be taking many steps backwards as a franchise. We’re not good enough to be toying with one of the more reputable GM’s in the league – it just looks bad on us.

    • Yes, it’s true: a total mess!
      In all this, the technical aspects of team management are at risk of being just as marginal as you can expect! And we can’t afford that, too.

    • “Doesn’t Embry live in Arizona where he wouldn’t even have watched Raptor games?”
      I believe you’re correct – they do not have cable or internet in Arizona such that league pass is available. I’m sure he makes all his decisions by looking at the box scores.

      • Oh so they do have cable and internet in Arizona, thanks for pointing that out, that never would have dawned on me otherwise………actually it was meant to be a bit tongue and cheek as some people may have guessed from the opening sentence. The point is, this guy has been so far removed from the organization that one has to wonder how in touch he really is. I would bet that Colangelo calls him once a week and if he’s lucky, he doesn’t just get his voicemail, but actually talks to him. If this guy was really a meaningful part of the organization he’d be in Toronto, end of story.

    • I’ve seen Embry and some of the recent Raptor games towards the end of the year. Hos done the transition well enough already and is well repsected around the league as well.

      A severe blow to an already poor reputation to me is resigning a GM and coach who just lost 60 games and have done nothing the past 3 years on the job.

      • Embry has been very visible at late season Raptors games probably evaluating the roster talent and coaching job that Jay is doing 1st hand with his own 2 eyes.

        BC’s time is up (Gheradini and Jay too) the writing is on the wall-I just hope that Jay is totally removed from the Rap’s organization ie no assistant coach or front office job.

        Leo, Matt & Jack can go w/ BC as far as I’m concern as well.

        BC + Gheradini + Jay + Bargnani + Jose =’s bad Raptors karma.

      • The funny thing is, that I think Embry was instrumental in bringing Colangelo over to TO. So, we would be getting rid of Colangelo to replace him with a fella who brought him in.

        • Embry is the Godfather, BC just a sacrificial figured head who got caught up smelling himself too much for his own good- about time someone called him out on all his BullChit.

            • Yup, BC and Embry are connected (Bryan has know him his entire life…close family friends). The only reason Embry was brought in was to set the stage for Colangelo (arranged by Stern and co via Peddie’s desperate plea). The whole issue with BC is over his next contract (length and $$$). BC wants top dollar and a long term contract. “The accountant” wants to pay him for past performance. Should be interesting now that the posturing is in the media…I’m more concerned that BC walks away at this point. Embry may bridge the gap but he won’t stay long once BC is gone.

              • So the accountant doesn’t want Colangelo out, he just wants to give him less $$$ than he wants. Sounds reasonable – do you have any sources or is this just a hunch?

        • Embry is a man who is here for a purpose different from any other man he is the over see-er, he evaluates the whole season. And player coach GM personnel because he is not gready he is content on only doing that not hiring all his personal drinking buddies and neighbourhood bretherens to fire a coach 8-9

    • Dont be so fool hearted. The owner have a bigger Roller-dex than Colangelo. The Raptors are saying that they are not going to be bullied into accepting losing. Kobe Bryant freaks when he loses 1 game The owner are definetly at their limit. Losing 60 games and making bad decisions after tons of bad decision will not earn Colangelo a extention. If you think that the Association
      dont know who to pick in the draft think again. I asure they will not let Colangelo trade the pick we lost 60 games for and they definetely will not let him pick Bargnia part 2.
      For all the morons out there who worships Colangelo if you invest in a company and they lose ur money are u going to keep investing. and would the newspaper and media,blogs etc, call you a idiot because you want a change. Or do I have no control over my own money. The owner have control over their asset, they are intelligent thats why they own the Raptors time to stop
      Colangelo from happily losing and a bag of chips.

      To the Editor when someone can tell you how to run you household wife and kids you can tell multibillion dollar cooperation how run losers out of their organization and take responsibility themselves for a turnaround

      • The Raptors are not losing money.

        If you disagree with the moves BC has made and think somebody else could take the team as it stands today and do a better job of building a winner then go for it but keeping the Raptors profitable is one of the things Colangelo has done.

        • Unfortunately, that’s true. As long as there are few highlight dunks, chance to get a “free” pizza, majority of people at the ACC are happy and will buy tickets. Colangelo knows that, and he’ll get another extension.

          • I dunno… The ACC seems a lot emptier this year than previous years. The games I’ve been to, half the lower bowl seems empty. Those (corporate) tickets might be paid for, but they are not being used. If this continues, those same tickets won’t be renewed.

            MLSE might be making a ton of money, but I doubt very much of it comes from the Raps. And, as any good bean-counter knows, there is always room for improvement – I don’t think BC is safe on the basis that he ‘sells tickets’ (because he doesn’t).

            • Expanding on that thought: the Raps were 6th in the NBA in attendance a decade ago; they were 19th this year.

              If attendance goes down another 10% this year (which is not unthinkable, as the team continues to experience the growing pains of a rebuild – no amount of free, crappy pizza is going to offset that), we are in 76ers/Hornets territory. Scary!

