Raptors Roll Call vs Hawks April 15

The “meh, who needs a shot clock?!” edition:

Alabi: the equipment troll must get pissed on nights like this. An extra set of uniforms to wash as opposed to the normal “press, fold, return” that the Alabi kit usually gets.

Anderson: that’s it. I’m calling it official. Alan has played himself back into the NBA with somebody next year. Even playing on a crappy Raptors team, for him to come in, start, and, once comfortable, play the way he has? Pretty bloody good.  That spin-around 3 he hit tonight was simply beautiful.  3 of 4 from deep and 16 points in 34 minutes?  That Bargnani numbers.

Davis: not as determined on the boards tonight, but that Soulja Boy “Superman” pose at the end of his 3rd quarter dunk more than made up for it. Instant classic.

DeRozan: horrible start to the 3rd and he really only got the better of it when the Hawks changed his coverage. Otherwise, a good game for DD going 8 of 15 and doing a great job in the first half attacking the rim and drawing contact. 11 trips to the charity stripe on the night, just as it should be.

Dentmon: Spud Webb 2.0 sure is a taker and not a giver. A driving point guard of the highest order and a user of the Bargnani lean-in-for-a-foul-call method of getting to the line. Too erratic for my tastes and certainly in it to get his own. Mike James!!! Mike James!!! Mike James!!!

Forbes: a couple of 10-day guys get more minutes than you and you are put in with Solomon for your only feel of the court. Can’t be a good feeling, but at least he is fresh for tomorrow.

Gray: thought his 1st quarter was pretty solid. He was active, even though he was looked off a few times. As his minutes marched on, his weariness did too. So did mine.

A. Johnson: you call it food poisoning, I call it average. Nice hustle and effort, and as has been said here before, if he hits a few jumpers it seems to pick him up a bit.

J. Johnson: his first three quarters were about as fulfilling as broth after you haven’t eaten for 20 hours. Then, it was as if you opened the back door and saw a barrel BBQ filled with just-ready ribs and steak. James’ fourth was simply amazing and landed him with 15 pts and 4 rebs on the night.

Kleiza: another off night for the assassin. Luckily James picked up Linas’ slack (and it kills me to admit that) because Kleiza was colder than RapsFan’s wife when he pees on the toilet seat.

Uzoh: nice game from Benjamin tonight. Not sure he’s a playmaker either, but I feel a lot more comfortable with the ball in his hand rather than Dentmon’s. Be fun to see if he can move the chess pieces better being here for the remainder of the season.

Driving the bus: DeMar DeRozan

Under the bus: Linas Kleiza

Theme of the Game:

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