Raptors Roll Call April 4 vs Sixers

The “yeah, I guess the Sixers really have fallen off” edition:

Alabi:  finally the one guy who only sees time if we are in a blowout gets on the floor when we are on the positive side of a blowout. He must enjoy it more because he actually scored and possibly tripled his value to this team at the same time.

Anderson: with Forbes and James Johnson both sucking their thumbs on the bench and not being able to play, Alan got the starting nod. No. Really.  He went 3 of 4 from deep and looked as comfortable as an over stuffed arm chair after Easter dinner.

Bargnani: hard to deny he is back feeling the golden touch. He’s upped his 3 point attempts as well, launching 7 of them tonight over smaller covers.  He looked into it defensively as well…..well, as “into it” as your 17 year old son is into his homework when the Hooters bikini contest is on.

Calderon: well, he’s always wanted to be a pirate and tonight it almost happened. He played most of the game with stitches and a band aid over his eye after taking an elbow to the head that sent him to the floor like JFK in the back of a convertible. I haven’t seen someone fall hard like that since RapsFan first saw a Pussycat Dolls video. The elbow obviously had no affect as Jose posted a double double and perfected the Spiderman stance defence.

Davis: there ya go young fella. That’s how you come out and play amongst the big boys: pointed shoulders, active hands, a spring in your shoes and a little smack talk about your opponents herpes rumour. Wee Eddy pulled down 14 boards in 25 of his best minutes in weeks.

DeRozan: I had wondered if he would flatline after a solid game last night, but he didn’t.  He took a step back defensively, but others pulled up their game to make up for that. Offensively he hit some shots but did end up taking some questionable ones where a dish to a teammate may have opened up some opportunities.

Gray: well, at least his offensive output decided to take an upswing. Up against Hawes for a lot of the night wasn’t ideal for Aaron, but he fought hard all night and his set screens led to some buckets.

A. Johnson: much better than last night. Might not have shown in the stat sheet, but Amir was motoring all night and making the Sixers bench defend him. Even on nights where he doesn’t take shots, being that threat opens the floor for others to wreak havoc.

Kleiza: 10 points, 7 rebounds, a pass that looked like it was from a Globetrotter, and all with cheesesteak sauce staining his jersey. There wasn’t much wrong with his game tonight and you could tell he was having fun. Love to see him this engaged all year and be a solid 7th man next season.

Uzoh: best game as a Raptor by far. Much more comfortable in the offence, a lot more vocal, defended with desire, and finally decided to let loose with his shots. Didn’t hit many, but nice to see him trust himself.

Driving the bus: Jose Calderon

Under the bus: Aaron Gray

Theme of the Game:

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