    • From now on & hence forth Andrea Bargnani will now be known as Hillary (Fresh Prince of Bel Air)- aka that spoiled rotten brat.

  3. Not that I endorse this “Plan B”, but in Embry’s defense, he did a great job running the team on an interim basis prior to Colangelo taking control. Embry traded Aaron Williams for picks, and Jalen Rose for Antonio Davis’ expiring contract, which definitely helped Colangelo asssemble the 47-win team on 2006-07. All this was done in a little over a month.

    It certainly wouldn’t be Embry’s fault if this franchise goes down the toilet.

    • “It certainly wouldn’t be Embry’s fault if this franchise goes down the toilet.”

      Goes down the toilet? So it’s not there already? More like Embry would be standing in front of the toilet with a big plunger thinking “Damn, where do I go from here”.

  4. If we trade Bargnani for a mid / late lottery pick, that can add up to 6 – 7 million to what we can spend on FA’s. You don’t sign the minimum guy’s first either, because you are allowed to offer those deals once you are already over the cap. That would give us 12.5 – 14 million in cap space to land our C.

    • Barg’s has more value than just a mid to late lottery pick in my mind but I hope that Barg’s gets traded for proven NBA assets (ex: Denver’s PG Lawson & SF Chandler) once his BYC tag is removed come July 1- barring a lockout.

  5. One board member who supposedly is a passionate Raptors fan, is able to stop the extension of the teams GM? How can that be? The other board members are split on what to do? It’s time someone from ownership came clean and informed us of what is actually going on. The fans deserve to know.
    The plan B looks a little shaky and this whole situation can’t be good for the image of the team around the league.

    • What doesn’t make sense is that a board member, who is on the verge of selling, has his reservations about Colangelo. I mean, if Silvestri is soon to have zero ties with the Raptors, why does he care who’s running the team next year?

      • There’s always the possibility that OTPP doesn’t get the price they want and doesn’t sell? Just because a business is up for sale doesn’t mean you don’t run it in business-as-usual fashion. (Even if business-as-usual is a bit of a dog’s breakfast…)

      • A clean slate for the new owners to bring in their people. If you sell you home, don’t you rip out old carpet and repaint rooms to make it appealing and fresh to the prospective buyers? How can OTPP sell their shares if they just renewed a man whose management team managed to lose 60 games and haven’t had much to show for except one playoff appearance?

    • I agree. I find it hard to believe that Silvestri and only him alone can can stop extensions everyone else has approved and is supporting?

      I think there is more displeasure with BC’s performance and ‘plan’ than they are letting on to the fans….maybe in an effort to protect his fading rep around the league they are letting this play out until his contract expires and then so long BC, Triano and Gheradini?

  6. I was waiting for the part where Jay Triano is Jazz, you know Will’s annoying friend. And Embry (or Uncle Phil) is going to toss him out that front door like he always did.

    • Is Maurizio Carlton then? I love these character comparisons. Although I can’t see Maurizio rocking the pink golf shirts and Sperry Topsiders. Can you imagine MG pulling the “dance” to Tom Jones?

  7. “Does Colangelo as the current GM not have the authority to exercise the option on a coach he clearly likes? What is preventing him from starting the off-season by truly endorsing his coach, and transitively, the season the team had, by signalling the return of the head coach?”

    I don’t think you can endorse anything coming off a 60 loss season. Status quo won’t do. The players were all supporting of Triano but considering how this season went maybe a different approach is needed regardless?

    You shouldn’t be comfortable losing 3/4’s of your games. Changes need to be made. BC needs to tread lightly around this as the fact is that ‘the architect’ is on thin ice himself. The powers that be have responded to his informatve press conference on Monday and they have let it be known he’s replaceable and they have an interim solution already prepared.

    • To me it seems BC’s powers have been clipped. No more contractual obligations of any sort until further notice. If so, this is not good business cause it means even phone calls on potential deals are probably not happening. Better to cut ties immediately as the season is over and get on with moving forward.

  8. This franchise is in an absolute shambles right now. We’re less than 8 weeks away from one of the most important drafts in the franchise’s short history and we don’t even have a God damned GM.

    I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Colangelo just walks away from this joke and heads home south of border…so he can share with all his jet-set NBA cronies just how ridiculous and dysfunctional Toronto is — then they can all have a good laugh about it under the Arizona sun.

    I remember reading some months ago an interview with Richard Peddie in the Star and the Colangelo situation was brought up. Peddie said something to the effect of, “We’re not going to jerk him around…his whole family is here, he has kids in school here, etc.” Now the situation is even worse than I imagined.

    If you don’t want to keep Colangelo, fine. But MLSE needs to quit screwing around with the fans and the club and make a decision, or at least address the fanbase with their side of it. This blasted Teachers Pension Fund couldn’t manage their way out of a closet, let alone a billion-dollar sports empire.

    • This is nothing more than a gut feeling, but I’m guessing there’s a 75% chance Colangelo is back for the 2011-12 season.

      Being 75 years old, does Embry really want to take on this project, even on an interim basis?

      With the team for sale, would Toronto seem like a desirable destination for would-be GMs, coming off a 22-win season, and no clear cut superstar in the making?

      In terms of finding a permanant replacement, can we trust that Peddie will allocate the proper resources for his search, WITHOUT someone specific in mind already? (The last time he did this, we ended up with Babcock)

      Retaining Colangelo seems like the least risky play. And at this point, I don’t think the Raptors can afford to gamble.

      • Time to clear up the revisionist Raptos draft history behind the Araujo selection where Babcock is the fool for selecting him that alot of fans are propagating:
        **Click on the above link for full article

        Really do we need to go over this one?

        Yes. Yes, we do.

        I really need to exorcise this moment of stupendous dubiosity because it’s not just about a colossally bad draft pick. When you look back at all the decisions made that led up to this night when Raptor fans justifiably booed their heads off, you begin to realize just how dysfunctional this organization is (was? hope hope).

        The seeds of the the Araujo pick were sown in the previous year when Lenny Wilkins was fired. Dick Peddie decided that the Raptors needed a fiery defensive-minded coach and basically over-ruled GM Glen Grunwald to select Kevin O’Neill as the man for the job. Grunwald ended up taking the fall for the debacle that was the 2003/2004 season and O’Neill went with him.

        Given the opportunity to install his own basketball management team Peddie waited. And waited. And waited. In the meantime all the other teams moved forward with their draft analysis and scouting. Still Peddie wanted to make sure he got the right guy for the GM job and less than 3 weeks before the draft finally selected Rob Babcock… the very same person that Raptor consultant Jack McCloskey had touted for the job nearly two months earlier. At the same time, Peddie was not including Vince Carter in the decision-making after promising him to do so, thus alienating the team’s star player and noted sucky-baby.

        With no time to evaluate players Babcock is left to make a decision based on McCloskey’s recommendation. That recommendation is Utah centre Rafael Araujo, despite the fact that Araujo was rated about 10 to 12 picks below the Raptors spot at #8. But Araujo was the pick. The fans showed no mercy. I should know as I was there on the ACC floor that night and just moments after the pick Chuck Swirsky walked by me and gave me the quote that proved he has a soul. *END

    • “This blasted Teachers Pension Fund couldn’t manage their way out of a closet, let alone a billion-dollar sports empire.”

      The fund is the largest single-profession pension plan in Canada and has more than $100 billion ($96.4 to be exact) in assets.

      Yup, you’re right, they can’t manage their way out of a closet. I laugh at ignorant comments like this.

      • yeah, i was gonna say the same, but i was hoping he was referring to their (in)ability to manage MLSE and/or the raps.

        • The teachers pension is not in charge of running the team. They hired a guy named Bryan Colangelo and paid him $5 million dollars a season to run things. Oh, and the argument that OTTP are a bunch of tight fisted bastards that care about the bottom line. Great line. Cheap bastards you say? This season’s payroll is a shade under $69 million dollars. The most expensive team, the LA Lakers by comparison – $91 Mil. They’re in the middle of the pack for expenditures with the highest paid executive in the league.

          Hey, what if some pension manager took your hard earned contributions and invested it in a money losing scheme? You’d be pissed right? Guess what, the franchise is in shambles because the guy that’s supposed to manage it is not very good anymore. OTTP is just trying to stop the bleeding and mismanagement. As a teacher, this is a good thing. As a fan, even better in my opinion. We tried the name brand and it bombed. Time to shift focus. Hey, did Portland go for a name brand in Cho? How about NOH?

          • Oh, by the way, Colangelo is a Ferrari that won’t suddenly take regular gas because of hard times. He will always need high octane gas to run. Don’t think for a second that he will take less just because of one 60-loss season.

          • Actually those teams incl. OKC did go for a “brand” name. Its just that it is an affiliation…the Spurs. All 3 (incl. others) worked for and were plucked from that org.

            • Presti’s pedigree was based on his past accomplishments. Not because he was the son of a wealthy sports magnate in Jerry Colangelo. If you watched the Presidential Summit in Rogers Sportsnet, BC had a real estate background. After several years in real estate, daddy asked him, do you want to be involved in baseball or basketball. I say this not because I want to diminish his past accomplishments. He is an accomplished executive, no doubt in my mind.

              However, I feel that it is really time to move on. Rich Cho was an assistant in OKC but he got the gig on his own accord (there were rumours that Worlwide Wes got him the gig though, but that’s another discussion). He also got the gig because of his belief in sabermetric-type assessment and analysis. BC is a great drafter but his overall, in and off-season management for the Raps has been mediocre at best. Colangelo fancies himself like Donald Trump (his hero), often referring to Trump as a brand. It’s a spin I don’t buy anymore. To say that the franchise is doomed without him is foolish. Let Embry sit in on an interim basis and allow him once more to snag another executive the way he snagged Colangelo. Let the new owners (if its Rogers) to determine their men (or women).

          • Raptors payroll is 69 million minus 15 million for Peja buyout. 54 million salary puts us in bottom 5
            Owners didn’t let Colangelo go over the tax and that is one major reason why Bosh left.
            I’m scared to think what will happen when “youth movement” reaches point where you have to extend the rookie deals.

    • Harry, i think next year’s draft is more important than the coming one.
      I really liked the idea mentioned in one of the podcasts that the successful rebuild needs to be started off by getting a superstar and an allstar talent within the same year.
      In terms of talent acquisition it is actually better for us to draft a solid complimentary player and have one more loosing season.
      A blueprint for me as a fan would be okc. However, for that you need some laser sharp decision making on a lot of levels, be it scouting, cap management or coaching changes.

  9. I believe the Raptors could sign a UFA for 6.7m and then sign minimum salary guys over the cap? Not that it makes a big difference.

    Let’s trade Calderon + Bargs for a real centre and use the draft to pick up a PG.

  10. Why is a. Johnson part of the core? He’s been in the league for seven yrs and all he’s shown is a backup pf. Not to mention he’s overpaid, has no offensive skill, and is redundant with Ed Davis. I would trade him in a package for a player like nene in a sec.

    • Actually, Amir is only 23, has decent offensive skills, makes appropriate money for what he brings to the table and complements Ed Davis.

      Nene is 5 years older, soft and makes twice as much money.

      That’s a terrible trade.

      • LOOOL, Amir is better than Nene Now !!! and I thought I heard it all. Well, Tim here said before JJ is like Pippen so this is not much of stretch after all πŸ˜‰

        • “Amir is better than Nene Now” – where did you read that? Because that’s not what I said.

          I said that, because Nene is older, soft and makes twice as much money, that is a terrible trade.

          So, before you start LOOOL’ing, try to comprehend what the comment you are ‘laughing out out out loud’ at is saying.

  11. Reasons why Free agents will not sign with Toronto Raptors:

    1) MLSE
    2) Canada
    3) 22-60
    4) Who’s in Charge
    5) MLSE
    6) WTF is going on up there
    7) MLSE

    As for trade assets, Amir is our best asset – since many have said he was the best Raptor this past season. His contract is very manageable, plus he has the right attitude. And GM’s will know that he’ll have a chip on his shoulder, so one can expect an even greater desire to prove all his past employers wrong.

    If Davis gets full time minutes (30 – 32 … maybe more), and starts next to a true Centre, then AJ’s time will actually decrease from this past season. Not only will Johnson not be starting, but his minutes will be less. Add all that up, and his value is at its’ peak right now. If he has surgery – not so much.

    Now if MLSE goes to Plan 9 from Outer Space, we’ll become just as much of a joke, as that great Bela Lugosi flick.

    “Greetings, my friend. We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives. And remember my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future. You are interested in the unknown… the mysterious. The unexplainable. That is why you are here.”


    • Amir can theoretically get his minutes backing up both the 4 and 5, much like he did this year. Even with the starters playing heavy minutes (35mpg), there will still be 26 minutes left for Amir.

      • Plus bigs rarely play the entire season without missing a few games to some sort of injury (minor or otherwise) Amir can step in and start for either position and there won’t be too much of a drop off in production. For this and other reasons I woultd rather keep in on the roster.

        • There’s absolutely no reason why Amir can’t backup the 5 for 10-15 minutes per game.

          But is he our long-term solution at the 5? Of course not…hence his remarks you refer to.

      • .
        We have crucial needs elsewhere (PG especially), and while Amir is not “redundant” – more a part of PF overload – he is a valuable chip.
        The more I watch the play-offs, the more I’m convinced that the PG position is vital to Raptor success. Bayless is not a Starter quality, and Jose’s value will only be as a mentor (should we get a top PG).

        Fisher may be “meh” in LA (69 minutes – 6 TOTAL assists), but it’s Kobe who handles the ball. Rose is the reason Chicago is keeping away a very surprising Indiana – who without a healthy Collison are pretty much done.

        Paul is why N.O. is giving fits to the Lakers. Rondo is Rondo. Westbrook is 26 ppg, 5 Rbs, and 7 assists in 2 play-off games. And Miami would be a lock if they had a PG (and lost Bosh).

        The more I think about it, the more I see PG as our highest and most crucial priority. Finding a true Centre is liking looking for a needle in the proverbial haystack.


    • “As for trade assets, Amir is our best asset – since many have said he was the best Raptor this past season. His contract is very manageable, plus he has the right attitude. And GM’s will know that he’ll have a chip on his shoulder, so one can expect an even greater desire to prove all his past employers wrong.”

      Couldn’t have Said it better myself.

      To get talent, you need to give up some talent.

      If you REALLY need that Strong defensive Center ( which seems like you do since Both Amir and DD were contributing all the problems to lack of that center), then you have to willing to give up some talent.

      Amir based on Liston and Tim is our best player with a very reasonable contract, high ceiling, an attitude to die for and a type of game that is rare in this league !!!

      So why not trade him and bring the Center !! Amir will not be getting more than 15 minutes anyway when ED is back and the REAL center is in Raptor Team.

  12. Arsenalist:
    You do not need to worry about available cap space to sign FA’s.

    What free agent in his right mind would want to sign in Toronto, with no coach, no Pres/GM, and a disfuntional team ownership trying to sell their disfunctioal sports empire, and unable to make pertinent decisions regarding it.

    • There will most likely be a lock out so no free agency this summer giving the Rap’s time to put a new President, GM & coach into place not to mention potential new owners- if MLSE sells.

      After the way both BC & Jay lied on CB after his departure to Miami they are reaping what they sowed- good riddance.

  13. “I don’t figure that our savior of a defensive center will sign for $4.7M, if he is to come he’ll be shipped here as part of a package.”

    This team is so messed up that is not even funny. If we assume that Amir, Ed and DD are out and we Only have Jose, AB and Barbosa, then we are truly screwed.

    1) No one in their right mind is going to touch Calderon’s contract. We have to actually thrown in something to sweeten the deal.

    2) Barbosa will be owed 8 million next season and needs another surgery on his wrist and … How much value will he have ? I say None over the summer and if he plays well, then maybe before the trade deadline so that makes him irrelevant to the discussion.

    3) AB: With all the beating that he got from Toronto Media and fans and … be sure that BC will be get low balled on any transaction that will have AB as a part of it which again, makes his trade value very small and limited.

    The Solution is Simple: If you want the center and want to take away any excuses from your young players on WHY they suck on D, you need to trade either AMIR or ED.

    This is the reality and ONLY way out as the numbers show !! Or you can Keep the boys, and go through another miserable defensive season and hear same sorry excuses that you did not have a REAL Center and hence sucked on D.

    • Wouldn’t be the first time BC threw in a draft pick in a trade, and we’re sure to have a high pick in the 2012 draft. Perhaps Jose and a pick to sweeten the deal?

      Barbosa apparently does not need surgery on the wrist and but has to under go rehap. There are teams out there like Atlanta that may not be able to pay a guy like Jamal Crawford the money he wants but still need a 6th man and Barbosa may be a cheaper alternative for them.

      Outside of Orlando I can really think of a team that can be better with Andrea in the starting line up. He’s definitely an upgrade to Ryan Anderson. Maybe Atlanta if they move J. Smoove to SF. Maybe at PF next to Bogut. But it would only make sense to take Andrea if the team is already a strong defensive team.

      You might be correct that it may take a trade of either Amir or Ed to bring in a solid veteran player, but I think the Raptors would rather deal with another 20 win season. Get another high pick while developing the talent and don’t waiver for the rebuilding process.

    • Calderon may have some possible suitors ie Dallas (losing Kidd), LAL (losing Fisher plus Jose/Gasol connection), PO (AMiller, RFernandez) come the next off season- if there is one.

      Bosa may not need wrist surgery at all according to the most recent reports about his injury.

      AB has solid value around the League just have to get the right deal in place- heck BC has stated on various occasions that he gets offers for AB all the time.

      As well Amir may need surgery after playing visibly hurt in the latter part of the season while Barg’s sat out multiple games with his post London flu epidemic.

      • LA needs a PG that can stay in front of fast PGs of the west mainly Westbrook, Parker and CP3. They don’t need a pass first PG because the way Kobe dominates the ball and … I highly doubt it if they are willing to pay 10 million to Jose !! Plus, what will you get back in return from them in a trade ?

        Dallas, has the young PG in making Bea.. and has their back up set as well. Again, I don’t see them going to Jose !! Would you do this deal if you were Cuban πŸ˜‰

        Why would PO does it ?

        • Like Derek Fisher?lol A future 1st and/or 2nd round draft pick would be fine with me.

          Barea is not a NBA starter (neither is Jose) I doubt that Cuban will go with him as the starting point when JKidd retires. Jose could step into the JKidd role in Dallas.

          Why wouldn’t PO do it? AMiller is getting older. Patty Mills behind him. Plus they may get a future medical waiver on BRoy- time will tell.

          Just to let you know those are suggestions, thoughts- nothing more nothing

          • Derek Fisher ?? Who said anything about him ? If Lakers wants to pay 10 million and upgrade, they will not bring in a No defense PG into the their team. You want to test your Hypothesis, Open a thread on the Laker fan forum and see how many people will agree with you. You will be laughed there if you suggest Jose and his 10 million.

            Barea ?? He is their back up. Plus , if anything , they will be using Beaubois as they are high on him. Even if not that, they can go after guy like Felton before they come and over pay a Non-Starter, no defense PG and get him as a starter while they have to compete for the championship NOW. Do you really think Cuban is that stupid ? Again, open a thread am I willing to bet with you that you will be laughed at there as well.

            PO ? Lots of ifs and … But I just don’t see it. They will let Miller finish next year and then they will make decision. Why make a decision now. They are already paying one PG almost 10, why would they bring another one now an spend 20 million on one position while having to mediocre PGs ??!!

            I know these are just suggestions but when we make suggestions like this , we can not assume that the other GMs are not 5 year olds who know nothing about the game.

            • Pump your brakes and pause for the cause, buddy- take a deep breathe I didn’t mean to get you all excited.lmfao

              The NY Knicks don’t play defense and might let Billups walk early to save off his full contract obligations and will need a pg to pass the ball to Melo & Amare then get out of the way- sounds like Jose to me.

              • I can see that one πŸ™‚ But again, NY is after BIG 3 !! They need another super Star to be able to compete with Boston, Miami and brining Jose and paying him 10 million, will take any financial flexibility that they have toward acquiring that third STAR Player.

                So here we go, I guess NY will not work either πŸ˜‰

                • I think that you are smelling yourself a bit too much- buddy, as time will tell what will & what won’t be able to get completed under the forthcoming new NBA CBA until then just seckel.

                • smelling myself !!! I have been respectful till now to you but see what you have to come out and say πŸ™‚ I am not smelling myself pal, it is your wife that I have been smelling and … all night long.

  14. Is anybody on here an ESPN Insider? There’s new Draft Blog article up that looks at the 5 worst teams and analyses their needs from a draft perspective. I’d be interested to read their take on the Raptors (the headline seemed to indicate they think Derrick Williams should be top of Raps’ wish list). Maybe a new thread could be started based on the article in question…


    • We’ve discussed on this blog before that the NBA draft is more about tomorrow than today. We’ve also addressed the idea of drafting need or value. This year, with so few potential stars in the draft, it becomes more likely that need will come before value since the differences in value between many players will be seen as very small. With that in mind, let’s project what players each of the five worst teams should draft, with the balance scale more weighted on team needs.

      Minnesota Timberwolves
      Even with all the high draft picks and some free-agent acquisitions, the Wolves have holes at every position except whatever spot Kevin Love plays. Though they still own the rights to Ricky Rubio and sit on a very disappointing — but talented — Jonny Flynn, the Wolves clearly will have to consider taking Kyrie Irving, of course. But pairing up your best player with a complementary one makes sense, and if the Wolves decide to go that route, they’ll have to consider Bismack Biyombo.

      If you think he’s too raw a talent to go No. 1, you’re wrong. Think of it like this: He averages 6 and 5 with more than two blocks a game while playing in Spain’s top division, which is the second-best basketball league in the world after the NBA. And he does that while playing less than half the game. It’s a league far more rugged than college. How would Irving fare over there in 17 minutes?

      Biyombo pairs up perfectly with Love, as his above-the-rim game and high intensity matches up with Love’s solid positional defense and calm demeanor. BB would give the Wolves a constant threat in the paint to dunk anything he touched while allowing Love to float outside for his great jumper. And they would form one of the top rebounding tandems in the league. His energy alone would help Love and every other player on the team. Flynn, Wes Johnson and Love all want lots of touches and shots, and BB could excel just playing off their misses. The two players he’s always compared to are Ben Wallace and Kevin Garnett.

      Cleveland Cavaliers
      This one is a no-brainer. The Cavs need help everywhere and their top few players can play multiple spots, so they can simply pick the best guy available. Irving gives them their can’t-miss point guard with significant upside. He reminds me of Jrue Holiday (who never should have fallen out of the top eight). Holiday is at least a solid long-term starter who might end up being an All-Star. The Cavs were the second-worst offensive and defensive team, and Irving is a guy who can get them into a good offense every time down the court and spearhead their defense. To win in the East, the Cavs have to defend Derrick Rose, Rajon Rondo, John Wall, Brandon Jennings, Holiday, Deron Williams, D.J. Augustin and Darren Collison — all explosive players who can dominate games with their talent, quickness or both. Irving gives them the best chance at doing that of any player in this draft.

      Toronto Raptors
      The Raptors are one of the teams that have to be just sick that Harrison Barnes is not in this draft. They would have had to give him strong consideration at any spot they are selecting, including the No. 1 spot. Toronto was a bad offensive team last, but it was the worst defensive team in the NBA. There was no candidate better suited to help the Raptors than Barnes, especially considering the huge hole they have at small forward .

      The absence of a perfect fit means they’ll have to take Derrick Williams. Even though they have two mainstays at the big spots in Andrea Bargnani and Ed Davis, who had an excellent rookie season, Williams would give them a strong scoring presence who is willing to compete on defense. He’s powerfully built, something the Raps need in a player, and can certainly play small forward some, allowing Toronto to go big without giving up much. He’s not a great rebounder as a 4 but would be better there than playing the 3. The big Euros are in the running here, but Toronto needs some explosiveness too, something Williams brings to the table, and his toughness might be more in need than anything else. If Williams, Davis and Amir Johnson are three of your top four bigs, your team has a bright future.

      Washington Wizards
      If Toronto is sick about Barnes, the Wizards are in intensive care. They have a franchise talent in Wall and must take care to surround him with skilled shooters with athleticism and great character. Barnes would have been heaven sent because players with those three traits are rare indeed.

