Raptors Roll Call April 3 vs Bobcats

The “holy crap we finally beat Charlotte!!” edition:

Anderson: he looks like he is quickly feeling more comfortable but he just doesn’t have the shot opportunities he needs to show off his game. 

Bargnani: when you are The Guy on a team going up against a squad of buffoons that would probably have a difficult time defending a sugar cube against a single ant, you need to take control of the game. Andrea did that down the stretch and it led him to 30 points and 3 rebounds.

Calderon: another one of those nights that made you wonder if Silas had sent a hitman to Jose’s condo last night who held a gun to his head and threatened his mother if Jose should even try to score.  He only took 2 shots all night, all from deep, but he did dictate the offence with 11 assists and some defence that actually looked like…defence.

Davis: if Ed does indeed wind up on another team next season, I can’t say he’ll be missed by many. He has been given opportunity after opportunity, including 22 minutes tonight, to get out there and pull some of the spotlight on to himself. He is more cockroach than singing frog as he shies away every single game.

DeRozan: I disagree that the T brought out his passion tonight as I think he had it from the tip. He moved on the floor like he was determined to make something happen. No doubt Casey reminded them pre-game that Charlotte has had their number and it was apparent that DeMar, for one, heard that message.  8 of 16 for 20 points. He only made it to the line 4 times tonight, but Charlotte was far from aggressive most of the game.

Gray: as good a start to a game as he has shown all season. Good solid 5 rebounds before he was pulled out to finally grab some rest and the rest of the way he made himself felt. Ended up with 21 minutes that included 9 boards and only 1 turnover. Solid night for Aaron.

A. Johnson: maybe he did catch rabies the last game because this was ugly for Amir. 4 fouls in 12 minutes, no shots, no free throw attempts and only 3 rebounds. My neighbour had a better night and he was stuck watching Oprah with his wife.

J. Johnson: a floater of a game from James which wasn’t too surprising consider the Bobcats have a ton of guys that are difficult to defend and also are difficult to beat offensively.  Achem. Face it, this was just another game to add to the flipbook of James Johnson let downs in 2012.

Kleiza: at one point tonight I was convinced you could have put the Empire State building in front of him and he would still hit a 3. He shot 50% from the floor (including 50% from 3, going 4 of 8) and pulled down 5 rebounds. It was like going to Timmy’s and getting 2 roll up the rim cups for the price of one. Happy dance.

Uzoh: he hit more shots than Jose and added 4 assists for good measure. Like Anderson, he’s impressed me in the little time he has had to show us his wares. He’d be a deep bench player anywhere, but so would Solomon Alabi and he ain’t getting off the bench unless a TTC bus pulls onto the court.

Magloire: ripped off his snaps, took a jog up the floor, then back, then was taken out again. Kind of like the drunk uncle at your wedding.

Driving the bus: Andrea Bargnani

Under the bus: Amir Johnson

Theme of the Game:

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