Raptors Roll Call April 9 vs Pacers

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The “my kingdom for some made free throws” edition:

Anderson: hotter from 3 point range than a Playboy edition full of Megan Fox.  I swear I expected him to stop on a spot, spin and throw one in over his head. After playing like a fully loaded pair of Depends last night, he turned it around and opened some eyes tonight.

Calderon: like Alan, Jose flipped last nights script and this time played the role of quarterback to a T, dishing out 14 assists. Know what I miss, though?  Remember how good he is from the stripe?  Love to see him back there more often. He didn’t even get a sniff tonight.

Davis: wow…I guess he just needs to go up against lanky white former college teammates on a Monday more often…Fantastic effort by Ed tonight. In just 17 minutes he did what he normally wouldn’t do in a night unless they played a double header: 11 points, 10 rebounds, and as attentive to where the ball was going as a bloodhound.

DeRozan: safe to say he sucked as much as a mimed version of Jersey Shore.  Yes, he got jobbed again on a vicious non-call, but rather than allow that to fill him full of piss and vinegar, it seemed to deflate him.

Forbes: he must have finally made it into his stewardesses Blackberry because he came out playing like he had laser like focus and a burning desire to make things happen.  He cooled off as the game went on, a lot, but it was fun to see that passion reignited for a small time.

Gray: twisted his ankle and needed to get it re-taped. That was his one big contribution, really. Sure, he was a big body against Hibbert, but other than bang he didn’t do much defensively all night.

A. Johnson: much better today and even hit his second 3 pointer of the year giving us a fleeting moment of hope in the dying seconds. Even though statistically better than most recent nights he still has run far far away from that first-two weeks passion he showed that got us all excited.

J. Johnson: Mr. Cocky still showing nothing to back up his smug attitude.  The quicker he gets out of town the better for the growth and maturity of this squad.

Kleiza: I’m guessing he found the chocolate eggs that were littered throughout the teams gear a day late because he was hopping around the court like he needed to be tied down. He played harder defensively than I have seen him play all year and he was feistier than a 38 year old nun that just disowned the convent.

Magloire: nothing more than a big body tonight. Played that role well, picked up a T, and is no doubt just looking forward to some home cooking.

Uzoh: only 6 minutes of burn, letting Jose run himself down some more in this insane season. Ben didn’t look mentally into it and it was amazingly apparent that he needed to be kept off the floor if we wanted to have a chance at this game.

Driving the bus: Linas Kleiza

Under the bus: DeMar DeRozan

Theme of the Game:

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