      JaVale McGee had a breakthrough season and is the league’s best shot-blocker, so drafting anyone who could take away his minutes would be a problem. But in Enes Kanter, the Wiz can get someone who can play alongside McGee and be a backup center, while giving them more scoring punch inside. McGee is not a great first option inside, and Kanter has a chance to be just that. His feel and poise inside are impressive. Because Kanter hasn’t played in a real game in a year, it may take him a while to recover, but he’s been working every day on his game. And compared to the other top Euros the Wiz can consider drafting, Kanter is already comfortable playing in and being in this country, an advantage when we think of how many other young players the Wizards have, plus they have three of the top 35 picks in this draft. Think of Kanter/McGee as a clone to the Boozer/Noah tandem in Chicago, with Wall playing the Derrick Rose role.

      Sacramento Kings
      The Kings are yet another team that would love to get Barnes, and Williams would be an even a better fit. Considering the Kings’ two best players are DeMarcus Cousins and Tyreke Evans, and their third-best guy is restricted free agent Marcus Thornton, it’s likely they will be looking for 3-point shooting help and someone who can play with Evans as a combo guard.

      The Kings were a bottom-five team in offensive efficiency, 3-point shooting and free throw shooting. Kemba Walker would fit the bill if he was a better shooter, but Brandon Knight ends up working out great for them as he projects to be a terrific 3-point shooter and made 80 percent of his free throws as a freshman at Kentucky. Knight has no problems being the primary ball handler, setting up Evans or running ball screens with Cousins. And his spot shooting shows that he can play off Evans just as easily. The Kings struggled closing out games this season, something Knight will be able to help them with, and his high basketball IQ and emotional maturity will help the team in an area that is problematic for them. His size and length can help him guard a lot of 2s, and if the Kings can retain Thornton, a threesome of Knight, Thornton and Evans will play together and cause lots of problems for opposing defenses.

  15. I’m honestly not much of a believer in our capsace. What I’m afraid of is things getting messy at the draft and starting from scratch all over again with a new GM. I don’t have faith in MLSE’s ability to get a new GM and there probably aren’t many good GM’s willing to come to Toronto. We’ll get a lot of interest from inexperiencd GM’s who ultimately might pull a Babcock. Players miht not like the change in the GM and etc. I think we need to continue with what we have for a few ore years and see where we are making progress.

  16. (Arse, I started a thread on this post in the forum)

    The cap number for next year according to is $45.046M not $47M. Assuming current cap of $58M, that is a shade under $13M minus 1st round pick so $9.25M.

    The reality is none of us knows what the trade value of Calderon, Bargnani, or Barbosa is. Bargnani, for example, is a BYC so any trade with him before July 1st would only return half his salary ($4.25M), so you can tack on another $4.25M to the available cap number if he was traded. So – possibly – all of a sudden we are at $13.5M. Barbosa opts out – tack on another $7.6M ($21.1M). I do not think he is guaranteed to be here. Take back a few million less than what is going out in any trade and all of a sudden you have a few more M to throw around.

    This is all hypothetical, of course, but I think the picture is rosier than depicted in Arse’s post.

    When you consider other teams in the league, the Raps are in very good position – especially if a hard cap comes in. They have 10 guys signed up for next year at $45M ($37.4M minus Barbosa with 9 players). The only teams below them in salary are:

    WSH – $40.6M with 8 players
    SAC – $27.6M with 8 players
    NJ – $39.8M with 8 players
    MEM – $36.8M with 8 players ($51M with 9 players with ZBo extension)
    LAC – $44.9M with 9 players
    IND – $34.9M with 10 players
    DEN – $40.2 with 8 players

  17. 1) Get new owners tonight.
    2) Fire Bryan Colangelo.
    3) Promote Jay Triano to General Manager.
    4) Promote P.J. Carlisimo to Head Coach.
    5) Trade Andrea Bargnani for best draft pick offered.
    6) Trade Leandro Barbosa for best draft pick offered.
    7) Trade the $9M Traded Player Exception for an upgraded draft pick.
    8) Draft Derrick Williams (#2) as the only rotation Swing Forward in this year’s draft, OR
    trade the draft pick for a veteran starting SF.
    9) Draft Jimmer Fredette (#11), for his 3-point shooting.
    10) Draft Kenneth Faried (#16) for his rebounding, OR
    sign Restricted Free Agent Marc Gasol (7.5-15.5M/yr over 4 yrs) for his shot-blocking.
    11) Sign Free Agent Reggie Evans, for his rebounding and veteran leadership.
    12) Sign a Free Agent swing as an injury-sub.

    Calderon, Bayless & Fredette
    DeRozan, J. Johnson, (Williams or ______?) & ________?
    A. Johnson, Davis, (Faried or M. Gasol), & Evans.

    • oh, it’s happening, my friend. it’s all real. personally, i think there was a collective mental breakdown of raptor nation, and we’re seeing the fallout here on RR in the above posts. i’m sure my IQ dropped 15% just from skimming through this…

      • Just 15%?
        Surely, reading/glancing over comments posted by Overeem guarantees an IQ drop of 60%. Seriously, in the interest of self-preservation, the brain just shuts itself down rather than understand the logic of this idiot. A 2 year old makes more sense than this fool.

        Makes me wish this board has an “ignore” button so I can block out anything from this twit.

