Raptors Roll Call Apr 11 vs Sixers

Somebody crapped the bed again in the 4th, but with Jose and Linas licking wounds, it wasn't a surprise. Philly wins 93-75 and we love 20 more than anybody else in the league.

The “man down! man down!” edition:

Alabi: Yup…it was one of those nights.

Anderson: he and Ed Davis decided to play pop a shot all night  Fuzzy Lids continues to try to make an impression and tonight was an above average game for him. Part of it is that nobody on the opposition knows who the hell he is, so he goes unmarked, but whatever.

Calderon: guess who took a head to his head and got more stitches? Uncle J!!!! I was amazed to see some blood come out of him since he was playing like a shadow all night.

Davis: a solid double double of 13 and 13, being vocal, demonstrative, standing up cheering on the bench. Someone got into his head for a night at least. Great to see, but still doubtful it’s here to stay.

DeRozan: seemed to have a case of the Amir’s tonight. I think if someone was standing in front of him with a gun pointed at a puppies head, DD would have tweeted about it, put his headphones on and walked away. Just seemed like had punched out at the shootaround.

Dentmon: hustled, pushed the ball, but it didn’t really amount to much. Granted, his teammates couldn’t hit a shot to save their lives, but in 18mins I’m not sure he did a great job of moving the pieces around tonight. Looked like they were stuck in mud for a while there.

Forbes: hard to say he had a poor shooting night when the entire team had one. Still, I’m beginning to enjoy his swag. He seems looser now, yet more focussed.  It’s like he should take the court wearing a pimp hat.

Gray: five rebounds in eleven minutes. His game resembled an ant farm without sand: confusion, lack of excitement, and nothing to care about after a few minutes.

A. Johnson: couple of nice blocks, active on the boards, but with the ball in his hand? About as dependable as a gate with no hinges. With that said, he did have one of his more focussed games which doesn’t really take much.

J. Johnson: if Casey doesn’t take a club to this guys knees after the last game of the season in the tunnel to the dressing room, I’d be amazed. Not like I know the coach well, but just the way he carries himself makes me think that James absolutely drives him nuts. 2 of 11 and a night full of smirks? Get a clue buddy. Maybe hang with Sonny Weems so you know what to expect in Europe next year.

Kleiza: his leg took him out of the game tonight which is a shame because he was showing like he was remembering what to do with that orange round thing again. Poor bastard can’t go a week or two without getting clipped somehow. Also, his wink to the crowd as he left? Classic.

Uzoh: an assist a minute! The man is a magician!!  Okay, he played 3 minutes, but at least he moved the ball and it led to buckets. Gonna miss this stud once his 10 day is up.

Driving the bus: Ed Davis

Under the bus: James Johnson

Theme of the Game: