Raptors Roll Call March 21 vs Bulls

In a flashback to days of yore, the 4th quarter kills us again. Bulls win 94-82, leading us to a 15-32 record.

The “ahhhh…..now I get it: THAT is how a real team plays” edition:

Bargnani: lost? If you gave him a GPS and a compass, he wouldn’t be able to find north right now. Safe to say the only advantage he is bringing his team right now is forcing the opposition to cover him. Not long until they realize they could throw a mop out there and throw Bargs of his (achem) “game”.

Bayless: stepped on the court, let out an internal scream that rivalled the howl that RapsFan let out when he picked up his iPad3.

Calderon: with Bayless’ pointer acting more like a curve, the monster sized minutes came to rest on Jose’s shoulders again. 40 tonight that saw him slow down in the second half and absolutely get scorched by John Lucas. Jose may as well have whipped out a sleeping bag at centre court and taken to counting sheep.

Davis: what do you do if you are a young player that is tapped as the future of a franchise and you are facing one of the best teams in the NBA?  Well, if you are  a Tar Heel, you do what UNC players do best since Jordan:  you turtle and ask to be held, afraid the big boys are gonna get ya.

DeRozan: somebody showed up in battle fatigues today wanting to kick some candy ass…and it was a Bambi looking SOB. DeMar was the man with the plan on the court tonight, but in the fourth quarter it must have been cracked by the Bulls bench.

Forbes: the guy just keeps getting another shot. Truthfully he played fine tonight and distributed the ball well, but I’d still rather have a 3 legged turtle coming off the bench on most nights.

Gray: 6 and 8 in 17 minutes the night after having kittens on the court. He still looked a bit distracted, but he was also the only effective big man tonight.

A. Johnson: as if the uniforms weren’t bad enough, Amir decides to wear Martian style kicks. The only thing more hideous than those things would be having a business meeting at Taco Bell.

J. Johnson: can’t believe they had this fool address the crowd and the troops before the game. He deserves that honour because….??  He went on to be one of 2 Raptors that scored in double figures, though, so maybe we should make him team spokesman and get this performance every night.

Kleiza: nobody looked scarier in the camos than Linas. I half expected to see him enter the game wearing a helmet with bracnches sticking out of it and a rifle strapped to his back. He looked like a deer hunter that took a wrong turn and ended up in the city.

Driving the bus: DeMar DeRozan

Under the bus: Ed Davis

Theme of the Game:

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