  18. If you are thinking of buying the Raptors or Leafs, you want to install your own GM if possible. That’s why Colangelo hasn’t been signed. The money isn’t the issue it’s having control over the person who’ll be managing your team for the next few years. Perhaps someone with the money to buy the Raptors has indicated that they won’t consider making an offer if Colangelo is extended.

    Personally, I hope that’s the case as it shows there’s a potential new owner with some common sense. BC had his chance and largely blew it. Time for a new direction. Long live the 2%

    • Agreed about BC. Dude had his chance and blew it big time. 5 years is a plenty of time to build a good team. All we have seen is one winning season, and 4 years of regression after that, while the teams in the East got much better. Time to move on.

    • Not a plausible argument imv. Example: Does any one believe a Rogers, Shaw or Bell (the more probable contenders as new owners) would hiccup at a 3yr. x 5 mill extension for BC when the buy into price is over a billion $? We are actually into preservation of asset discussion here and a 15 mill. investment is peanuts. Any new owner can just dump BC after taking over and not even burp at the expense (cost of doing business/acquisition). Now, if it were a Ballsilie type owner prospect I might ponder as the deal is likely to go down quicker than the end of June and the acquisition is a more personal one.

      • Maybe. But maybe the Raps and Leafs get sold separately. Or despite the fact the deal is for billions the suits putting it together are worrying about 15 mil here and 15 mil there.

        But as a basketball fan, I’m hoping BC goes. I don’t see enough change to warrant keeping him. Tearing down the creaky building is easy enough, I don’t trust him and his judgment to build a shiny new one – e.g. if you think Bargs is going to improve, even slightly, as a rebounder, you haven’t watched much basketball. Of course, he might have said that to preserve what trade value he can, in which case fine.

        Basically, I’m really tired of watching this franchise with its stupid name, sales pitches and inability to put together a genuinely competitive team (even in Colangelo’s 1st year we were out in the 1st round). It’s time for real change. Otherwise, I’m not sure I’m interested in the team anymore. There are 29 others after all.

      • are you joking? You don’t think 15 mil dollars is something a business man or company thinks about? 15 mil is 15 mil no matter how much money you have. It is never “peanuts”.

        Do you honestly think individuals or companies became rich by ignoring 15 million dollars?

        • Let me write a 2-fer here: a) if one is worried about a 15 million bad contract (over a 3 yr. period) dont get into the basketball business. Newsflash…it happens all the time. b) To Sam above: I didnt mention Bargs at all???? and if you have a problem with the “stupid name” I think you have larger issues having nothing to do with either the state of the franchise or the reality that this summer is a pretty crucial time in it’s evolution and there might be no senior management employed fulltime.

          • ofcourse there will always be bad contracts in any sport or business. That doesn’t mean for an instant that people/investors/companies will go in wanting or not caring that those bad (or unwanted) contracts exist.

            I don’t know if someone will or won’t buy the OTTP share of MLSE. I don’t know how they will feel about BCs contract (whether its good or bad)… but I do know that 15 mil dollars matters to ANYBODY. It may not break a deal, but then again it could…. regardless of what the total sale value is worth.

            Or think of this another (but more basic) way:

            15 mil is 1.5% of 1 billion.

            a minimum wage full time salary is approx 20k a year.

            1.5% of 20k is $300

            When was the last time you said “hey I could care less about $300, I’m going to throw it in the garbage” Or, “I think I’m better off spending $300 more on that”?

            • I believe you are assuming that everyone has your point of view regarding the extension of BC (for myself the crucial timing this summer without senior mgt. is a most important factor) is tantamount to a sinkhole. Many as well as I dont subscribe to that pov. While I am as well not thrilled about some strategic mistakes I view a BC extension at this time the least risky of moves all factors considered (the draft, trades & f/agency). There may well be deals in place.

              Segue to your last point…if I were in a dicey situation regarding raising some capital and had a chance to get a return of eg. 25% return on $300 in the stock market I would invest it in a security I knew something about rather than an altogether unfamiliar one…of course fully knowing the risk of losing it all. Again, I notice you used the term “garbage” which seems to me an overly emotional description of the analogical BC as gm. In my view the odds are better of at least maintaining a moderate improvement (nowhere to go but better than 22 Ws, no?).

              • this has NOTHING to do with BC’s capacity as a GM.

                When I was referring to throwing $300 in the garbage, I just meant throwing it away, which would be what an owner would do if they bought the team and then fired BC. It had nothing to do with BC being garbage or not. You are reading way to much into this.

                This is exactly what I was stating in my first post $15 million is alot of money for anyone. Its not chump change, peanuts, or monies to be ignored.

                (and investing and losing money is significantly different than intentionally losing money)

                • the simple answer then for the new owners would be not to fire BC. My point continues to be that a BC extension (for 3 yrs) while the ownership situation is unsettled is not such a bad option. And I fail to see how extending BC is “intentionally losing money” when the franchise has continually made money during the BC tenure.

  19. Our GM is holding onto his job by a thread…with a draft coming up

    Sounds like something the Clippers would do.


  21. Arse thinks he’s the funniest, most clever guy on the internet. Too bad he’s not and the Fresh Prince comparison was lame.

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